Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Bhallas doing all the arrangements. Mihir and Rinki come and ask for Simmi. Raman says she is getting ready, trying to look good. Ishita tells Simmi that she is looking pretty and asks her not to get tensed, as Subbu knows her. She pacifies her and asks her to think about Ananya and herself too, she is not marrying Subbu just for Ruhi. Rinki comes and says Simmi got a makeover and shows the Gajra. She says Subbu will not play with Ananya, but with Simmi’s Gajra. They laugh.

Subbu comes with his family. The families gel up well. Abhishek comes and greets Subbu. Mihika thinks what is this ACP doing here. Subbu says he is my friend, ACP Abhishek Singh, he is transferred to Delhi now, I called him to introduce Simmi and Ananya. Raman greets him. Abhishek

asks you here. Subbu says this is Mihika, Ishita’s sister. Abhishek tells how Mihika got him arrested. Bala jokes.

Simmi comes in a blue saree, dressed in Madrasi way. Sujata and Subbu’s mum smile seeing her. Subbu and Simmi look at each other. Mrs. Bhalla, Sujata and Subbu’s mum does the tika rituals. Sujata gifts Laxmi’s bangles to Simmi and asks her to wear it. Simmi thanks and touches her feet. Raman wishes all the best to them. Ishita says the mahurat is next month. Subbu’s mum says her condition about the marriage in madras style. They all agree.

Shagun comes there. Mrs. Bhalla says why did she come in this happy time. Shagun says I know I came uninvited, I came to meet Adi. Abhishek says Shagun Arora. Raman asks you know her. Abhishek says yes, I know her, she was going Australia, why did she not go. Mihir and Raman are surprised. Abhishek says she said her mum is dying and she is in hurry. Mihir asks why did she not tell him. Shagun gets tensed and says she will talk at home. She leaves. Ishita thinks why was she tensed, is she planning something. Shagun comes to her car and says I will take my kids to Australia.

Its morning, Bhalla talk about the catering, guest list and decorations. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that he wants a small promise from him, he wants to manage the expenses. Raman asks is she not my sister. Mr. Bhalla says our life changed after Simmi was born, and she came in my house as Laxmi, we did grand in her first marriage, but now she is starting her life again, I don’t want her to have anything less, I want to do this marriage on my own. Raman says I m also yours. Mr. Bhalla says you did all duty of being an elder brother, but let me do duty of a father. Simmi cries happily and hugs him. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will understand my feeling when he gets Ruhi married. He thanks Ishita for bringing happiness in Raman and Simmi’s life.

He asks Raman to promise that he will always keep Ishita happy. Raman says till I m here, no one will be sad in this house. Ishita goes to the room. Raman comes and sees her making some lists. He shuts the door and tries talking to her. He reminds giving her medical report on their anniversary. She says hmm.. He does not get response as expected and leaves angrily. She gets his message and reads it. She reads he wants to give her the happiness of the world, he knows Adi and Ruhi are her happiness, but he wants to give her their very own child. She can’t believe it and smiles. She happily cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………….plays………….

Subbu scolds someone on phone angrily and breaks things. He says what do they think they can take Laxmi’s name, how dare they, I will kill them. Sujata asks what happened. He says they are threatening me by Laxmi’s name. She calms him down and asks him to take his medicines. He makes him eat the medicine and he calms down. She asks him to take his medicines, else he knows what will happen, everyone will see his truth. He says I m sorry.

Sujata gets the call and gives the broken phone to Subbu, to talk to Bhallas. His hand bleeds and he acts calm. He talks to Mrs. Bhalla and gives the call to Sujata. Mrs. Bhalla says we have thought to keep engagement day after tomorrow and asks him to come and see the arrangements. Sujata says I know you will do good, just inform us when and where to come. Sujata ends call and asks Subbu not to behave this way, as they are near their goal. Subbu says I know what I have to do. She says good.

