Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman to give something else than a big thankyou. Raman holds her and asks what does she want. She says I will tell it when you promise I need it. He promises. She says I want your x ray glasses. He says why. She says I just want it. He says you can see anything like this too, whats the need of x ray glasses. She says I want to check whats it, I m doctor and did not hear about it. He jokes and she says give it, you promised. He says fine. She goes after him and asks for it. He hides behind the dressing table and asks her to wear it now. She wears it and says nothing can be seen. He comes out and removes his coat asking what can she see. She says Raman please and goes. He wears the specs and smiles.

Amma talks to Appa and says Shagun is spoiling

Ishu’s life. He laughs and says you behave like tv serial woman, and explains her that Raman and Ishita took this decision. She says tv serial has everything real, whats normal in Ishu’s life, her husband’s two wives are together. Appa thinks to leave seeing her in anger and leaves making excuse. Amma says I will not leave Shagun, and sees Appa forgot the specs. She goes calling his name.

Mrs. Bhalla and Romi have an argument. He asks some money for new year party and new clothes. He eats food and holds parathas. She scolds him. She asks him to work and earn, at Raman’s office. Simmi also scolds him. Romi takes it light and jokes. They laugh and he leaves. Amma calls Appa as he forgot his specs. Amma says this is happening because of Shagun, Ishu does not tell me anything, but Romi can be spy and give me all news. She acts sweet to Romi and says I m Amma, I can see on your face that your mum did not give you food, is there any tension, did Shagun give you tension. Romi thinks to start and have south Indian food. He says mum did not give me food, I will have samosas. She says its lunch time, I will give you lunch, come. She serves him good food. Romi smiles and likes the food.

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She gives him some money and asks him to keep it. He says let it be, I know you have some work, tell me now. She says you become my spy on Shagun, what is she doing in my Ishu’s home, you give me her news that she does and where she goes, full report. Romi turns and thinks its good work, and is glad. He says don’t worry, think the work is done. He says don’t tell to anyone, and Amma also says the same, its their secret. He says I can’t take this money, if Raman knows this, he will slap me, keep this money, I will just have food and your work will be done. She smiles and serves him more food.

Mihika asks the servant to make veg food as his south association people are coming. Ashok scolds the servant for making veg and throws it. Mihika scolds Ashok and asks do you have any problem, only veg food will be made as I told him. He asks servant to clean the floor. She taunts Ashok and sends servant, saying Ashok will clean it as he spoiled it, if he does not listen to him, then…. Suraj asks else what……………. Mihika looks at Suraj.

Shagun and Raman bring Adi to the counselor. She says I spoke to your parents and want to be friendly with you. Shagun and Raman say they will be out, and leave. The lady says we will talk as school friends and gives him hot choc. Adi thanks her and talks to her. He answers her questions, and names family members, and lastly Raman. Shagun thinks Raman is close to me after many days, because of Adi’s problem. She starts crying. Raman asks why is she crying. She says poor Adi needed counseling. He says stop this drama, Adi is kid and he needs some help. Adi talks about Ashok. Shagun thinks Adi’s problem will benefit her and she has to use it on right time.

Suraj scolds Mihika and she doesn’t care. Suraj asks her to do anything, as he is not afraid of her, so be in her limits. Mihika says you don’t have manners to talk to women, but I m not Shagun to bear your bullshit, I know you support Ashok and don’t teach him anything. She says Ashok is my husband and I m his wife, don’t bring your nose in between, else I will ruin your respect, I m not afraid of anyone, as I don’t have to anything to lose, you both have much to lose, and one call to police can bring you on road, I will blame you on domestic violence and you will go to jail for 10 years. They argue and he leaves. Ashok looks on silently.

Ishita and Vandu talk about Adi. Amma comes to them and asks Ishu to go, as she is clever than Shagun. Ishita says Shagun went as she is parent. Amma says you are better parent than her. Ishita says we won’t discuss this again and leaves. Amma says Shagun spoiled her mood, Ishu is upset and hiding something. Bala says Ishita is strong girl, she will solve this, don’t worry. Vandu says yes, support her not annoy her. Amma says I support her. Vandu asks by bribing Romi and making him spy. Amma says no. Vandu says I know you got this idea from the serial. Bala smiles. Vandu says its too much Amma, I saw Romi coming to have food here, I know everything, stop this acting. Bala says this is so bad on your part, if you give bribe in this age, what will we teach Shravan, promise us you won’t do such thing again. Amma says fine, promise. They laugh.

