Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi happily forwarding his hand to Raman. Raman says Ishita, and he gets sad. Ishita holds his hand and sits with him. Adi gets angry. She asks you kept puja for Adi, then. He says I know you want to come close to me, now focus on puja. She smiles. They do the puja. Raman asks Ishita to come, as real test is now. She says I did not tell you, leave it. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to lift her. Raman lifts Ishita. Hasne laga sehra…………..plays………… The pandit asks him to recall his mannat in heart and he takes the round. Ishita asks him why the mannat. He says I heard Lord gives what I ask, I asked you for seven births. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………………plays…………. Ruhi takes the pics. Raman and Ishita joke.

Adi thinks they took my puja, if

mum was here, this would have not happened. Ruhi says smile Ishi Maa and takes their pics. Adi says enough and takes the phone. She says Shagun is your real mum, not Ishita aunty, Raman will choose Shagun one day. Shagun takes care of Poornima. Pornima says it would have been good if Mihir came. Shagun says he will come, you get fine and we will go to Mihir in India. Poornima says I worry for you, as Ashok did wrong with you. Shagun says Raman is taking care of Adi and me. Poornima asks till when will you stay there, as he loves Ishota. Shagun says I will not lose so soon, and take advantage of his weakness Adi.

Poornima says you need a rich man, Raman can give you everything, you need him, I m afraid if Raman loves Ishita, it will be tough to separate them. Shagun says Raman loves Adi the most, Ishita just came in his life, I can kick her out easily, he has spent 6 years with me. Poornima says I want you to be happy. Adi sends the pic. Shagun is shocked seeing Raman and Ishita’s pic. Adi calls her and asks how can they do this, please come back soon, Ishita will snatch Raman from us. Shagun says yes, I will come back soon. Adi looks at Ishita angrily.

Ruhi shows the pics to everyone at home. Adi says enough, give me phone Ruhi, I have to call my friend. Ruhi thinks what happened to Adim why did he go like this. Adi deletes the pics. Ruhi asks why s he deleting pics. Adi scolds her and says you worry for Ishita, Shagun is our real mum, we are a happy family. Ruhi asks him not to be angry, as he is already ill, and will need to go hospital again. Adi gets sad. Appa asks Amma did she see Raman keeping mannat for Ishu. Amma says yes, he loves Ishu a lot. But he loves Adi too. Appa says yes, they love children a lot, everything will be fine.

She says puja plate is here, I will give to Ishita. Ishita recalls Raman’s words and smiles. Ruhi comes to her and says I don’t like Adi, he said you are bad and Shagun is nice, I can’t see and I m stupid. Ishita explains her that Adi will like his mum, she will be best for him. Ruhi says but you are my mum, whose is Raman then, yours or Shagun?? All mum and dad stay together, Papa can’t be with two mums, Adi said Papa will choose any one, whom will he choose. They cry. Ishita hugs her. She says Adi was in anger and we should not care of his words, and you remember one thing, lifelong, that your Papa loves you a lot, I also love you, and we three will never get away. She promises her and sends her.

Amma comes and has heard everything. Ishita says I know Amma. Amma cries and asks till when will this work, Ruhi is right. Ishita says Ruhi is a kid, and Adi is in bad situation, he got love by family after much problems, its tough. Amma asks about her, she can’t handle this, this will be your loss, Raman has to understand the difference between his wife and his kids’ mother. She says you may feel I m saying a lot, but this decision is wrong, you don’t understand, you brought Shagun before too, it was big problem, you are very good, and your goodness will end your relation. Ishita asks do you feel I m stupid, you feel I can’t see questions in other eyes, I can see everything.

She shuts the door and says I can see they all feel I m showing my greatness, as I have brought my sautan home, what would I do at that time, I saw Adi crying on road, he is Raman’s son, what would I tell him, stay here in bin with your mum, or just you come with us and leave your mum here. If any stepmum behaves well, they feel I m wrong, I m just being human.

