Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling everyone about paper dance and make the partners. Rinki talks to Mihir. Mihir compliments her on her looks. She says thanks, I know about you and Mihika, I m sorry, I don’t know why its called heartbreak as it breaks all body. He says it looks you are talking by experience. She says yes, that’s why I came from Sydney, I met someone there, Indian, lets not talk, just Romi knows this, so please… He says you can trust me, you spoke your heart out, I feel my heart is also light. She takes him for dance. They all get the cake. Raman holds Ishita’s hand to talk. She says everyone is waiting and goes. Rinki cuts the cake and makes them have it. Romi drinks. He gets everyone to dance. Ishita smiles and enjoys. Raman looks on annoyed and asks her to continue.

Everyone enjoy in the dance. Raman sees Ishita being busy and not giving any time to him. Adi recalls the wrong medicine story at Ruhi’s time, and thinks of having BP medicines and frame Ishita. He takes Mrs. Bhalla’s medicines and leaves. Mihir stays alone. Rinki goes to him and asks him to come and dance. Mohir says I can’t dance. Simmi says come, and they take him. Raman stops Ishita. She says I have to give medicine to Adi. He goes to Adi and says its time for your medicine. He says thanks, I will get it from room. He goes to room, and says sorry Ishita aunty, I have to eat Dadi’s medicines, kids don’t take adult’s medicines, how can you be so careless, if anything happens to me, then fine, else if Dadi sees this, she will kick you out of home.

Bala asks Raman why is Ishita not giving you time as you are looking after her. Raman says they have same DNA. Bala says yes, they know its not fun to get it, than getting you after him, what game she is playing, you play the same, do something that she gets after you. Ishita asks Adi shall I make you eat. He says no. He thinks I can do anything for my mum, I love my mum. Raman says the school in which Madrasan studied, I gave the land to build it up. He tells his idea to Bala and goes. Bala comes to Ishita and asks about Raman. She says I did not see him, he did not have food. Bala says I saw him, maybe he is much drunk. She says I will go and see him. Bala smiles.

She comes to the room and says Raman. She says he is not here, is he doing vomits in washroom. She does to see. She sees Raman and asks what happened, are you fine, say something. He acts annoyed with her and shuts the door. She asks why is he shutting the door, are you ok, Bala was worried for you, he said you are overdrunk is that so. He asks why, you don’t have time for me, I m after you. She says I had much work, I was busy. Raman says how much work will you do, give some time to me too, afterall I m your husband, bechara. She says how did Raavan Kumar turn bechara.

He says yes and holds her hand. He plays music and sings the song Inteha hogai intezaar ki…………. He kisses her hand and dances with her. She goes to change and comes in a hot avatar. She sings O mere saajna mai aagai…….. Raman falls and is stunned seeing her s*xy dance moves. They fall on the bed and laugh. They have an eyelock. Ek nadi ke dono jaise kinaare hai……………..plays……….. he turns off the lights and gets closer to her. Romi walks in and switches on the lights. Raman and Ishita get far. He says something happened to Adi, come fast. They rush to Adi. Raman asks what happened.

Adi says Ishita gave me medicines and shows the wrong ones. Raman says its mum’s BP medicine, you gave him wrong one. Mrs. Bhalla shouts the most. They take him to hospital. Ishita says how did he have wrong medicine, I saw him eating right ones. She recalls Adi’s words and asks Raman not to let Adi sleep. They bring him to hospital. The nurse stops them. Raman says doctor Adi had wrong medicine, Shagun went Australia, I m his father. Ishita says I m doctor, and says the time Adi had the medicine. The doctor says we have to flush it. He says Raman can’t sign, as his legal guardian is Ashok Khanna, go and get his sign. Raman says I m his father. The doctor says go and get his sign instead of shouting on me.

Raman comes to meet Ashok. He says Adi needs you, please come with me. Ashok says I m sorry, what can I do. Raman says you are his legal guardian, please come with me, Shagun is not here. Ashok asks why does your life has so many problems, I know its tough to handle as you got more than needed, two wives, two kids…. Raman says taunt me later, come please. Ashok says I m married and can’t give any random kid my name. Raman gets angry and holds his collar. He says I fold hands, I m begging please come. Ashok says it does not look good, you are a big man and will do anything. Raman asks whats wrong with you. Ashok pushes him and asks him to go to his son, anything can happen to him. Raman leaves.

