Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st January 2014 Written Update

Karan is talking to someone on phone and he stands up with a start as he hears the word honeymoon. Everyone is in the living area only and looks at him. dadi and Latika ask him the details about his honeymoon. He tells them that Padma aunty has gifted a honeymoon package for me and Sakshi – Switzerland. We have to leave day after tomorrow. Everyone gets excited. Latika wants some cosmetics while Dadi wants to come along with them. Karan denies going on a honeymoon. Suresh is also surprised Karan is saying no to roam around and enjoy. Karan starts thinking. I know this all has been organized by Padma aunty which is sweet of her. I know that by going on a honeymoon the bonding between the couples strengthen but I also know that it is important for the bride to bond with the other

people at home too. This can only happen if we stay back here. Sharda appreciates his thinking but also makes him realise that a bride’s relation to her in-laws is made through her husband only. If the relation between a husband and a wife is strong then her relation with her in-laws will anyways get strong. You must go. Dadi agrees with Sharda and so does Latika. Suresh asks him what will stop here if you stay back here. Nothing! It would be better for you to go to Switzerland than leisurely roaming around here. You and Sakshi should go! Sakshi is all shy and goes off from there.

Karan walks in in his room upset. Sakshi has already packed their bags. She is very excited. Only a little more shopping is left for our honeymoon. She goes a little closer to him and sets his shirt right. There is a turning point of every relation. Maybe this honeymoon will prove out to be a new beginning of our happy married life. Karan looks scared / taken aback. Only you are in that happy married life category. I am ruined completely. She asks him if he said something. He lies he was praising her. She thanks him happily. she goes to change for she has to wake up early tomorrow to go for shopping. Karan mutters…shopping…honeymoon…sleeping early…you are all set to sleep by leaving me sleepless. I will have to do something or I will surely have to go on the honeymoon.

Next morning, everyone is seating at the dining table for breakfast. Sakshi is looking earnestly towards the staircase. Dadi asks for her bitter gourd juice while Sakshi absentmindedly pours Karan’s milkshake for her. dadi asks her to learn something from Sharda. She might not know anything else but she always takes care of what everyone needs in their plates. Sakshi again does a similar mistake while giving out sandwich to Diya. She is still looking at the stairs when finally Karan comes down wearing an office suit. Sakshi is relieved while Suresh and Latika are shocked. They all gape at him with amusement and wonder in their eyes. Sharda is proud of Karan as he tells his dad he will go to office with him today. No one can believe their eyes. Chirag asks everyone to slap or pinch him. karan sternly replies he is going. Dadi praises him. A dad’s burden lessens when his young son joins him in business. Now Latika can concentrate on her home. Latika does not like it much. Dadi asks her to give more time to Diya and Pratik now. Latika wants to know why Karan is getting involved in all this from now. You have recently gotten married. Go ahead and enjoy life. This office, meetings will go on for life which wont leave you any personal time. Look at me for that matter! I am here to help dad meanwhile. He thanks her. sakshi whispers honeymoon to Karan and he immediately counters. Dad is right. Work is real life. It would be better if I understand it as early as possible. I am not disrespecting Padma aunty’s gift. Its just that I want to take Sakshi out using my own hard earned money. Suresh is impressed. I am sure we will go on a honeymoon in a few years time till then I will work with dad. Sakshi nods solemnly. Suresh agrees to take him. it feels good. He appreciates Sakshi for fulfilling her promise. You have made him realise what his responsibilities are. Latika looks at Sakshi. Karan takes his mom’s blessings. Sakshi makes a sad face as Karan comes to talk to her. Don’t think that you won by sending me to office. I ruined your plan of going on a honeymoon. I wont let you win so easily. He shows a thumbs down to her and turns the other way round while she smiles. Sharda feeds him sweet and blesses him too. Karan is happy as he notices the sad look on Sakshi’s face. All three of them leave for office. Suresh is sure he wouldn’t need medicine from today. sakshi winks at Sharda who smiles sweetly.