Ishita says she can’t see any kid in pain, and Is always available for their treatment, if I can’t see any strangers pain, how can I see Raman’s kids’ pain, I know Adi does not respect me, he has anger problem, bad manners, but his upbringing is bad, its not his mistake, if Shagun is giving him bad values, why should we give him punishment, he is getting good environment here, Adi feels I m worst mum, as I m stepmum, as his parents are separated by me, he can’t analyze it was before too, as Shagun’s words are true, Ruhi knew I m her mum, Adi believes Shagun’s words is truth, I can’t trouble Adi, you feel I m tolerating my sautan, I can see everything, I know there can be many problems, she uses my things and comes in my room without knock, there is no privacy and I m hurt, I m bearing everything, you know why…..

She says as Adi is here because of her, else he would have not stepped her, I have seen Raman dying for Adi, I have seen he used to see Adi’s glimpse, he was very away from Raman, I m seeing them happy, its precious, why should I take these moments from them, when I married Raman, I did not like him, I married for Ruhi’s sake, I got everything, I got a child, I dot a husband who loves me, Raman changed for me, when this magic happened with me, why can’t I expect any more miracle, I hope Adi will change one day. Amma cries. Ishita says Raman is complete now by Adi, why should I snatch it from him, I m doing what I find is right, everyone will find this right at the end.

Raman and Adi come to receive Shagun. Adi hugs Shagun. Raman and Ishita argue sweetly. He jokes. Shagun hears them and says I will end this love.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. No mizun tumne kaha tha yeh Uss fight ke baad aayega……Raman Aadi Shagun ko wapas lekar aayega baad me yeh scene aayega aisa tumne kaha tha….

  2. Ishu scene was superb. ..heart touching. ………
    Ishu tumne jo kaha bilkul sahi. .hai. …..
    Ishu tumne. …apne dil ki baat amma se hi sahi. ..lekin kahi toh sahi. …k tumhe kaise lag raha hai. ….tum jo kiya raman k liye. .aur sab ko bata diya. …k tum bewaquf nahin Ho. .tumhe sab pata hai. ……I hope k ……….tumne itna sacrifice kiya hai. .uss ka phal tumhe mile. ……Adi sudhar jai. ……

  3. zee

    day by day worst i hate u shagun but spoiler was not good yesterday raman how could u do this end this bakwas soon adi and shagun bullshit

  4. tt

    Ishita is smart, hope everything will be good for her. Adi should realize his mum’s bad ideas and kick her from their lifes soon.

  5. No. .no….
    maine kaha tha. …pehle kitchen wala scene. .phir ladai. .hogi. ……raman undono. ..ko ghar wapas laye ga. ……usske bad ye panja ladane wala scene aaye ga. …boli thi mai. .yaad aaya. ….

  6. Last year lohri par Ishita raman k rishte ki bat horahi thi. …..aur aaj IshRa ka rishta aur bhi pakka. …aur. …masboth hogaya hai. …….

  7. ruhi

    Makers,plz do something. I think people r loosing interest. How can shagun hear everything which ishra discussing. Bulshit.

    • tt

      Agree totally with you, makers don’t spoil show by doing something bullshit like Shagun been successful in her bad ideas..

  8. Ruhi ne rula diya…kya dailog the…ruhi ke…and Raman ke toh kya kahne …Raman ne kya dailog bole phere lete waqt…..bahut mast and awesome..aur ab kal yeh shagun wapass aajayegi…ab yeh missunderstanding create karegi ishra ke bhech me….

  9. wow yaar ishra was looking awesome.and phere wala scene tho kamal tha.a tho tralior hai abhi tho picture bakhi hai mere dost.i hope ishra always stay happy.and we were happy without that pagal shagun.again she is back.waise bein waise maa waise beti and waise maa waise cheap shagun ka that puri family only mihir is good.dont get it that mihir form that pagal family.oh gosh ab bahot hogaya atleast now make the character adi positive naa.

  10. Lohri celebration kyu nahi dehkya yhm me….aur bhi maza aata dehkne me…ishra ke scenes hote….aur thodi masti and nok jok bahut maza aata ..what do you think guys ?

  11. Wow yaar Raman ne kya mannat li hai oh God yeh hi mannat sabhi IshRa fans ki bhi hai isse jarur puri karna……
    Wow Raman kya dialog bola hai…….iss janm ka to setting ho gaya maine socha agle saat janmo ka bhi setting kar doo……

  12. 123

    darr lagta hai kahiin mani ki baatein sahi na ho jayee that raman ko agar adi aur ishita ke beech kisi ek ko chunna ho to he wil chose adi. shagun se zyada gandi aurat aur koi nahin aur uski maa bhi. raman shagun ko left right diye to hi correct hota.

