Warrior High 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Utkarsh goes to library calling Ayaz. Rohit and friend say outside, now Ayaz would do anything he wants. Ayaz appears from library, Utkarsh says he didn’t come to know when he slapped him. Ayaz withdraws his hand and says he has been after Utkarsh since he came to school, but Utkarsh said no to him. Ayaz gets what he wants.
Parth gets up and is worried that Utkarsh has left somewhere.
Ayaz keeps hand on Utkarsh’s face and says he wanted it all to take time. Utkarsh resists but Ayaz ties his hands.
Parth asks Rahul in corridor if he has seen Utkarsh. Rahul says he didn’t. Parth looks into the corridor. He comes to Rohit who was just outside library, Rohit says he didn’t see Utkarsh. Utkarsh shouts for Parth, Rohit and Rahul stops Parth why he is going to library. Parth asks them to leave him. There Ayaz put cloth in Utkarsh’s mouth.
In the dorm, Sid wakes up everyone as Parth is shouting.
Parth comes to library, he takes Ayaz with collar. Sid comes there and interferes. Parth says if Sid comes to know, he won’t even leave Ayaz. Annie wakes Krissane as she watches rush in library. Siali and Niti also go to see what has happened.
Sid asks Parth what he did. Parth says he tried to rape Utkarsh. The girls had arrived there, Parth says he won’t leave now. Sid asks Ayaz if he did so, he says it is so disgusted. Parth asks them to take him away else he will break his face. Niti and Siali come to Utkarsh, they ask him to say something. Siali asks Parth why is he not saying something. Parth says he is afraid, he must remain alone for a while, they don’t worry, he is with him. Siali asks Parth to take care of her Utarsh. Parth says he is with him always, they both must go. Utkarsh was shocked, Parth holds his hand and takes him. Charlie wishes he could wipe Niti’s tears. Sid, Charlie and Krissane and everyone leave. In girl’s dorm, the girls talk about it. Krissane says the fault must be Utkarsh’s. But Sid sided Utkarsh, she had slapped him instead. Siali slaps Krissane, and says Krissane deserves that slap. She says Sid is better than Krissane who supported truth. She says though they are low classed, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap. She will break her face the next time she utters a word. Krissane thinks how dare she, she thinks Krissane will leave her so easily, she is going to regret this slap for sure.
Parth offers Utkarsh water, Utkarsh lay on the bed without responding. Parth keeps the bottle aside. Sid comes to them, he asks Parth if he is ok. Parth says no, he is afraid. Sid goes to his bed, while Parth sits on his. Parth thinks Utkarsh had told him he feels awkward about Ayaz. He thinks he couldn’t understand what Utkarsh wanted to say.
Ayaz sat on the bench outside, Krissane comes there. She says she can understands. She says since these orphanage has come here, her and Sid’s relation has ruined and today Sid sided Utkarsh. Ayaz says to ruin Utkarsh, they must take his weakness and that is his friends Niti and Siali. Krissane says there is something else more important for him. Ayaz smiles saying I like your spirit. Krissane says this isn’t his fight only, they will win it together.
In the morning, Parth wakes Utkarsh up but he doesn’t move. Parth thinks about letting him sleep, he might feel better. Sid asks will he not come to class. Parth says he might feel better sleeping. Parth leaves.
In girl’s dorm, Niti sat worried on table when Siali asks her not to discuss last night with Utkarsh. Niti says she never saw him like this before. Siali says he isn’t that weak, he will be fine.
In the corridor, Niti and Siali asks Parth about Utkarsh. Parth says he didn’t wake him up as Utkarsh was so afraid last night. Siali and Niti says nothing good happened in this school since they came. Parth says he is always with Utkarsh.
Utkarsh gets up thinking has everyone left. He gets a letter by his feet that reads, new day new surprise, everything will get better today; go and find a surprise for himself in his cupboad. Utkarsh goes to his cupboard, there was another letter saying not so soon, his surprise will come to him later. Utkarsh wonders whose hand writing is this.

PRECAP: Utkarsh comes to class room and beats Ayaz badly. Parth comes behind him to save Ayaz. Others also come there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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