Sakshi shows the empty bags to Sharda. Sharda deduces it was all Sakshi’s plan. You did all this to send Karan to office? Sakshi nods happily. but what if it would have turned the other way round? Sakshi is happy that it dint happen otherwise. Karan went to office today after all. Lets see what happens now. They both share a hug.

Suresh enters his cabin followed by Latika, Karan and 2 more employees. He talks about the loss of crores that they just had to face. We hope we can retrieve it from the new project that we have. Latika points out that it is going on at a slow pace which has resulted in less workers, lesser output. This is affecting our project on the whole. Suresh wants to know why there has been no action taken so far on this matter. Increase the hours for workers to work and if that doesn’t help, replace them and get new people. Latika nods. Karan reasons if they shouldn’t focus on why that output is slow. There might be some loose ends from our end. Latika tells him to let it be. Its just your first day in office. He calls it a case of simple IQ which somewhere pinches her. tell us what’s the loose end here. He says, our factory is 20 kms away from the city which means our workers have to travel long to reach here. If we provide them accommodation near our factory only then it would save their travel time. They would easily give us extra working hours which in turn will increase our output and profit. Latika counters that this might put pressure on our budget. Suresh agrees with Latika. He tells Mr. Sharma to make preps for the next meeting. The 2 employees leave. Suresh tells Karan that there are 2 answers for every question – one, which comes from the heart while the other that comes from the mind. We businessmen stay happy as we think from our minds. Karan points out that people who use their hearts are also happy. suresh agrees half heartedly. They stay poor. If you have to stay in palaces then learn how to use your mind. There is only one rule of a business house – profit! I like the way you think but for now, observe and follow Latika and start thinking like a businessman. Latika is happy. He leaves for the meeting. Before going, Latika asks Karan to study all the files so that he can know what happens in the office. Only read, don’t sign over anything! He nods stiffly.

Sharda is feeding / talking to the pigeons. Were you equally scared when you had left your nest for the first time? Sakshi comes there. Yes, it happens. They too get scared like you but then they fly. Sharda says they have got wings that’s why they can fly. Sakshi says one can not only fly because of wings but at times that can happen because of willpower / courage too. Sharda is still hesitant that they are hiding it from everyone. Sakshi agrees to tell everyone in a day or two. I want to know whether you are comfortable there or not after which I will personally tell everyone, first of all papa. Why to hide it? He will be very happy. you trust me right? Nothing will go wrong. I will handle the whole house. You only focus on your studies. Go now it isn’t good to be late on the first day of your class. Sharda doesn’t know how she would be able to manage alone. Sakshi boosts her morale. One gets weak if they walk holding someone’s hand all the time. You must learn to walk on your own too. I will give you the address in writing. Give it to the taxi driver who will drop you off. You will go right? Sharda nods.

Sakshi has kept a bag, diary and pen ready for Sharda. Title song plays as she hands her the same. Sakshi remembers something and goes to the kitchen to get sweetened curd for her. sharda is worried for Karan’s lunch. Sakshi assures her she will handle everything. They come to the threshold of main gate. Sakshi finds Sharda a little lost. Sakshi asks Sharda not to think over the decision which she has taken already. Your new life, a new identity is waiting for you outside this house. Sharda takes her first step out of the house and Gurur Brahma chant plays. Sharda goes out a little and then turns to look at Sakshi who shows thumbs up to her.

Precap: Dadi asks for Sharda. She couldn’t make a bowl of daliya for her MIL before going out! Latika is confused. Mom is not at home? Sakshi lies. Ma has gone for a kirtan. Latika asks her what’s so special today when she never goes to attend one. Sakshi is thinking. The taxi driver tells Sharda they have reached Bandra. Where do you want to go? Sharda answers she too doesn’t know that.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. That’s sad for sharda, hope she finds her destination by lord krishna’s grace soon.

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