  13. Hey Mizun ek baat batao yeh panje & kitchen wale dono scene me same dress tha to shayad kal hi dono scene aayege & wo fight wale scene me dress alag tha to wo scene yeh dono scene ke baad ayega ….tumhe kya lagta hai??

  14. Ab yeh shagun adi ke saath kahi chali jayegi and Raman ishita me fight hogi…and fir yeh dono ek dusre se baat nahi karege….aur fir aayega yeh panje wala scene jis me shagun Raman ke kareeb

  15. Ab yeh shagun adi ke saath kahi chali jayegi and Raman ishita me fight hogi…and fir yeh dono ek dusre se baat nahi karege….aur fir aayega yeh panje wala scene jis me shagun Raman ke kareeb aane ki koshish karege…

  16. Yeh Ishita itni achi to uski ma & beti dono utni hi achi…..Yeh Shagun itni buri to uski maa & beta utna hi bura……….dekho bhai makers hum apni daily life ka stress door karne ke liye yeh show dekhate hai….ab is show se mila hua stress door karne ke liye kya kare????? Dekho bhai yeh sqb drama jan ke end tak complete karo & finaly IshRa ki happy married life start karo…..nahi hum se bura aur koi nahi hoga…..

  17. Ab ladai to normaly chhoti moti bat par har husband wife ke bich hoti hai….iss ka matalab yeh thodi ke dono ek dusre ka saath chhod denge…..

  18. Prayosha.
    Panje & kitchen wale scene main dress a lag hai. …….kal kitchen wala scene hoga. …aur. Adi ki missing hone ka pata Chale ga. ………..may be IshRa ki fight bhi batade. ………
    tumhe kya lagta hai. …

  19. waise shagun whatever u to try to separated ishra.and may be they have fight btw them phir bhi in that fight also they will have cute love btw them and ruhi wtever shagun try it will be backfire only to her only.waise bein y should i talk about that pagal shagun and spoil my pongal fevisal.and guys wish u all a very happy pongal and to our ishra and ishra fans and me too.

  20. Prayosha. …sahi kaha. ..tumne. ..hum din ka stress durr karne k liye Ishraruh ko dekhte hai. ……… se mile stress ka kya karen. ..iss ka ….ek hi todh hai. ..Apshaguni maa. .bete ko. .ghar se nikalo. ….

  21. Dekho Divyanka dekho ….tumhare to be hubby ne abhi 3-4 months pehle hi apna show shuru kiya & romance bhi shuru kar diya………& tum aur tumhara on screen hubby show ke 1 year 1 month 11 day hone ke baad bhi apni married life mee aage nahi badhe…….agar ab yeh Shagun ka drama FEB tak pahucha & IshRa saperate hue na to yeh show definitley flop hai….aur IshRa fans bhi iss me kuch nahi kar sakte…..

  22. Ab tak kisi serials main itna time liye. ..jitna IshRa. ..lerahen hai apni. .married life shiru karne main. ….tumne sahi kaha. .1 year. .1 month. .11 days. ..hogaye hai aur. …ab tak kuch nahin hoa. ..siwa drame k. ……..

  23. temple part was good. a very emotional moment of ishitha and ruhi .i got emotional and got tears also .it was really emotional. lekin the worst part is ki kal apshagun so called shagun aayegi .ek taraf ishra ki nok jhok aur doosri taraf shagun ka return.

  24. honey

    Makers plz chng adi behaviour with ishuu nd we r waiting how raman propose ishu…. today ramanishu words are heart touching….

  25. aa

    all this dillema because of mihika … if she has not tangled herself with ashok and wasn’t trying to be miss goody two shows and becoming mahaan by saving shagun from ashok, none of this would have happened ….

    shagun and ashok are made for each other…mihika should have allowed themto marry … she poked her nose into their affairs and see the result

  26. i just dont like poornima prakash.yeh dono maa beti ek hi tarah ke insaan hai.maa shagun ko kehthi hai ki shagun ki khushiyon ke usse dhyaan rakhna hai ki ishra ke beech pyaar aur na badhe.beti yani shagun adi ke andar zeher ghool rahi hai. ruhi ne aaj jo question ishitha se kiya woh hame toh buss rula diya .