Ishita sits happy seeing Raman’s message. She says he says anything, but I m ready to take the relation ahead. Raman looks on and asks why is she not telling him. She says about talking to her inner self. He flirts with her and she smiles. Hasne laga sehra……….. plays………….Raman kisses her hand. She gets shy. He holds her face and she asks what is he doing. He asks what. She says its day and door is open. He says you are my wife. She leaves. He smiles and says till when will she run, why am I talking to myself, like a fool, he will not be quiet without hunting, as he is also a tiger. Yeh hai mohabbatein………plays………..

Subbu tells the doctor that he can’t control anger till he takes the medicines. She asks him to forget the past, to which Subbu says he can never forget that day.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sahi kaha Ishita ne aisi baat koi msg karke bolta hai kya……..aisi baat to haato me haath le kar Ankho me aankhe dal kar bolte hai………

  2. Ananya jyada tar Raman ke haatho me hoti hai……..Karan & Raman dono lagta hai ki BabySitting ki practise kar rahe hai……..

  3. Ye subbu ko dekh kar toh darr gayi yaar. Kitna violent hogaya tha .kya chupa rahe hai Subbu aur sujata. …….??

  4. lagtha hai subbu ki wife aur bacche ka accident aircrash mein nahi hua.woh toh buss subbu ne bhallas ko khaha hoga.balki such kuch aur hi hai . aur mujhe lagtha hai subbu ko fitts aathe hai.

  5. Hey Friends……….whats say……….
    It will be Girl Boy or Twins………
    I think it will be Twins……..
    Because…….There were Twins in Pavitra Rishta…….Bade Acche Lagte hai….& Jodha Akbar…………
    What do you think???

  6. Hey prayu jab maine raman ananya ko sath dekha maine bhi yahi soncha. ……..raman jab se aaya hai. .ananya k sath hi rehta hai. ..

  7. john

    such boring drama, no twists no turns. Evrybody knows dat d ugly ishita always wins. Boring. I like shagun,so beautiful at her age.

    • big fan of yhm

      tume kaisa ptha yeh sab so youre watching yhm which means you know yhm is best serial freaky baby amruta

  8. SS

    john agar tumhe iss serial ko nahi dekhna hai to mat dekho ………………………..kam se kam aishe comments to mat karo

  9. Yaar….yeh Logic kaha se aaya…..
    Agar Subbu ko Bhallas ko yanhi dikhana hota ki bachcha khone ka pain kya hota hai… wo Ruhi ko waapas lane me help kyo karta……….& Aadi ko waapas lane me bhi help ki & Ab Ananya bhi…….muje lagta hai…uski wife ke saath bahot bura hua hai……may be Rape……iss liye to wo keh raha tha ki meri Lakshmi ke bare me kuch mat bolo………..& lagta hai wo paagal ho chuka hai…….medecines na le to shayad daure padte ho….jaisa aaj hua……..

    • Haan hosakta hai ki accident na hoa ho kuch aur hoa ho uss ki wife k sath …. par sujata ji ne aaisa kyun kaha ki hum apne goal k kharib aakar. .koi galti nahin karsakte. ………
      pata nahin yaar Subbu ki wife k sath kya hoa hoga. ..

  10. mano

    wow nice episode.
    subbu wat do want to do?
    is he plays against to bhallas family?
    ishra scene super

  11. Ss y r u bck of him…he tell about his view…dnt frgt it …tis site is telling about their views…u cnt stop him….

    • big fan of yhm

      about opinions not about abusing we know it well ja ja ke beek maango sadak mein you suvvar

    • big fan of yhm

      all our yhm fans will curse you you will die like a mad dog in streets you freak amruta

    • big fan of yhm

      tu bikarin teri poori kandhan bekarin you freshy go and get a life mad dog pagal kutta ne kaata kya amrutha ansh ko john tho pehle se hi psyco ki bachha

