Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun asking everyone to ask Raman. Ishita comes running and asks whats this, tell me. Shagun says whats written. Ishita says I won’t let you do this. Shagun says if you can do this, why can’t I. Ishita says I will not give me Ruhi. Shagun asks if I can give Adi, why can’t you give me Ruhi, she is my daughter, I m her mum and I have feelings for her, read agreement again, Ruhi for Adi’s sake. Ishita throws the papers and says no one will give you Ruhi. Shagun asks is she educated, Raman wrote this on stamp paper, and if they breach this contract, she will drag them to court. Everyone is shocked.

Ishita says please don’t take Ruhi. Shagun says you started, you go and explain Raman, he should have thought before doing this. Ishita says he does not know

mum-daughter feelings, don’t take Ruhi, I don’t have anything except her. Shagun says you have Bhalla family, does it matter if I take Ruhi, I just had Adi and you all could not see, you all have one agenda to destroy me, I will see what you do now. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman about this and they can’ t give Ruhi. Shagun says Raman made that contract, the deal is done, Adi yours and Ruhi mine. Shagun recalls how she made different papers and gave wrong papers to make Raman’s lawyer check it.

Check here ‘Shagun blames Ishita for Ruhi’s disappearance ‘

Shagun says I gave papers to Raman, if he did not read it, ask him. Ishita says don’t punish Ruhi. I can’t stay without Ruhi. Shagun says even I can’t be without Adi. Ishita says don’t be heartless. Shagun says I kept my children in my womb for 9 months, they are my kids, and you are saying I m heartless. Ishita says please don’t do this. Shagun asks her to give birth to daughter, if she wants so badly.

Ishita starts shouting on everyone and asks them to tell Shagun, this is not any way to take Ruhi. She says I will not let her go and cries. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun and asks her not to do this. Shagun reminds them how they kicked her out, she is not a fool. Mrs. Bhalla says kill me, but don’t do this with Ruhi. Simmi also pleads. Shagun asks her not to talk between elders. Romi says he will beat her. Mrs. Bhalla stops him.

Raman cries and says enough, what you did is fraud. She says you made the papers and signed. He says I know what papers I signed. She says she has submitted papers in court and got the consent, I m not a fool, if you don’t send my daughter to me, then go to court for your bail. She asks Ishita to make Ruhi ready and send. Ishita says she can’t be without me. She holds Shagun’s feet to beg her. Raman makes her get up and says enough now.

He says I will see whats written in papers, I need time to think. Shagun asks so soon your ego is gone, I m not insensitive like you, so you have 24 hours, if you can reverse the papers, Ruhi will be yours and Adi will be mine. She says Ruhi will be hers and they can take Adi. Raman hugs Ishita. Adi likes the room and Ruhi says she helped Ishi Maa. Adi kisses her forehead and thanks her. Ruhi says we will party as we will be together now. He hugs her and they say love you to each other. Mr. Bhalla sees this and cries. He says Shagun is calling Adi. Adi says I got all my luggage. Mr. Bhalla asks him to go and takes Ruhi. He makes her busy. Adi sees everyone upset and asks Mrs. Bhalla what happened. She cries and hugs him. Shagun says we have to go, we will come tomorrow. She takes Adi and leaves. Everyone cry. Adi and Shagun come to hotel. He asks why did we come back, why was Dadi crying. She says shut up, leave me alone, I don’t want to lie.

He asks her to say. She tells Raman’s deal that if she allows him to be with him, he will allow Ruhi to stay with me. He cries and asks did you say yes, you don’t love me, you love Ruhi, she is imp to you. She says try to understand, Ishita and Raman have hurt me a lot, that I m bad mum, I m always wrong, they made my daughter against me, that she does not regard me mum, they only want to destroy me, I swear I will hurt them, then they will realize my pain, I will not forgive them. She says you are my life, you can get many things in that house which I can’t give you, I love you the most in the world. She hugs him.