  27. i dont understand ki why does raman wants to make shagun jealous. if he makes ishitha jealous then ishra would come closer out of jealousy. yeh dono ek doosre se pyar karte hai toh ek doosre ko hi jealous feel karayenga na.toh iss beech shagun kaha se tapak padi ki raman usse jealous feel karane gaya .kyonki shagun toh raman se pyaar hi nahi karthi.

  28. akira

    Nice epi
    stupid aadi
    ruhi is jst like ishita
    n raman n ishita wer prfct today
    ishita spoke her heart out… she is really hurt by all nonsense of shagun n aadi
    when will all this end n mihika you wer going to take revenge… wht happened?? U r nt doing anything
    Shagun is back now there will be more drama

  29. bhagi

    jaise maa waise beti aur naatha chiiiiii disguisting people how could maa teach her child like that hate the story line makers plz change story line

  30. Kuch dino pehle spoiler me aaya tha ki Ruhi Shagun ka sach saamane layegi…….. aur show ki story kuch kuch uss taraf jaa rahi hai aisa lagata hai…….dekho Shagun wapas aa gai Ruhi bhi wapas aa gai aur Ruhi ko yeh bhi pata chal gaya ki Aadi Ishita ke baare me kya sochata hai……ab Ruhi kuch to jarur karegi……but yeh Ruhi ne Ishita ko nahi Raman ko puchhana chahiye tha ki Raman future me kise qpnayega Ishita ya Shagun…….

  31. lily

    Please dont make small kids characters this negative so that other kids also gets the wrong message about their stepmoms who aren’t bad … but bringing shagun back was a really stuoid thing to do

  32. Moon

    Shagun is totally twisted, how can anyone be so ungrateful is beyond me ! Worst thing Is she is destroying her own chilld’s health and happiness
    Eviiiiillll !

  33. Anmol

    Itna physical hona hai na toh Game Of Thrones Dekh lo Usme Atleast Story toh hai which is far far far far far far far far far far ………………………………………..better than this SHIT !

  34. Hi. ..guys. ..
    haan sbs & sbb main yhm ka bataye k. Raman ishita ko manane ki koshish karraha hai. .I hope aaisa hi Ho. …..
    ……..bahut hogaya ladai jhagda. ……………

  35. Prayosha. .tumne yhm fb par. .on location wala video dekhe. …
    ishita ne shagun se kuch kaha. …..raman ishita itna gussa karraha hai. Chilla….raha hai ….mujhe bilkul achcha nahin laga

  36. nc

    YHM bhi mera sabse favourite show hai.
    par 2-3 log ke conversion comment box main kiyun ata hain?
    conversion karna hai toh ‘facebook’ page main chaliye.
    aise up logo ko sirf pagal lagta hain.

  37. Prayosha. I got it. K kya hoga. …….
    pehle kitchen wala scene hoga. ..phir raman ishita shopping Jane k liye ready honge. .aur Mihir ki wajhe se. …jhagda karenge. …….phir. ……panja ladane wala scene hoga. …..dono. .Baat nahin karrahe. ……….phir Mihir aaye ga. ….aur. ..shagun. .Adi. ……ko…leke jaiga. ….phir raman Adi ko ghar par nahin dekh kar. …ishita par. ..chillaye ga. ………….raman Adi ke paas jaye ga. ..Adi kahe ga ki. ..jab tak ishita shagun se mafi nahin mangegi woh ghar nahin aaye ga. …….
    raman ghar aaye ga. …….ishita ko gussa kare ga ki tumhari wajhe se Adi phir ek bar muhj se durr hogaya. ………..
    ab ye 3 din. …..IshRa ke rune main Chale jainge. ………
    ……..tum kya kehti ho. ……

  38. SS

    jab maine ruhi ka rota hua chehra dekha to musheje bhi rona aa gaya tha …………………….kash ki aab jaldi se sagun ka sach sabko or aadi ko bhi pata chal jaay or sagun uss ghar chali jaaye…………

  39. nsb

    whatever ishita lectured her mom is absolutely right but too much of adi adi is going on and he is not at all worth it even if he is under his moms influence..she toh is one hopeless ungrateful woman..why is she returning back so soon..waiting for adi to improve n back fire shagun..only shagun overhears everything in the house, cant anyone else overhear adi n shaguns discussions..pls rectify things n give another twist to this beautiful serial..