    • Aapka prmbm kya kya hai…main appne views keh rahi…..aapko yeh pata hoga ki jo aap keh rahi hai…aapko kitna bada punishment mila hoga..and u dnt hav right 2 curse on oders…mind ur business…I really feel pitty on u…

      • big fan of yhm

        we yhms pity on your mental condition juzt go to mental hospital and check your health poor amruta and one more thing just check your eyes may be your blind isliye tume ishitha achhi nai dikh rahi hai

  12. big fan of yhm

    who the f**k are u b*t*hys amruta you dont hav right to comment bad about fans you freaky fellow

  13. See..guys till nw we dint say bad wrds….like he/she said..4 ds only we hate yhm fans….and wat prblm u hav…I am telling my view 2 Anshi….so mind ur business….oder wise we ill also not tolerate….

  14. Hey Friends……….whats say……….
    It will be Girl Boy or Twins………
    I think it will be Twins……..
    Because…….There were Twins in Pavitra Rishta…….Bade Acche Lagte hai….& Jodha Akbar…………
    What do you think???????

  15. Hey Mr. Bhalla ne kaha ki ishita ki wajhe se Simmi ki life mein khushi aayi hai. ……agar Subbu ka raaz pata chala toh phir se ishita ko blame na kare. ..
    ..par ye rishta toh khud toshiji ne kaha tha. …… bhi Ho ishita ko koi bhi blame nahin karna chahiye. ……..

  16. Yeh dekho…..abhi Ishita ki taarif kar rahe hai sab……….jab Subbu ke bare me pata chalega……to sab se pehle Ishita ko hi blame karenge…….I hope Subbu ki negativity kuch dino ke liye hi ho….misunderstanings ho & jald hi dur ho jaye….ab aur jyada Vilians hum afford nahi kar sakte………..

    • big fan of yhm

      @amruta,anshi,john tum logon ko hum sab ka batduva aur haay lagegi tum dono pagal kutton ke jaise mar jaayegi sadak mein ap ko bachane ka koi nai hoga kudha aap logon ko bahut badi sajaa degi yaad rakho

    • Coz of 1 serial….u r saying ill of oders…Khuda aapko punish karega…kyoungi ek serial keliyre aap kuch b karsakte hai…and u dnt hav right 2 curse oder…..

      • big fan of yhm

        yehi tume bi lagegi kudha achhi aur sachhi logon ke saath detha hai aap jaise kamina logo ke saath nai… allah aap ko aap ki aukaath dikayegi yhm fans curse tum logo ko zaroor milegi aap logon ne kitne logon ko sathaaya aur rulaya aap bi yeh sab dekhna pedegi na dekhi gi aap log bhi zaroor mera naam hai ali mey madhya pradesh se hu aaj aap log ko band baj ne ki bina mei nai jaavunaga

  17. I am new here….but I was so sad that yhm fans r lyk dis…dey talk ill of oders….u jst ignore them y r u talking…2 dem …….I ill nt cme 2 dis siteagain…

  18. may be subbu aur sujatha ka misunderstand hoga and phir after kowning truth they will become good again.per bechara simmi.i dont her to get sad and hurt

    • big fan of yhm

      naam dekho parvati lekin kaam kar rahi ha saitaan ki tarah yhm haters just mind your business you guyz are not welcumed in yhm page

  19. Aa

    This serial is like merry go round the mulberry bush again ishita will be blamed. EKTA is just interested in Shagun even today she had to have Shagun clip just even for few mins, They must be gay lovers

  20. big fan of yhm

    im a silent reader mey roj aap logon ka comments padtha hu all are really good but amruta an john freaks ne mujhe e sab bolneka majbhoor kiya dekho aap aise maar jayegi aise marjayegi mauth ko bi dar lagegi aise mar jayeegi amruta,ansh, john yeh meri baduva hai baduva

  21. @ ss nd yhm great (stupid) fan….amrutha is my cousin sis.. How can i tolerate… But i wont use such words.. Im nt cheap lyk u..