Raman talks to Abhishek and says file case on Shagun, she cheated us. Abhishek says we need proof, and tells about lawyer Baseen, he is the best. Bala and Raman are on the way and they meet Baseen. Raman says I can’t help, court is closed, this can’t happen before Monday. Amma and Vandu pacify Ishita and Ishita says I can’t love without her. Ishita says she will call the judge who gave her Ruhi’s custody, she understood me. She comes to know she is out of station for 10 days and cries.

She says my daughter will be snatched, I will die without her, I can’t live without her. Amma says Appa and Mr. Bhalla took her to park. Ishita says we have to find some way.

Raman talks to Bala and says he can’t see Ishita like this. Bala says even I can’t see her, But its long way and we can’t hurry. Raman says we have just 24 hours, the judge is also not here who supported Ishita. Bala says there is one solution, do you know any politician. Raman says one and they go. Ishita asks Mihir to do something and panics. Romi talks to Bunty and he also tries his level best. He pacifies Mrs. Bhalla.

Shagun talks to her lawyer and says she went there late so that they don’t have any option, and she gets Ruhi’s custody. He says there won’t be any problem, you pick Ruhi in morning, if they case any legal thing, they will face consequences. She says now Raman will know whats pain to be away from child.

Ruhi asks Raman what mistake/fight he did this time. He hugs Ruhi and cries. Ishita sees them and cries, and asks Raman to be away from her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Yaar yeh log uss judge ko dhundh rahe hai…jis ne Ishita ki sign li thi….to kisi ke dimaag me yeh nahi aata ki Ishita ke sign chahiye uss papers par……..

  2. Shagun kya word use karo tumhare liye. .jhoti. …dhuke baaz. ……kamini. …chiii kaisi..woman hai. ….apne hi bachchon k sath game khel rahi hai. …….
    khud mein toh maa ki feeling nahin hai ishita ko kehrahi hai. ………….kash main 1000
    thappadddddddd Mar sakti iss k

  3. Yaar Aadi ke badle Ruhi deni hai na……to bol do nahi chahiye Aadi………
    Kuch dino baad Aadi apne aap tum sab ke paas aa jayega…….

  4. Ishita. rula diya. .kitna rurahi thi. …..apni beti k liye. …..apni Ruh k liye. …par apshagun ko zara rahem nahin aaya. ………..ishita ki Ruh hai ruhi agar ruhi ki Ruh ishita hai dono ek dusre le bina nahin reh sakte. …………

  5. Wish k….khud apni maa k khilaf court mein kahe k. ..uss ki ne ye sab dhuke se kiya hai. ..aur woh uss ki sath nahin rehna chahata hai. ………….tab pata Chale ga. ……kisi k bura kare toh khud bhi. ..achche se nahin reh sakte. …..

  6. Shagun…….juthi …nalayak…..besharam aurat……..kitne juth bolti hai…..Aadi ke kaan bhar rahi hai……….par Aadi ko bhi ab pata chalta hai…kaun sahi kaun galat……..

      • Thanks…..& pls kal batana kya hai TRP…….meri exam 6:30 baje khatm hogi……pls pls batana ……I hope iss bar YHM ka TRP badhe……..

      • Are haan baba .. bata dongi. ..bas tum exam achche se likho. …..zyada mat soncho. …….and yes….ab iss bar TRP main kuch improvement ho. …hum jo charahe hai yhm uss position par ho. …

  7. Are precap mein IshRa rahe hai….ishita raman se bahut bahut gussa hai. …hope raman ishita ko samjha paye ………..

  8. kya word tha ishu ka i cant live without ruhi.kya raman kya karthi yaar.kuch tho karo naa koi.bus we dont want ishra sad and ishu and ruhi ka alak.bus i have no words to say.