  40. 123

    not good raman. tum phir se kahani wahin leke jaa rahe ho jahan se shuru hui. Agar Ishita shagun se maafi maangegi to sab kuch khatam ho jayega. Tum phir se Adi ko leke bahut senti ho rahe ho. don forget it is Ishita who brought him to ur house. Mani sahi tha. Tum Adi ko hi chunoge. Tumhara pyar strong nahi hai. Aisa lagta hai ki makers want people to stop loving Ishra so that the break up can happen easily. Makers want to show Ishita suffering at the hands of raman and his son/family nd we audience finally agree for the break up. Let me tell u we r frustrated with the way Ishita is treated by ur son and his mom Shagun. Raman if u behave like ur past, then u deserve Shagun only and not Ishita. Baigan ka serial hai yeh.

  41. OMG…..YHM TRP chart me 2 se sidha 4 par aa gaya kya kar rahe hai makers……agar aisa hi chalata raha to wo din dur nahi jab YHM top 5 me position kho dega…….

  42. Raman Ishita par gussa kar raha hai……but Divyanka ne SBB ke interview me kaha ki Ishita janti hai ki Raman Aadi par gussa hai & abhi unke saamne mai hu to iss liye wo muj par apna gussa nikal rahe hai……par Ishita chup chap sunti hai…….usne yeh bhi kaha ki Ishita samajti hai ki Raman gusse me hai and gusse me anqb shanab bol rahe hai….par Ishita Raman par gussa nahi karega……..

  43. Yaar makers DIVAN to 1st position par aane kq dream dekha rahe the……aur yeh kya 2nd se sidha 4th position par………this is not fair yaar …….pls agar wo hi purani TRP ratings chahiye to apni script badlo……..

  44. Mera na ab dimag chkkara raha hai…….yeh sab news sun ne ke baad …..yaar puri duniya khushiya mana rahi hai & yeh hai ki inke drame khatm hi nahi hote…….

  45. Humne soncha tha. .Achchi wali dhamakedar….news sune ko mile gi. ….par. …..bori wali news sune ko mile. …ek. ..IshRa ka jhagda bataya. …..
    dusra. …TRP main 2 se 4 par aagaya. ..yhm

  46. aaj sbb mein raman ishitha ka mahabharath ke baare mein dikhya.kuch accha toh nahi lekin bahut bura dikhaya. raman aise kaise sooch saktha hai ki ishitha adi ko ruhi ki tarah treat nahi kar rahi hai. i mean raman ko dikhtha nahi hai kya ki adi ishitha ko passand nahi kartha aur bechari ishitha kitnii mehnath kar rahi hai adi ke liye phir chahe woh arrogant adi ishitha se batameezi se baat kare ya ishu choot pahunchaye. maana ki raman gusse mein hai par gusse par control toh rakhna chahiye na .aur usse yaad bhi rakhna hai ki uske baatyein ishitha ko hurt bhi kar saktha hai.

  47. Same here. ….mera bhi yahi hai. …..
    1 baje jab yhm fb par ye jhagda wala video dekhi
    …..pura mood kharab hogaya kuch achcha nahin lagra. …….Upper se ye. ……TRP chart main 4th position par aagaya. ……..

  48. Yaar kab yeh drama bandh hoga……
    Mihir ne bahut achha kam kiya ki Shagun ko apne saath le gaya….and Raman bhul gaya ki wo hi Shagun Aadi ka saaman Mihir ke ghar se nahi laana chahta tha…wo Ishita hi thi jisne dono ka saaman lene ke liye Raman ko manaya aur unn dono ko ghar lekar aai….