  22. Ignre dem Anshi….agar hum aapna views keh rahe tho unko kya prmblm….aur 1 serial ki wajah se….yeh log kis had dag b jaa sakte…aur jo budva deta hai…usse bahut bada punishment milta hai hell mein….hume kitna b bole..lekin hume jukna nahi chahiye….

  23. big fan of yhm

    Telly updates admin just bang the comments we cant hear a word against our ishitha aur raman otherwise your site will get bang just understood our feelings admin ye amruta ansh aur john ka comments post math hone dijiye its my request

  24. No one answered my question……..
    Say some thing friends……..
    Hey Friends……….whats say……….
    It will be Girl Boy or Twins………
    I think it will be Twins……..
    Because…….There were Twins in Pavitra Rishta…….Bade Acche Lagte hai….& Jodha Akbar…………
    What do you think???

  25. I wont regret for what i comment still i give my view towards this serial. It is not necessary tht a serial should hav positive comments. There r so many serials wich gets negative mnts also

    • big fan of yhm

      achha so your from critics department negative comments ka matlab jaanthi hu tume tum esirf story ke baare mein comment karna hai aise ishitha bekrin chudail dayaan raman ke saath neelu achhi hay raman raakshs hai aise nai tum comment karo serial ke bare mein varna tafa hojav im really frustrated becoause of you guyz yeh log mujhse dar gayi tum log kitna bura hame bolchuki hai na vusse kahi jaada bura aap logon se honewaali hai

  26. Quraizee

    i think amruta , john ,Aa etx are big …. (sorry) huuuuge fans of SK & RJ .. Oops …….( Shakti Kapoor & Ranjeet)……Cheers

  27. SS maine kaha ki IshRa ka baby Boy Girl hoga yaa Twins….kyonki Ekta ke jyadatar show me Twins hote hai… aap ko kya lagta hao…..YHM me kya hoga……Pavitra Rishta…….Bade Acche Lagte hai….& Jodha Akbar…………me bhi Twins the……

  28. Ignore dem Anshi…thy ill nt undrrstnd our..feelings….n hwmuch evr dey tll bad about us…they dnt knw dat they will get highest punishment…and there is no forgivness also…

    • big fan of yhm

      are baapre tum logon ka feelings vagare bhi jaanthi hai kya baath hai ji pagal kutaa sirf kaatna jaanthi hai vuse feelings veeling kuch nai hotha hai if u guys are dare reveal your identity your real name state address batha ke dekho aap logon ke kilaf mein case file kardhunga divyanka ke bare mein bura kehne ka jurum kiya tum log

      • Acha…khuda aapko badi se badi saaza dega…Aap uski fikar mat karo…app ko yeh fikar karo ki jo aap galt bole uska kitna bada punishment hai..

  29. waise raman should plan a holiday trip with some outdoor shoot they show london in saraswatichandran and austrlia in pyar ka dard hai.

  30. big fan of yhm

    negative comments dho hum nai rokhege vus ka english dekho vus ka naam dekho vus ka vo dekho ye dekho yeh sab achaa nai kaam se kaam rakho aap ka maa baap samskaar nai di yeh kya aise logon ko kuch bi kehte hai mein aaj tak omment nai ki im big fan of divyanka tripati ek lafz aur kaha na vus ke baare mei aap log ka naak katvadunga shes princess and good actress

  31. Haa….Ramanne kaha to tha ki ishita thik ho jaye tab Trip par jayenge……….world tour nahi par Ghar se bahar to le jaye……….kyonki abhi to world tour nahi hogi…..aisa to 500 or 1000 ep hone par hi hot hai…….

  32. Quraizee

    Yhm haters are watching the show more seriously than Yhm lovers..interesting……No doubt YHM ROCKSSS.!!!”‘,,!