Mihika asks Ashok what are you doing, is your game more than Adi’s life, he needs you, help him. She cries. He says I understand but I m not interested. She says Raman needs you, else he would have not come, I old hands infront of you, I beg you, please help him. Suraj comes and looks on. Ashok says fine, you have to do something for me. She says fine, I will do what you say. He asks sure? She says yes.

Everyone panic seeing Adi. Ishita says I will talk to admin, I will see how do they not treat Adi. She talks to them, and says is paperwork more than anyone’s life, its not really imp, whats your duty, to save life or hospital’s reputation. The doctor shows Adi’s file. Ishita says a kid had taken wrong medicine, its your duty to save his life, I m his stepmum, but his real father Raman is here, Ashok Khanna is not concerned for his life, Adi can die if you wait for him, you have to save his life, don’t keep thinking. She cries. Ashok shows the papers to Mihika and asks her to sign, and then he will quickly go to save Adi. He says you just have to sign and declare that I don’t force you for anything, and no domestic violence, stop crying, and sign fast as its about Adi’s life. Mihika signs and gives him. Ashok says your elder sister is serving her sautan and son, and you have given your only weapon to me, you are so innocent.

Ashok comes with Mihika and Suraj. He talks to Raman and asks where to sign. Raman says thanks for coming now nothing will happen to Adi. Ashok says don’t act, I know you are good businessman, and asks him to give him three contracts to save his son’s life. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mizun

    IshRa scene toh mast mast tha. …..par
    romi thoda late nahin aasakta tha.atleast ..nok
    toh karna chahiye tha. ..

  2. Mizun

    Ye. ..DAVIL adi. ..raman ka beta nahin hosakta. ..koi Adi ka DNA test karao. …..
    Itni gandi game khela ishita ko. ……fasane k liye. .chiii

  3. Mizun

    …….Are yaar. Paper dance kyun nahin dekhaya. ….dikhana chahiye tha. …………IshRa ko paper dance karte hoye ab tak nahin dekha. …..
    aage. .agar IshRa ka dance ho toh. ..paper dance hona chahiye. ….

  4. Reddy

    Adi aur shagun ko bahar nikalo varna kisi din aake real walon ko hi maaar doonga .
    ADI – CHUPA SALA , SHAGUN – WITCH !! These words are tooooooooooo soft for them . Should have used harsher than this . Ekta Kapoor if u again showed that ishra are being separated then I am telling you are ************************************************************************************
    Toooooooooo lesss to describe you and that Shagun & Adi .

  5. ruhi

    Dance scene was good. But apart from that only drama. Aadi.. Seriously u should be remove from this serial. No expression atall. Soya hua acting bhi nahi kar sakta.

  6. arey yaar koi tho kuch karo naa wsi pagal devil adi ko.iam damn sure that he is not a child.he is not even human being.koi tha oh adi and shagun ko bar nikalo naa yaar.even i have doubt weather adi is raman ka beta or not nayi.becoz adi dont have atleast 1% of his papa cheap yaar.

  7. p

    Wow what an episode…… .
    Raman ne kya idea nikal ishita ko bulane ke liye………..and songs “intehan ho gayi intezar ki ,aina kuch kahbar mere yaar ki”and raman was looking killer ne blue shirt …..

    • stupid episode again again raman and ishitha romatic stopped………………………………………whats go on yhm……………….childrens are doing like this ……………………………………………..any body see that serial doing same………………..i am also step mum my son also think mad………………ur not my mother like that…………..he loved that yhm very much………………daily wath h ealso like that……………plz plz my humble request stop the non ssense………………this is not fair………………..plz change it……………and ishitha lead role na always heroines aare crying in any serial this is hm something neww…………………any one knows adi plans and do tit for tat and learn some good things about family………………………………………………

      • Mizun

        Jaisa Adi ko bata rahe hai. …woh sahi nahin hai ek 11 saal ka bachcha aaisa nahin karta. …….hai. …..
        par Adi ko miss guide karrahi hai shagun. ……
        jab Adi ko shagun ki sazish ke bare main pata Chale ga toh. ….woh bhi. ..ishita ko like karega.uss pata chalega ki ishita uss ki kitni care karti hai .aur woh sudhar jai ga. ……..

  8. and about ishra the look too good.they romance is superb.and again they got disturb.this is not fair at all. we r really fedup with this disturbance.we want a clear good romance of ishra without any disturbance.

