Hello Pratibha 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha runs to Mahen and hugs him tight. He asks her to stop trying. Peehu asks where he was, everyone asks what happened. Kaashi asks him to stop it, he is tired. Mahen says sorry, he will explain later as he is tired now.
In the room, Pratibha brings tea and holds Mahen’s hand keeping it on her head. She asks him not to leave home ever without telling her. He makes her sit besides him, Mahen says sorry, his phone was out of order, and meeting was urgent, he is sorry. Pratibha says she is happy he returned home safe, she promises she won’t argue with him again. He smiles and kisses her forehead. He asks to sleep as he is tired, Pratibha says he must first take food. She brings a plate for Mahen but he was asleep by then. Pratibha takes Mahen’s shoes, she is shocked to see his injured feet. She puts on ointment on his feet, trying not to wake him up. As he turns, Pratibha watches a paper with temple’s logo on it. She wonders if Mahen went there. Mahen wakes up and says yes, he went there. He says he went there to pray so that nothing comes between her and her dream, he went there to ask for her self confidence. Pratibha only looked at him, not understand a single word he said ahead. Tears fell off her eyes and say he has been doing so much so that she can attend the audition, and she fell so weak. She says if still she doesn’t go there, she will never forgive herself. She holds his hand and says she is really lucky that she got him as husband.
In the auditions, a huge crowd was present. The compare was saying there is a lot of talent in Ranchi. Mahen and Pratibha come there, Pratibha holds Mahen as she watches the crowd. Mahen says there are a lot of people, but she must not worry, they have come this far. Pratibha says she will participate, not for herself but for him. Mahen smiles and takes her hand to go inside. Mahen and Pratibha go to a desk making way for themselves. A lady asks if they came for their son or daughter. The lady tells them they let them stand in parent’s line. Mahen comes back to the desk, Mahen shows them the wild card entry and says they are contestants. Two boys mocked that its time to teach their children, but a few people has come selfishly.
The director comes inside to tell the judges to keep some masala while selection, he has come to hear some wild card entry aunties are also here. Shubda ji was also among judges there. Mahen checks the list and smiles watching Pratibha’s name. Shubda ji also stops at Pratibha’s name for a while and highlights it. Pratibha smiles watching his expressions. A girl says to Pratibha that her times have gone, why she wants to spoil their life. Mahen says if there were such contests in her times, she would have won them. Mahen says this is singing contest and anyone may participate, talent has no timings and age limits. Everyone become silent.
In the auditions, the judges rejects one girl badly. The auditions were going on. Mahen tells Pratibha the next turn is hers. The compare comes to Pratibha saying she is special as she is a wild card entry. Pratibha introduces as Mrs. Pratibha Agarwal. The compare says all the other contestants are 15 years younger than her, she must sing for them. The people there tease her again, for not being able to sing. Pratibha begins the singing. The crowd becomes silent at once. The crowd cheer, the compare asks if she will get selected. Pratibha says she isn’t sure, but she wants to say she is here because of her husband only. The compare asks if she took a training in classical singing. Pratibha says she learned a lot from her teacher, she wants to say to her that there is nothing less in her talent and her loyalty to it. Pratibha is called inside, Mahen nods at her as she leaves.
Inside, Shubda ji asks who is next, the judge says Pratibha Agarwal.

PRECAP: The crew member informs Pratibha she can’t go inside for audition, she has been rejected for this audition.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hate it

  2. I don’t know what about Pratiba that I just love her beauty. I think she is one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen similarly like rachna( mahima). Has to be simplicity.

    1. Basta you have hit the nail on the head—-simplicity brings out the beauty in someone not arrogance.

  3. Love the episode wit Pratiba an Mahen was truly touching!!! Nice Episode

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