  33. ishita raman bhalla

    my big fan, r u insulting me? Have u forgoten what i taught? Mann ki beauty sabse zyada imp hai. Agar aap aise fight karenge,toh apko meri fan bolne ka hak nahi hai. I am very sad today

    • big fan of yhm

      are dekh dekh ishra aagaya ha mujhe patha hai ye amruta ya ansh hogi begging me please please

    • big fan of yhm

      ok guys im leaving for today phir se ye log kuch bi bura boldiya na aap mein kisiko mei hu aap logon ke saath iss ka band bajaa dunga aurath hokar aise comments kar rahi hai mard bi shock ho rahe aurath naam ka kalank hai ye dono good night yhm fans freaky dreams and freaky night to that b*t*hes

      • peace please

        are bappa ye amruta aur ansh ki vaje se yeh site itna karab hui sab aakar bura kehke chal rahi hai lekin yeh shame less logo ko dekho ab bi attittude dikha rahi hai plzz god take these ppl and throw them in hell and give some peace to this site there parents also felt happy

  34. K a big fan of yhm…aap itna baat kar rahe ho toh…ek sawaal ka jawab do….aapko kitne surah aate hai…sach bolna agar jhoot bola toh khuda aapko punish karega…

    • big fan of yhm

      nuksaan zaroor hogi tum log ki aap ki maa baap ko sharmindha math karo they feel pity on u ya allah mein aise bachhe ko kyu janam diya ye log meri pet mein mar sakthi tho acha hoga na sry amruta and ansh ammi abbu dnt feel bad app logon ko bigadaa hua bachhe dediya kudha aap ko agle janam mein ache sanskar ka bache dungi aameen

      • Aap mera sawwal ka jawaad do…agar aako itna hi dar hai Allah se
        ..tu aap TV kyu dekh the hoo….aur Aapke maa baap..khos rahe honge ki unka bacha ek actress ki wajah se hum insaano ko dukh pouncha rahe honge..

      • big fan of yhm

        jawaad nai b*t*hy its jawwab pehele teri hindi tho dekh dusron pe taane maar ne se pehle khud ka dekh kamini amruta tum log state vagairea kuch jawaab diya kya mujhe mein kyu jawaab du

  35. ##

    Anshi & Amruta shame on you…..aap muslim ho kar Dusro ki feelings ko hurt karte ho……..humara majhab & khuda hume yeh nahi sikhate……

  36. Quraizee

    Yes matlab ye logo ne jo bhi kaha bhikaran etc. woh yeh khud hai… Greatttt !!!!!! Khud apne hi jaal me phas gaye.. Ha Ha.:::Waitingg

    • big fan of yhm

      sahi kaha quaraizee yeh log bahut smart samajthe hai lekin in log se badi ullu ka paata aur nai hai ha ha ha

  37. Kkk but a big fan of yhm….jo bola wo sahi hai kya…humne abhi bola hai par aap previous page par dekho..usne kitna galat bola…aur Allah aapko nahi maaf karega…aap log ki wajah se humara naam kharab hota hai..shame on u guys..

    • big fan of yhm

      agar kudha tum jaise gandhi dimaak log ko maaf kar sakthe tho mujhe kyu nai karega mein roj namaaz padtha hu mein thees saal ka ladka hu itni burai meine kisi ko nahi kaha aap log ye sab bolne ka mujhe mazboor kiya i wont cum again i dont wana spoil TU kudha aap ko sajha zaroor dilwayegi dekle kudha hafiz

  38. ##

    Kisike bare me achcha na bol sako to kam se kam bura to mat bolo……….. aise unke dino ki mehnat hoti hai….unke bare me aisa bura mat bolo…….1% bhi khuda me belive karte ho to aise dusro ki burai karna bandh kar do……..