The counselor says I spoke to Adi, I feel he is very insecure and hiding his fear, I feel he is scared and your lives also had problems which affected him. She says Shagun stayed with her ex BF for 6 years and left his house, Adi feels he can’t get any normal house. Raman asks what can we do now, tell me. Shagun acts senti. The counselor says Adi feels bad by the fights and understands everything, you have to show you are family who loves him, you have to respect each other and make him feel secure. Shagun and Raman say we will try. The counselor asks them to show he has both his parents. Shagun looks at Raman.

Raman says its new year and we ate stepping in new year as husband and wife, I wait for 12 tomorrow. Simmi brings flowers and asks for whom is this. Ishita reads — my dear Raman and Shagun, happy marriage anniversary, I felt glad knowing you are staying with Raman again.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ishra

    Tauba Tauba shagun kaisi maa hai. ..usse Adi ki koi fikar nahin hai. .usse bas raman k pas jana hai. …
    Raman k pas Jane ki chakkar main woh Adi se bahut durr. .chali jaye gi. ..
    aur akhir main. .shagun ko.. sirf. ..BABA JI KA THOLLO. …milega. …

  2. hi guys happy new year.well about today the opening was good i mean asusual raman an ishu rocks the screen.about i dont want to spoil my new by speaking about that stupid shagun.waise shagun ur stupid anniversary plan will backfire to u.just wait and watch shagun wt happen with u.tum kitna koch karo naa phir bhi hamara ishra will be saath saath.and adi wt is wrong with u ur calling that stupid ashok dad but not raman.this really bad.hope atleast by this new year adi should become positive character.and waiting for more cute scene of ishra.

  3. p

    Ishra scenes was awesome and ishra rocks .aur shagun ka drama raman par nahi chalega and jab raman ne shagun ko kaha ki drama band karo that was awesome.

  4. sakshi

    This serial is becoming stupid
    Ishita is dumb raman is her husband and she could have went with adi
    They should just kick shagun out and take adi
    She has no home or job and cant win in court anyway

  5. Humesha pehlee net par koi news awti hai baad me SBB SBE me aata hai par season 2 ke baare me koi news nahi hai net par……….I hope yeh true naa ho………mai to har pal iss bare me God se pray karti hoo…….

  6. happy new year. after listening to todays sbs and sbb i am really disappointed.yaar new year ke din hi aise manhoos baatein sun ne ko mili. atleast shagun kab bhalla house se jaayengi jaise news expect kar rahi thi.par yah toh confusiin pe confusion. the episode was ok.

  7. Ishita

    If Shagun comes back in Raman’s life then Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is the most disgusting serial ever before . No one wants to see this bullshit . Please throw that Shagun out of this serial she is good for nothing !!

  8. Ishita

    Seriously this serial is becoming a shit !!!!! And there is no need to dislike the comment as truth is bitter .

  9. I am very sad yaar …….mera to mood off ho gaya……..ab jab tak koi achhi news nahi aati tab tak dil yunhi sad rahega……..yaar Ekta ko kya problem hai???? Kyo lakho fans ke dol tod rahi???? Itna achha ja raha hai show……..pls God Aisa mat hone dena……I cant imagine a day without IshRa…….IshRa are my first love………I could never feel such feelings which I feel for IshRa……
    Humne yeh Drama bandh karne ke liye kaha tha….par Ekta to show hi bandh karne jaa rahi hai……….

  10. ishra

    Yes prayosha same to me. ….
    main ne bhi aaisi feeling kisi k liye mahsos nahin ki jitna IshRa k liye ….ki hai. …raat bar IshRa k videos. .IshRa ki. .vm songs. .dekhti..hoon ..jab bhi IshRa ke bare main sonch ti hoon toh face par badi smile aajati hai. ……IshRa ke photos. .videos mere phone main bhare pade hai. ………IshRa ke bare main baat kare bagair din nahin guzarta…..
    aaj hum ne kya soncha tha k. .IshRa .achcha. .scene dekhne ko mile ge….dekha bhi par. …….usse pehle ye sad news aagai. ………..I. ..wish k ye news. ..sahi na Ho. ………hogi bhi nahin agar hoti toh. .aaj k new spoiler. …..zaror likha hota. ……
    I.wish k ye rumers Ho. ….

  11. Raina Raman se attract hogi…….Ishita Mani se shadi kaegi…..yeh sab news sach nahi hui……oh God yeh news bhi sach mat hone dena……..jab pehle dono ke diavorce ki news aai thi tab bhi mera yahi haal tha…..pura din sad face……….and aur kisi baat me man hi nahi lagta……oh God Pls Ekta ko thodi Sadbddhi do………..