  9. its true……raman should not have done this to shagun ……….for his ruhi and ishu is punished……….
    bp has raised……..damit……….wrost scene in this serial……raman always do such idiot…………

  10. Aa

    Get rid of the blo*dy b*t*h for good her character is giving wrong info about divorcees how to bleed your inlaws how to use your children against their family she is sick. I just feel sick seeing or hearing her voice why are the creative writer always have Shagun in every corner of this series now can we see Bala ,mihika and Iyer family fed of hearing raman shouting their stupid love scene which just hyped to get TRP please kill Shagun character

  11. I feel very bad for adi & ruhi… Shagun jesi aurat unke maa hain… Par ruhi ko ishita mila isliye achacha lagta hain… I hope adi ishita ko samjhe or pyar kare kyu ki ishita unko ma ka pyar de hakti hain jo shagun nehi…

  12. zindagi mai aise nayi aurat dekha ka.waise a shagun.bullshit of shagun.upper se this writer also.making us fool out of us.we have remember custody of ruhi is given to ishita raman kumar bhalla.then how can raman signed paper has value.and guys remeber when last time ruhi custody case was going raman has asked to close the custody once and all.and even judge agree and said yes with a condition to report us ruhi always to ishu.then how cum they r doing this.raman y r u staying quite.slap that shagun for her cheap tricks.

  13. Mizun, mein fb calana nehi janti hu…meri maa ko psnd nehi… Or mere interest v nehi hain..kyu ki mujhe fb k bareme jada knowledge nehi hain jab ho ga tav calunggi… Ak baat batao kya yhm per tum savi kya pehle se ek dusre ko janti ho?? Ya commen dete dete jan pehcan hua???

  14. Hey. ..Samiha. …

    It’s not been long when Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s lead actor Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita ended her seven-year-old relationship with Ssharad Malhotra. Now, Divyanka’s co-star Karan Patel, who plays Raman Bhalla in the serial, has parted ways with Bigg Boss 7 contestant Kamya Punjabi.

    Not only this, Karan has already moved ahead and is all set to tie the knot with another TV actor Ankita Bhargava. The duo met through their families and are getting married on May 3.

    The actor confirmed this news to a tabloid, “Yes, Ankita and I are getting married and this is a new chapter in my life. I am looking forward to it without a doubt, can’t wait, she is a beautiful girl, a friend more than that my ‘would be’ wife.”

    Intrestingly, Karan’s on-screen father-in-law will be his real life father-in-law now. Abhav Bhargav who plays Raman’s father-in-law Mr. Iyer in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is Ankita’s father.

    Karan also took to Twitter to share this news with his fans. 

    Although reason behind Karan and Kanya’s break-up is not known, it is being said that Karan’s parents apparently weren’t happy with the relationship and didn’t want their son to marry someone who is a divorcee and has a child.

    Ankita also maintains that she is not the reason behind Karan and Kamya’s split.

    “It’s not like I entered in Karan’s life and he decided to break-up with Kamya. They parted ways in December last year, after which Karan was looking to settle down and so was I. Our families met in January. Karan and I interacted quite a few times and we just connected instantly and thought we should marry each other,” Ankita told a leading portal.

  15. Ek last baat bolni thi…….

    Jab bhi mai Maharana Pratap dekhti hoo… tab yeh Sharad ko dekhkar itna gussa ata hai muje……..7 years saath rehkar Shaadi ki baat aai to Divyanka ko chhod diha…..agar aaj Divyanka Sharad ek sath hote to Karan ki shaadi ka sun kar hum abhi jitne hai uss se jyada khush hote……..

  16. Priyaroli, to fer mein tumhe priya di bulati hu…kyu ki mein to avi v school pe jati hu… To kya mizun r baki sab tumhare taraf job karte hain?

  17. waise shagun aaj tak adi was in ur side.aap aga se dekha naa u will never have any one with ur side.u want ruhi right shagun.teek koi baath nayi our little ruhi will make ur life miserable.ruhi ne tumne aise hal karu ka ki u urself sent ruhi to ishu.and that a promise form ishra fans to u.get ready to get defeat shagun.ur going to goan.