    • big fan of yhm

      mei ek musalmaan hu leki ek hindu serial ka itna izath de rahi hu tum hindu ho kar bhi saathi hindu ko bura kar rahi hu sharam tho karo khudha tume akkal de khudha haifz

      • big yhm fan

        tv dekhna haram nahi hai mey 30 years ka hu im matured mujhe math seekhav islam ki baare mein tho tum yeh keh rahi ho sab musalmaan haram kar rahe hai ya aalah tujhe chodungi nai main tu admin ko contact karke tere baare mein pooch taach karke tumhari band bajaadhongi hum musalmaan ke baare mei hum se jyada tume patha hai kya baath hai abi dekunga mein tujhe

  39. We ill nt say bad but u said….u r kaala dhabba…we said only bad abt her english but u said bad abt our monm nd dad …Allah will never forgive…And as a muslim..i will nt say bad for any1…

    • big yhm fan

      tum kuon kisi ko judge karneki tum english teacher ho kya tu ladki nai tu b*t*h hai b*t*h khudha mujhe maaf kardho mene bura kaha lekin iss logon ko math chodo saja de bahut badi saja de iss log ka haath katvado kabhi bi comment type karne ki laayak na ho aameen meri haay tum logo ko zaroor lagegi yeh math bhool aap log ka mauth bahut bayaanaak hogi ya khudha phir se aise logon ko duniya mein math lao aameen


      OK to itni der she yeh bak back Kon karta hai agar bhook lagi hai to ja k hadiyan chabowo hamara dmagh kiyon chati ho

  40. Hey we dont aay anything bad 4 u..but i ill say…aapko kabhi cmment type kar na paaye ameen…aap ko jahannam main daale aur kabhi bhi dusro ke baare main galat na bole ameen….ameen..Allah mujhe maaf kardo…main kuch galat wrds nahi nakale…lekin yeh bahut limit cross kar chuke hai…

  41. ##

    Amruta & Anshi…u said bad words about YHM & IshRa…..par aap ne utna gabda bhi nahi bola jitna Yhm fan ne bola…..& Yhm Fan you also made big mistake……..
    Don’t use such bad words……
    Aap ko yeh shobha nahi deta….ab dono fight karna bandh karo…..

  42. Quraizee

    Toh yeh kya comment apne mooh se karte hai kya….Ha ha…. Funny . … A REQUEST (Galat jagah mazhab ko mat ghusao please..l)!!!!

  43. sameera

    Is anyone there who has watched every episode of YHM until now.
    I must say this I have seen all the episodes twice a day all the way from Sri Lanka.

    • Mai roj 5 bar dekhti hooo…….but School ki wajah se starting miss kar diya tha. Ab Star Utsav par repeat ho uss ka intjar hai….

  44. subbu ka such kya hai we cant figure out.lekin iss mein koi bhalla toh bilkul nahi ho saktha kyunki sabi bhallas good hearted hai aur agar unse galtji hui bhi toh they would have felt guilty.itnaa insensitive koi nahi hai.lagtha hsi subbu is misunderstanding the bhallas aur jo bhi uske wife aur bacche ke saath hua hai woh bahut bada accident hua hoga.aur jaise show kehthe hai aircrash toh bilkul nahi hua hoga .kyunki aircrash koi bhalla toh nahi kar saktha kyunki bhallas mein na koi pilot hai toh accident aircrash bahi hai is of sure. lekin in sab mein ishitha ko blame nahi karna chahiye kyunki toshiji ne yeh rishta socha tha aur ishitha iss rishthe se pehle object hi kar rahi thi. aur woh log ishitha ko yeh bhi nahi blame kar sakthe ki subbu uska dost hai kyunki usse maaf karne ke liye raman hi kaha tha.

  45. AA

    Raman and Ishita’s romance will going to have a very short life once again as usual. As soon as Bhalla’s come to know the true colours of Subbu, the entire Bhalla’s will jump on Ishita no doubt about it… Let’s wait and see how Raman going to chase IIshita out. this time.? Its looks like YHM os keep on re-cycling its old scenes again n again…

    • RkbGree

      Hmm.. I dnt like if ishu ll b blamed… Toshiji is responsible dis tym… Cuz she nly tuk subbu nd simmi mrg decision… Hope dis tym Raman ll stand with ishu

  46. Shilpa Jain

    I m very excited to know abt subbu truth…..I thought that day whn laxmi n his child met accident she came to know abt subbu n ishita past…she got angry n left subbu n in the meantym she met death…thats y subbu came to take revenge

  47. ishita raman bhalla

    shanti shanti ab mujhe sukoon mila ki yhm ka fan aur amruta ka fight khatam hua. Khuda is me meri kya kasur?

