Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

aman says I am sleepy, go and ask her she will answer you. calendar is shocked to see simar there. Aman says I ma brain doctor but you use brain so well. simar says we will answer her game with a new game. Calendar says this was your planning how? Aman says we need to find out the woman who is creating all these problems. we had to sees inside from outside. I and simar planned this to expose her. Simar says aman and you had to leave. WHen I came down I saw aman talking and slapped him. Aman says my jaw still hurts. siamr says I am sorry. He says just kidding. he says for now we have to know the wman who is doing this.

Jhanvi comes with milk for simar and prem. She sees sanju sleeping. She sits with her. jhanvi says she looks still scared. I will come again and check her temperature. Roli comes in and says where is didi? jhanvi says look in mata ji’s room. Roli says okay I will see there.

Simar says we are waiting for one mistake she makes. Calendar says this game is interesting. aman says its rather dangerous. Simar says when mausi ji accepted all this. I met to jail to meet mausi ji. I saw her crying, she was in so much pain. Her tears proved that she is innocent. WHen someone does any crime for intention, they don’t cry when they get caught. THis is clear that this isn’t a game of mausi ji. someone else is playing it. She forced mausi ji in it. Calendar says why didn’t you ask mausi ji? Amans says that woman has scared her mausi ji wont tell us anything. simar says no one should know that you are still here. aman says we have to find about shurti. simar says yeah you are right, she says I am to go now before someone sees me. Simar comes back to bharadwaj house. its dark in the house. She sees prem. Prem says I was looking for you. Prem says you know the environment of house and its not safe to go out of the house at this time. simar says in heart I am sorry I have to lie to you but I cant tell anyone yet.

Sid is worried, roli comes and says you are still thinking about her? sid says yeah but I know she is jhumki, we gave her so much love and she did this to sattu. sid says we all trust you but I am worried for our family.
Sid hugs roli and says go sleep. She holds his hand. He comes closer to her. The song ‘aaj phir plays in background. They dance slowly. He caresses her face and she hugs him.

Aman and calendar are having tea. Aman says thank you for the tea. We missed our bus so we came here to pass some time. Calendar laughs, aman says what wrong with you. Calendar says listen to the joke. two girls were fighting for seat in a bus. Conductor came and said who is elder sit here. They both stood in whole journey. Aman sees shurti coming. He says where is she going at this time? Calendar keeps telling them jokes to keep them all busy. Aman sees shurti going back to her home. Aman says lets wait she might come back. He says I am going to call simar and tells her that no such thing has happened that can make us doubt shurti. aman calls simar, he says she didn’t do anything odd. I think we have to wait for tomorrow. I will call you again if I find something. Simar says in heart that girl came to us when we were all worried, This is not a mere coincident.

Precap-simar is pretending to be asleep. That woman with green eyes comes in her room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. anjali srivastava

    i think its jhanvi that HARI AANKHON WAALI AURAT its all hypnotize jalwa

  2. Guys jhunki is nt the real roli.?

  3. Khushi is acting in jodha akbar now, as Maan bai… Prince salim’s first wife I think…

  4. Plz tel me who is this jhanvi and anurag?

    1. The only lady wearing salwar other than pari and has red coloured hair. Anurag is her hubby

  5. I think new roli aur jhanvi mile ve hai
    Because when jhanvi was introduced it was told that she came to take revenge from the family
    May be they both together are trying to separate the family

  6. There are lot of villains jwala devi, meghna, viruses, khushi etc… may b any 1 is planning all dis

  7. What happened between Jhanvi and Anurag?

  8. Where is khushi? This girl is realy my favourate vilain in ssk

    1. Ppl go missing time to time. Sattu was not seen for sometime. Sankalp’s father surendr went missing from the episode……the whole lot of babies of khushi, jhanvi, pari are nowhere shown. And now khushi is lost

  9. Lol am totaly comfused

  10. but i wonder if its jhanvi what coud be her motive

  11. that green eyed woman looks like jhanvi. dunno wats next but i bet its going very interesting…….

  12. its indersting yar but who is she

  13. i think new roli hypnotize each member in bharadwaj family .she changes everyone into that green eyes woman – first mausi ji, now jhanvi, she will do that with shruti also. her plan is to separate this family i think.

  14. Omg… For some reason the romantic scene between sid and the new roli disgusted and disturbed me >.< please we don't need any more of those!

  15. The woman’s figure seems to be jhanvi’s.I bet sara khan is an ichhadhari naagin (shape shifting serpent) with a motive. Lets enjoy the HISSSSSS…….till time tells us the back story of her entry. 😀 at least reveal this suspensewali woman’s face….

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