  12. Kp

    Aly Goni posted in twitter “Chill guys its just a rumour we are not going anywhere. We r still with u and inshallah will stay longer.. love u all

  13. hope yeh dono news jo hai galat ho kyonki sbs mein kuch aur hai aur sbb mein kuch aur hi likha hai. dono bahut hi confusing hai.lekin maine karan patel ke kisi website pe kahi mahine pehle pada tha ki yeh show kayi saal aayegi and normally ekta kapoor shows3-4 yeats aathe hai like recent pavitra rishta.and yhm trp mein bhi bahut accha ja raha hai toh zaroot hi kya hai doosra season karne ka. aur rahi baat ishitha ki maa ban ne ki toh yhm jaise modern serial mein chamatkar jaise nahi ho sakte hai aur bahut logon ki umeed adi ki custody se all the veiwers are totally blank ki yeh news kya hai actually.ekta maam plz its a humble request ki clarify this and plz dont do any drama with veiwers also because since we are ishra fans we are bearing a lot of boring shagun ashok mihika drama.

  14. I agree Rithushree……abhi 300 EP ke celebration me Karan ne katha tha ki him is show ke cuter me 3 saal to aaram se dekh sakte hai………
    I hope so……

  15. Beta Ashok tune kya kaha tha Mihika ko……ke Shagun ke paas beauty to hai brain nahi hai……but you are smart…beauty with brain……….
    Mihika ki beauty dekh kar shaadi ki thi naaa…..ab wo apne brain ki smartness dikha rahi hai……shadi ki hai to bhugato……….

  16. Hi guys kaisa hai Indaia ka mausam humare Ahmedabad (Gujarat) me to jabardast thand hai kale ghanghor baadal chaye hue hai & kal to baarish bhi hui………kitna achha mausam hai…….itna romantic…….yaar Ekta kuch IshRa ka romantic scenes dikhao……..IshRa scenes hote hai but kitne short hote hai…….koi long scene dikhao……

  17. SG

    I hope this is a fake news kyonki yhm is a high rating show hai na ..par ye sunkar dar lagti he …me ishra ko dekhe bina ek din bhi nahi jee sakti……

  18. 123

    Yeh show band nahi hora. This will run for more 3-4 years if Karan Divyanka agree to stay back in this show. pata nahi yeh makers Ishra ke beech kab physical love scenes create karenge. fun bahut ho gaya ab we need some real romance. kissing vissing hugging ke bina poora bore ho raha hai yeh show.

  19. p

    divyanka in sbs ko interview diya haii .divyanka ne bola hai ki season 2 rumours hai and aagar season 2 aaye ga toh divyanka shayad uss ka pat nahi hogi

  20. Divyanka ne SBS me kaha ke usne bhi season 2 ke bare me suna hai aur wo bhi iss se khush nahi haii……….and yes I agree with her usne yeh bhi kaha ki Indian viewerrs ko daily yeh show chahiye….agar bich me yeh link tut gai to baad me itna maja nahi aayega…..

  21. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is one of the most loved serials of Indian Television.The main leads Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi gave their best on the characters of Raman and ishita.Ruhaanika Dhawan with her cute and innocent face grabbed everyone to watch the show.

    The show became everyone’s favorite from kids to elders.The show completed one year recently and is going with a high TRP and is occupying the second place in TRP chart.

    A news channel gave a news yesterday that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going off air and will return with season 2.This news got rapid and fans began to worry.So many fans became sad as their favorite show is going to end.

    Then the fans began tagging Divyanka ,Karan,anita,aly,ruhaanika and all other YHM members to clarify the issue.

    Atlast finally Aly Goni aka Romi gave a clarification about this on twitter and he said..

    Chill guys its just a rumour we are not going anywhere. We r still with u and inshallah will stay longer.. love u all .

  22. SBS me aaj Divyanka ka interview tha usme Divyanka ne wo hi New Year party wali silver saari pehni thi aur uska shoot X-mas se pehle hua tha matlab ke yeh interview last week ka hai…..but Aly (Romi) ne kal hi srason 2 ke baare me tweet kiya tha matlab yeh fresh news hai ki Season 2 nahi aayega………I hope so ……ki aisa hi ho aur YHM saal-o-saal chale…….

  23. ishra

    Yes prayosha aaisa hi Ho. …yhm kabhi bandna Ho…aur aaise hi saalon. .saal chalta rahe. … ….ab ye news sunkar dil ko sukun mila. .. k…yhm bandh nahin horaha hai. ….haashhh. .

  24. 123

    show abruptly kyun band hoga? abhi tak iss show mein kuch hua hi nahi. koi production house se ya star plu ki taraf se kyun clear nahi kar raha ki ye false news hai. YHM ko koi sponsor nahi kar raha kya isi wajah se yeh show band ho raha hai? Blockbuster show kaise band ho sakta hai?

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