  18. iska matlav tum savi meri di ho?? Koye vaiya nehi hain kya??? Mere koye bare vai nehi hain… Tumhare shaadi hoa hain? Tum sav kya india me rehti ho? Savi kya hindi pe baat karti ho? Ko e kya bangla nehi janti ho?? Me hindi bolte bolte thag geya…

  19. bhagi

    hope ki ishu aur raman saath saath w problm ko solve kare…..haan unlogom ko alag nahi dhek sakthe…..

  20. usha

    OMG…! Ishitha made me cry today. Nd cute ruhi dont know ishu lov uva lot nd ur acting rocks. Raman iscreally mad he wont say anythng to ishu ndceverytym he gets cheated. Bt awesome episode lov u ishitha raman

  21. Van

    Shagun apni marzi se bacchon ko rakhna chahti hai toh usse maintenance me liye claim karne ka haq nahin hai. Agar yeh log usse thode din paise na dein toh uski akal thikane aa jaayegi. Usse koi paise nahin Milne chahiye kyonki woh toh ek bacche ke badle dusre ko le jaa rahi hai.

  22. Ishita and Ruhi are missing. Raman is
    searching for them anxiously. Shagun
    and Adi are tensed with Ruhi’s
    disappearance. The possibility lies
    that Ishita might have taken Ruhi to
    some place. Shagun puts pressure on
    Bhalla family and brings court
    officials. The court personnel speaks
    of taking action since it is contempt of
    court to not handover Ruhi within
    given time. Adi is coming closer to
    Ishita and shows concern for her.
    Shagun puts the charge of Ruhi’s
    kidnapping on Ishita and this makes
    Mrs. Bhalla worried. No one knows
    about Ruhi and Raman defends Ishita.
    The question arises about Ishita taking
    away Ruhi, being fearful of losing her,
    or is this Shagun’s plan to blame
    Ishita again. Ishita and Raman have no
    choice than sending Ruhi to Shagun,
    and the track will show Ishita making
    Ruhi strong by showing to adjust with
    Shagun and her love will always be
    with her. Ruhi gets shocked when
    Ishita breaks the news to her about
    shifting to Shagun, and later on Ruhi
    agrees just for her family’s sake and
    to clear all blames from her Ishi Maa.
    Ruhi plans to do something tricky to
    fool Shagun big time. The next track
    will be interesting to see how Shagun
    loses Adi by her evil games and even
    Ruhi won’t be in her hands for long.
    Keep reading.

  23. karan patel ka show mein bhi sasur mr.iyer yani abhay bharghawa aur real life mein bhi sasur abhay bharghawa.waise ankitha bhi pehle ek relation mein thi .

  24. ishitha ke sign ke bina shagun ruhi ko nahi le ja sakhthi. do the makers think we are fools that whatever they show we will be fooled then what do the makers mean” permanent custody to ishitha raman bhalla “.

  25. m.

    The storyline seems to be going around-and-around in circles, nah? I love the Ishita-Ruhi scenes… they are great on screen together.

  26. hi guys.good mrg.prayosha all the best for ur first exam.and all the best for all who r having exams.have a fresh and healthy day.and mizun iam fine aap kaise hoo yaar.

  27. hi is good news of ishra.

    ishita going to defeat shagun in yeh hai mohabbatein.
    As reported by the media, Ishita and
    Ruhi will go missing when Shagun
    comes to take away Ruhi from there
    and give Adi to the Bhalla family.
    Shagun will get angry on seeing Ruhi
    missing, but the family will try to calm
    her down and says they don’t know
    themselves where the mother and
    daughter duo have went.
    Later in the show, Shagun will be
    defeated by Ishita in her own game
    and Ishita will finally get the custody
    of Ruhi and Adi both. It is expected
    that Ishita will plan everything by
    herself as she can’t trust anyone now.she decide to give it back to shagun and will finally defeat her.

  28. if it goes like this it will be gud………..but raman and shagun should be punishe for playing in their kids feelings………its bad raman asking adi from shagun he didnt think how it hurts him……..

    yhe show can be taken in such a lovely way but they spolied every thing…….

