Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman helping Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………. plays…………… He checks her car. She asks whats the problem. He says let me check. He says now try to start. She starts the car. She says its done, thanks. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….. plays………………. She gives him tissue to clean his hands. Raman leaves without hearing her thanks. Bala calls Ishita and asks where are you and Mihika. She asks what happened. He says let me meet Mihika first, then I will tell you, we have to go to complain in Cyber crime cell. Ishita is worried.

People see Mihika and identify her as the one in the video. Mihika meets Mihir. They try to talk. Mihika apologizes to her and he does the same. Mihir says I m really sorry. Bala sees Mihika with

Mihir and comes to him angrily. Bala slaps and beats Mihir. He says you did this to take revenge. Mihika tries to stop Bala. Mihir asks what happened. Bala says I will tell you what happened. Mihir asks what did I do. People talk rubbish about Mihika. Bala scolds everyone and asks them to leave. The men talk about the MMS. Mihika asks what is it. Bala says Mihika leave this, and scolds the men.

Bala takes Mihika with her and shows her the MMS. He says Mihir did this with you. The MMS has intimate moments between Mihika and Mihir which did not happen really. Mihika is shocked. Mihir sees the video. Mihika says its a lie. Bala says I know its a lie, you see whom are you trusting. Mihir says I did not do this, I can’t do this. Bala says you see what I do now. Mihir tells Mihika someone else did this, I did not do this. Bala says we are going to complain in police. Mihir says I can’t do this. Bala says I won’t leave you. Mihika breaks down.

Raman is talking to his lawyer about Ruhi’s custody case. The lawyer says we have to prive that Shagun is not a good mum. Mrs. Bhalla says what is there to prove, everything is clear. The lawyer says we want a witness, you can’t be the witness as you are family. Raman says do anything but I have to win the case. The lawyer says I want someone from Shagun’s side who supports you. Raman says there is someone, but I can’t get Shagun’s relatives, think of something else.

Ishita comes to see Mihir angrily. Raman asks what did Mihir do. Ishita says he did what I can’t even say. Bala brings Mihir and scolds Raman. He tells what all did. He says Mihir has put the private videos on internet. Rumi looks on. Bala says he made the MMS and uploaded, ask him what he did with Mihika. Mihir says I did not do this. Raman says I know Mihir, he can’t do this. Bala says then who did this, he has ruined Mihika’s image. Raman says when Mihir is saying he did not do anything, then he did not. Bala says this is a crime and he has to pay for it. Bala warns them not to come in between as he will not leave Mihir at any cost. Raman says get out.

Bala leaves from Raman’s house. Mihir says I did not do anything. Raman says I trust you, let the police come, I will see them. Ishita hears this and taunts Raman. She says I have never seen such a family. She says I will prove all this in court. She says Shagun requested me to bring this family’s truth out, but I refused, but now I will help her, I hate you all. You all don’t respect women, I won’t let Ruhi come in such family. I will support Shagun. Mihir says please trust me. I can’t go against Mihika. Ishita says don’t take her name. Ishita says I promise Ruhi won’t come back in this house. She leaves.

The custody case starts. Raman’s lawyer and Shagun lawyer keep their statements. Ishita is also present. The judge asks about Ruhi and wants Ruhi to decide with whom she wants to stay. Mrs. Bhalla is happy that Ruhi will be with her. Ashok asks Shagun to teach Ruhi what to say. Shagun teaches Ruhi to say that she wants to stay with her mum. Ishita thinks poor Ruhi, how will she choose any one between her dad and mum. Ruhi cries and looks at Ishita. The judge asks Ruhi with whom she wants to stay. Ruhi says Ishita aunty. Everyone are shocked. Ishita smiles and thinks about Ruhi.

Ishita talks about Ruhi’s happiness and asks everyone to keep Ruhi happy. She cries. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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