Gustakh Dil 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 21st January 2014 Written Update

Gunja told Laajo about Nikhil’s bother. When she asked her for more details gunja told her to ask Nikhil about it and as she also said there was no point in discussing the issue as it was pretty old matter.

Ishana offered Nikhil coffee and asked about his distrace when he said it was a big mistake to go to the trip with laajo. She embarrassed him out of hell. Ishana did a little happy dance seeing Nikhil accuse laajo for the embarrassment. Ishana took Laajo’s said just to show Nikhil how balance she is so he asked why she always take Laajo’s side. Ishana continently said she always take Nikhil’s side. Nikhil said what would happen if ever Ishana leaves his side and Ishana silently promised that such day will never come.

Laajo was sitting alone in her

room when she was offered food. But she rejected saying she does not feel like. Chaya asked what was the matter and whether Nikhil and Laajo fought once again when Laajo recapitulate Nikhil’s hurtful words. Chaya was convinced that this time also it was not Laajo’s fault but laajo accepted her fault and felt bad. She said now everything is clear and that she was not worthy of Nikhil. She blamed her self for being such a pain in Nikhil’s life and unable to share happiness. Chaya tried to console her and assured her that Nikhil cannot hate Laajo, he can get angry but cannot hate.

Chaya requested Laajo to have food and almost forced him.

Ishana met Kunal at a restaurent and asked him why he agreed to get married to her. Kunal confessed his love for her surprising Ishana. Ishana told him that she loves Nikhil and Kunal told her that Nikhil is already married and forbidden. Kunal said he wanted to stay with her he also said he have to leave Nikhil as he cannot have Nikhil in this life. He also said he will never cheat on Ishana like Nikhil. Ishana said she can not forget Nikhil and Kunal agreed to marry her irrespective of everything because he was sure that his love for her was so strong that one day she will forget Nikhil.

Nikhil’s mother was happy that Nikhil and Laajo was back and that they fought. She also guessed Laajo’s realization. Hearing this Nikhil’s grandmother felt happy that finally Laajo will be out and Ishana will be in.

Ishana spoke to her mother regarding her marriage. Her mother told her that she will always do things which are right for Ishana. Ishana agreed to get married almost shocking her mother. She couldnot believe her ears. Ishana told her that she did what her mother wanted. Her mother was happy but she was unable to understand the sudden change in Ishana’s motive. She said after thinking a lot she came to the conclusion that her mother was right.
Nikhil took out the wind chime and arranged to hang it. He went in the balcony to hang it. Using the stairs he climbed to fix it when it slipped from his hand and fell. When he saw down, his mind recollected how he couldnot hold save his brother. His sight became dizzy and he struggle to remain in conscious. Rohan shouted at him to come down while laajo just looked at bewieled standing beside Roshan.

Precap : Nikhil’s grandmother asked what does laajo know about Akash.

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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