    1,…..raman wants his son should get every thing he can do this when he is with shagun itself……… not seprating from shagun itself………they should done it by geting the familys love to adi………if it has been gone like this the show will be…….

  29. Angel

    What hell of this? day by day drama is going boring? Why always ruhi’s custody become problem… Why shagun plays games at all? really boring… Why can’t we build shagun’s life and let ishita to be happy?

  30. Shital Patel

    Hey guys aaj U,ME aur TV me dikhaya Karan n Ankita ki love story kese start hui n shaadi tak baat kese pahuchi…..

    Aur YHM ka bhi bataya ki shagun ruhi ko ishita ke hath se kese khinch khinch ke le kar jaati he….shagun ko pata tha ki ruhi ko le jaana itna aasan nahi isliye wo police ko saath le kar aayi thi…..

  31. my guess was right…. Ishita ko court jana caiye. ruhi ki custody to ishita ko hi mile gi. Kyu ki o judge jisne ruhi ka custody deya tha o shagun ki asliad janti hain.. .. Jaldi se court jana caiye…

  32. Mohan

    i dont understand guyz why is the TRP ratings of such a third standard serial saathiya going up and the TRP ratings of our bestum best show YHM is going down???????

  33. Food poisoning hampers Divyanka Tripathi’s shoot

    Long and hectic shooting hours have finally taken their toll on Divyanka Tripathi. The actress, who plays Ishita in the telly show , suddenly took ill in the middle of shooting for some crucial scenes on Sunday. She was later diagnosed with stress and food poisoning.

    Says a source, “We were shooting some emotional scenes when Divyanka complained of fatigue, headache and stomach ache. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and the doctors advised her to get admitted, but she refused. A thorough professional, she knows that we have no bank of episodes and so, resumed shooting within a few hours.”

    Divyanka’s professionalism was amply rewarded by her co-stars. Says the actress, “They brought home-cooked food and took good care of me. In fact, all of them were ready to take me home as I stay alone in the city. I feel blessed to have such amazing colleagues.”

  34. Balaji Telefilms and Lost Boy Productions’ popular show Gumrah on Channel V, has successfully completed its three seasons and currently is airing its fourth season. While the current season was was initially hosted by Abhay Deol, he was later replaced by actor Karanvir Bohra.

    The show focuses on the real stories of teenagers, which largely captivates the attention of the viewers especially the youngsters. However, the makers have decided to launch its new season with a new host. To one’s surprise, this time its the popular actor Karan Patel, currently seen as Raman on Star Plus’ Ye Hai Mohabbatein, who will be seen as a host for the show.

    Our source informs us, “Karan Patel, will be hosting the upcoming season of Gumrah. He has shot the promo for the show yesterday and will soon start shooting for the same.”

    When contacted Karan Patel, he confirmed through a text message.  

    TellyBuzz wishes Karan Patel a hearty congratulations and all the best for the new show!

  35. bhagi

    precap horrible hai par muje ek baath samajh me nahi aathi ki ye mkers hamesha raman ko ek short temper man jaisa dhikane ki kyom koshish karthe hai………… .

  36. Hey sbs mein yhm ka bataya. …….shagun apne sath police ko layi. .take ruhi ko leke jasake. ……IshRaRuh bahut rurahe hai. ..shagun ruhi ko khinch kar leke jarahi hai. ……raman ne shagun ko phone par dham ki di k woh usse court lejaye ga ….usse mardega. ……
    …..matlab shagun ka Sach me murder hoga. ……..kya hone wala hai. ..pata nahin. …..raman ne aaisa kaha toh. …means kuch bhi hosakta hai

  37. Hey raman ne shagun ko phone par uss ka murder karne ki dhamki di. ………toh shagun ka murder hoga toh. .iss ka blame raman par aaye ga. ……aisa hone wala hone wala hai toh. …….shagun ko kuch nahin hona chahiye. …….wish k is ka effect ISHRA RUH par na Ho. …..prayosha. ..priyaroli tumhe kya lagta hai. ………??????????