  48. Aesa lagta hai telly express par koi dog ? aa Gaya hai…jiske baate end nahi hoti n na hi fight…..
    Agar fight karna hi hai to…..apne ghar me Karo…
    Na ki website par…..
    Soo leave it…..
    And sorry koi baate achhi na lagi ho to…..
    Yeh website sirf yhm fans ke liye hai…..
    Yaha par dog ? aapas me kyu fight kar rahe hooo….
    Such a fool yaar…..B.A.A…

  49. New On-location Video ( 19th May )
    *** ( W.U. by: Samutha ) Ishita standing near the door waiting
    for someone. Some scenes with Toshi.
    Then Raman comes from back. Just
    looks at Ishita. When Ishita turns..He
    tells that she is looking good. Has some
    flowers hidden in his hand. Then Mr.Bhalla comes and Raman gives some
    reason to leave indirectly indicating
    something to Ishita.. Dt intv.. Says that Raman’s plan is going
    to get flopped. He goes to our room..but
    a relative will be there. I’m wearing this
    saree..gajra.. everything for him..but
    people thought that i’m wearing for the
    function. She spoke abt SPA. Her 3 awards. And
    she spoke abt her lost jewels. She said
    that she was very upset because of
    that. Link:

  50. kajol

    Oh this subbu is menatlly retrded i think. Grt tht shagun k bare me kch to pata chala… who is this acp??? I mean he gng to pair up wid mihika??? Hmm nyc epi… i wish i cld c those ishra scenes.

  51. dude

    What is d mystry of Subbu does he wants 2 take any revenge or he wants Ishita in his lyf… anyway i wanna see sm sweet moments between acp and mihika… i thnk he is going 2 be paired with mihiks… really excited…??

  52. Sbb & sbs segment. .
    raman ishita k liye flowers bouquet le kar aata hai lekin uss k room mein raman k relatives hote hai aur unhe lagta hai ki ye flowers bouchet unke liye lekar aaya hai. ..aur auruss k oaas se lele te hai aur ishita wahan par aajati hai…….raman ka mood off ho jata hai. ..

  53. Hum baat kr rahe DivAn ka rehearsal dikhaya hi nahi…..kyonki unhone kiya hi nahi tha……Divs ka ITF ka interview dekha….usme Divs ne kaha ki DivAn saah me rehearsal karte hi nahi….direct perfomance hi dete hai…..

  54. Karan Patel

    shut up DT you are over reacting you should just act in show take the salary & go home

  55. Hii frdzzzzx yesterday episode awesome
    Ramishu always rockzzzzzz……….
    Raman nd ishu scenes are very nice
    They are best couple
    Kids one girl nd one boy it vil be nice
    Like ruhi nd adi
    I think subbu is misunderstanding bhalla family.
    Mihika nd acp pair was good
    Acp is subbu frd r8?????
    Then acp shd knw the subbu truth
    Nd acp also playing negative role
    Srryyyy guyzzz i hav internalzzzz
    We vil meet tmr bye take care

  56. Rohit

    i read sumwhr dat ishita wil be mom of subbu’s children. Bt raman doesnt know dat. Actually ishita n subu got drunk in ishita’s clinic n lost control. Its subu’s plan. I m in awe of subu. He is so clever.