  49. sbb mein bataaya ki yhm 4th position pe hai .really sad but aaj kal show mein bhi trp kam hone waale drama dikha rahe hai. hum sab toh ishra aur yhm fans hai toh jo bhi drama jitna bhi lamba ho toh bhi hum yhm dekhna band nahi karenge .lekin unn logon ka kya jo bahut moody hai aur long time drama nahi dekh sakthe .it should grab eyeballs of the veiwers toh zahir si baath hai ki jo drama mihinon se aa rahi hai toh aaj kaafi saare veiwers nahi dekh rahe hai .so gradually trp bhi kam hua.

  50. 123

    bullshit 4th position? Ye starplus wale kyun nahi batate Balaji ko ki janta kya dekhna chaahti hai. Hum wahi dekhenge jo humein pasand hai humein khushi deta hai naaki ye baigan ka drama. Is Adi ka role to Ruhi se bhi zyada ho gaya hai. 1 month se sirf adi adi adi ko hi dekhna pad raha hai. Director saab ek kaam karo 2 parts banao ek Ishra fans ke liye with love scenes and 1 for Ekta Kapoor with just Adi filled every where and no love/romance. Make that part in 3rd for Ekta.

  51. bhagi

    its totaly fair that now a days yhm deserves 4th position mujhe tho laagtha hai ki agale trp chart me yhm ne tho top 5 me bhi nahi hoga raman how can u ask ishu to say sry to adi its disguisting……..i think ishu deserves a better person then raman this time and mani ne sahi bola agar raman ya uski family ko adi ya ishu me kisi ko chun Na pade vo tho adi ko hi chune ga truely serial deserves 4th position muje tho laag tha hai ki iss bar ki valentines day shagun aur raman ki reunion ki kushiyom me manayengi……..bakwaaas M hating it

  52. Yaar yeh makers aakhir chahte kya hai ??? Dekha maine abhi video…….
    Yeh log ek bhi festival hume khushiyo ke saath celebrate nahi karne dete……..
    Har festival unke iss twist& turns se bigad dete hai………………
    Diwali bigadi Mani ne………Christmas bigada Mihika ne………New Year bigqda saali Shagun ne……….Makar Sankranti bigadi iss bewkoof Aadi ne…….puri duniya happy hai & terrace par kite flying kar rahi hai….& hum bethe hai ghar me sad face ke saath…………
    I sware ab inn sab festival ke baad 14th Feb valentines day iss Shagun ne bigadana to uski & makera ki khair nahi…….

  53. Aaj ka pura din. .bakwas gaya. …jitne bhi IshRa fans hai unnka bhi mood kharab hogaya hoga. ……
    bas ye Adi k ghar se Jane ka drama aaj aur kal k episodes main khatam ho jana chahiye. ..nahin toh. ………..

  54. Ekta mam jago. ..yhm ki TRP down horahi hai. ……jiske liye aap twist late ho. ..wahi. ..TRP gir rahi hai toh aaise twist ka kya faida. …..

  55. Adi acts stubborn and asks Raman to
    get Ishita to apologize to Shagun first
    and only then he will come back to
    him. Raman asks Ishita to become
    Adi’s Ishi Maa as she is for Ruhi, and
    how much he tries to bring them
    closer, he fails.

  56. Kp

    That’s the reason I stopped watching it weeks back and just reading upates here…By the way after reading the upcoming spoiler ther will be no surprise if TRP drops even more…..At least Makers should do some justice to the Loyal Fans…

  57. 123

    Jab Raman Singapore jaanewala tha to woh scenes bahut touching the aur jis tarah Ishita apne dil mein chupe pyar ko baahar leke aayee, humein laga ab bas sirf romance aur pyaar dekhne ko milega lekin phir se ek baigan ka drama shuru ho gaya iss adi aur shagun ka. Adi/Shagun agar tumme dum hai to apna hak Ashok se chheeno na ki raman se.

  58. Yes 123. …ur right. ….
    Shagun Adi agar haq mangna hai toh. …ashok se mango. …..IshRa ki life kyun spoil karahe ho. ……….

  59. Perfact topic haa 123 ………..100% right……..Raman ne Shagun konahi chhoda tha…..Shagun apni khushi se Raman ko chhoda tha to Raman par uska koi haq nahi…..& yeh Ashok duniya ke saamne thos maaar raha hai ki wo Aadi ka Ashok Dad hai to uski paas ja kar apna haq mango…….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.