  38. Sbs mein. ..karan kamya ka ek segment bhi aaya tha dono k shows k kuch scenes ko lekar. segment banaya. .. tha. ..k. ..kamya bahut hurt hai iss breakup se. ……..achcha tha ye segment. ….

  39. ha mizun.ur 100% right.shagun ka murder should nt affect our ishra.and waise bein we want shagun to leave form ishraruh we dont want her to die which should affect we dont want shagun to get die.

  40. mere kheyal se shagun agar mare to aise mare ki sare injam ashok pe aye… Mujhe lagta hain shagun ko jail jana caiye sari umar ke liye ya fer fasi ho jaye… Fasi ho ne ki chance nehi hain…isliye shagun ko dhokadhari k case pe jail janahi assa hoga…. Tumhe kya lagta hain???

  41. Shagun ka murdere ka inzam ishra par nahi jana chaiye kyu ki ruhi ka case shagun ke pas hai agar shagun mar gai to ruhi ishita ke pas aajaigi police yeh samjhegi ke leve it hoga so hoga now we shld concentrate on ishra

  42. hi angel.that sound good that ur exams r over.dont take tension.u will get high of luck for ur results.and may god bless u alwaysa

  43. Sweet Ruhi is finally leaving her
    home. She calls her Ishi Maa to stop
    everyone and save her from Shagun.
    Shagun who shows concern for Ruhi,
    just plans to make Ishita cry. She has
    done her best to make Ishita away
    from Ruhi. Raman holds Ishita to stop,
    as there is nothing in their hands now.
    He realizes Shagun has not let any
    legal reversal of the contract. Raman
    and his entire family try to convince
    Shagun. Shagun takes away Ruhi by
    the help of police. Ishita cries for Ruhi
    and is bent in tears. Ruhi too cries and
    her Shagun pulls her away from Ishi
    Maa. The Bhalla Family breaks down
    after Ruhi is snatched from them.
    The moment is like Shagun applying
    much pressure on Ishita to leave Ruhi,
    and pulls Ruhi’s hand, while Ruhi
    holds Ishita. Ishita lets Ruhi go seeing
    the pain Ruhi is going through in this
    pull off moment. Ishita says she will
    do anything to get her daughter back.
    Raman blames himself for everything
    as he did not check papers himself
    and signed on them. Raman pacifies
    Ishita and scolds Shagun a lot. He
    threatens to kill her and his family
    calms him down. The viewers will get
    to see the new twists which unite Ruhi
    and her Ishi Maa. Keep reading.

  44. i think so shagun ka murder nahi hoga.raman ne dhamki buss yuhi liya hoga gusse mein. shagun bhi lead antogonist hai aur show mein lead ko marthe hue nahi dikha sakthe .aur kal maine padha tha ki ruhi ishitha ke paass wapass aayegi par issme ruhi ishitha ki ek plan hai.aur iss baar ishitha zaroor ruhi ko wapass layegi.

    • Samiha. .ye link open karo. ..uss mein location pics hai. ……ishita ruhi ko sab se chopa kar. ..le jarahi hai. scene airport ka hai. .uss mein Sarika bhi hai

  45. Hey aaj divyanka ne breakup news k bad pehli bar. …..interview diya. …..achcha laga usse bat karte dekh kar. ………

  46. Yes maine ab tak ghumrah nahin dekha tha ab karan k liye dekhna pade ga. …sbs & sbb. .mein uss ka first promo bhi bataya. …..

  47. Tum ne link open kiya. ..IshRuh hai. .airport par ishita usse le jarahi hai. .aur pata nahin woh kaise aayi. …mujhe lagta hai ki. ..ishita ne khawb dekha hoga. ..shagun police ko lakar ruhi k le jarahi hai. …….

    • Kyun k airport scene mein ruhi ne jo dress pehna hai. .aur shagun ruhi ko leke jati hai. ..uss mein ruhi ne night dress pehna hai. ……..pata nahin kya ho ga

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