  57. Karan Patel

    oh God I dont want this its just so stupid its disgusting I dont want that to happen I dont want ishu to …

  58. ??Sara??

    karan patel ka name use kiya maine agar aap ko koi pb hai to mai yahan cmnt nahi karungi

  59. Nhi mujhe laga koi aur hain kyunki iss site kuch log hain jo yhm ke baare mein bura kehkar fight kar rahe hai isliye maine aisa bola sorry if u hurt

  60. ??Sara??

    no I m nt hurt its ok dnt say sry mujhe bhi pata hai aaj kal tu pe kya ho raha hai der r mny fakes so its ok

  61. Payal

    omg, ishita n subu together! Its so bad. Bhalla family will be shattered knowing that ishita is carrying subu’s child. I dont want this to happen.

  62. Video: Sbb Segment ( 19th May )
    *** –> Romantic se gabbar bane Raman ( W.U. by: Ramona G ) Raman holding a gun to his head.. ishita
    smiling naughtily.. bg song kabhi
    ishiquan kabhi dishquian.. theres
    another couple in ishra bedroom
    relatives of raman came for wedding of
    simmi n they are in the bedroom now.. raman has to give them the flowers he
    brought for ishita n they think its their
    welcome bouquet and showed raman
    all frustrated puts a gun to his head its all a funny sequence only and raman
    standing with those guests with a
    whisky bottle too n ishita laughing and
    DT bytes she said it happens in joint
    families u have to give up ur room DT got a bouquet congratulating her on
    spa win from a fan in chhatisgarh n she
    was v happy with it. re says soon simi
    subbu marriage n true colours of subbu
    wil reveal.. theres some other couple in
    ishra bedroom relatives of raman have come from london or something.. DT
    said kuch logon ki kismat kharaab hoti
    hai.. ishita already with gajras n all but
    raman so frustrated and he brought
    flowers for her but had to give it to
    those guests and later ishita laughing raman pulls her in anger n goes off..
    later raman picks up pistol in anger

  63. ??Sara??

    evn I wish its rumour… one day I read a spoiler in dat it ws written subbu & shagun vl join hands & makes raman hav an accident raman goes in coma fr smdays den he cms out of coma evry1 vl b happy… bt raman has lost his memory to 6 yrs bck & thinks as shagun is his wife

  64. Upcoming Scene: Raman trying to
    shoot himself.. Edited: It’s just a funny scene in which
    Raman try to shoot himself coz his
    plan get flopped.

  65. ??Sara??

    I m frm bangalore… v tlkd b4 too ryt… ok guys my intro I m iffath sara frm bangalore compltd my 7th & promoted to 8th

  66. sara ki frnd

    saraaa kitne tym se baat nhi hui kyy tu pe bhi koi nhi hai kya hua sab kaha hai??
    hiiii sara missed u so much

  67. Sujeta

    i also saw d article sumwhr. Its nt a rumour. Ishita lost control,subbu ws her bf. How can c control aftr all?

  68. ??Sara??

    pata nahi yaar kuch log exam me busy hain to kuch to yahan aana jaise bhool hi gaye hain… btw ek clue do naa plz who r u

  69. ??Sara??

    woah tumhe sry chahiye ye lo sssssssssssooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy…. woah it vl b boring if dat hapns

  70. ??Sara??

    oh usne kyy chor diya ab sns pe hai kal wahan bhi chor ne ki baat kar rahi thi… misd u too aadhs

    • Big yhm fan

      Tu suvvar Ki bachhi naam bi teek se nai likhi DT ka go and do porn movies you better suit for that sharam nahi hai dt ka naam liya

  71. khanikar

    ishita has got no shame. Shameless woman, doing these dirty things in a children’s dental clinic. Yuck! I will vomit

    • Big yhm fan

      Kutti Kamini amruta Ansh phir se aagayi teri jindagi karaab hai tu bazaar aurath hai bo nai kutta

  72. RkbGree

    Hehe correct ga cheppav gopu asalu vellakenduku yhm gurinchi… Uff really pichhi mohalu

  73. RkbGree

    All r juz fake rumours… Ishu aisa kabi nai karegi… She know her limits… So yhmians dnt tink much … Dey juz creating bad rumours..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.