    • yhm

      Ya priyaroli they shud b romance widout any disturbance nd of course ab tho yeh hona wala nahi.par pata nahi aage ishra ka romance kab dikhage..

    • Mizun

      Yes priyaroli…I agree with you. …..jab bhi IshRa romantic mood main hote hai. ….koi na koi disturb. ..karta hai. ….

  9. p

    Ashok jaisa kamina aadmi kabhi kisi ki madhat nahi kar sakta hai ………..raman ne kitni request kiya uss se ….par woh mana hi nahi………aur ab fir se double game khelega.. . mihika ke saath bhi and raman ke saath bhi…… …mihika se papers sign kara liye aur ab raman se bhi 3 contracts le lega……….Ashok is disgusting man…….

  10. Mizun

    Hi. .p …..
    raman l♡♡king…s♡♡ handsame…..aur uss ki. ..killer. ….hayyy maardal ti hai. ……

  11. yhm

    Wow ishita ka dance superb tha adi ko abhi hi tabyat kharab hona tha agar ishra aur romance karte tho ek gud news aata tha par yeh adi aur shagun aisa hone nahi dega…..! Waise aaj ishra(commenter) hai kaha??

  12. p

    Hi mizun. .. …….
    Raman ne dance wale part me maar hi dala and ashok se request wale part me rula diya…………Raman rocks

    • ayush mehera

      what a crazy comment. dabh starts on 9pm but you it posted on 08:50pm.

      dabh and yhm both are superb last two episodes.

  13. p

    Raman hospital me bhi ishita ki side lega…. Jab ashok ishita ko blame karega adi ke halat ke liye……..❤❤❤❤

  14. shree

    even in custody (novel) adi’s charecter has shown negative and adi’s custody given to that witch shagun… here is also the same so don’t panic and pls show some realistic story….

  15. p

    Yeh romi ne bhi galat time par entry le .. …thodi der baad aata toh ishra ka scene aur Lamba chalta par ……iss adi ki wajh se ……ishra ka scene kahraab ho gaya……

  16. ha yaar raman in dance was look handsome and cute.and ofcourse in request scene raman made me cry good father raman is.and for a good father got a stupid pagal and heartless beta.

  17. ragun

    I luv shagun nd raman as couple.they r made for each other I hope adi ill do his mums duties nd kick out ishita forever nd raman shud blame ishita for adis health.ashok nd mihika luks so cuteeee

  18. and ha the bhalla family always say ishra to romance but they r also disturb them always.i dont y they always disturb ishra.for a change y dont bhalla family con on that ishra can get some good time alone.

  19. Mizun

    Hiii. ..prayosha. ….maine apna name phir change. ..pehle wale name se mera comments post nahin horahe the. ..

  20. Lucky

    I hate the writers now.So much pain all over.Adi Shaguan ashok suraj seriously?This is so unnatural.We can bear up Suraj and Ashok.But adi and Shaguan.Adi may b
    Ashoks child.Because His behavior so much alike Ashok.Adi is the core of all problems.May b Writers having so much fun seeing and making inconvienience the viewers.Please make this series paractical.Why u always put pain on it.Why cant u please the viewrs showing happy.We have many problems too.We are watching such type of series cz we still love watching nice productions cz its make us relax.but whn we see this type of bullshit all over how can we relaxed.It makes us more messed up.Please dont do this to yeh hai.It was such a cute and positive series which i have ever watched.Dont spoil it.

  21. sandhya

    I m also not like this track. Jaada bagavas hogayi logone dikhtha haina thats y kuch bi pagal storyne banana chahithe cv’s me really hate this story.” Yeh hai mohabbatein” nahi “yeh hai nafrath” or “yeh hai kamina plans” presently this two names suitable of this serial CV’S ek bar socho you write this type of nonsense story pls na upparwala Nam’s karvadho tumhara serialka.

  22. Hi Mizun …..kya phir se naam badal diya….me baar baar bhul jati hoo muje Ishra hi yaad aata hai…..agar mere kal puchhane par naam badala ho to I am sorry but maine to naam hi puchha tha…change karne ko nahi kaha tha….

  23. Mizun

    Maine kal jo naam rakha tha. ..uss name se mere comments post nahin horahe the. ..aaj …2 baje se. .lagi hoi thi. ….comment jahi nahin raha tha. .iss liye phir se name change kar diya. …
    …..aur sorry mat bolo. ….main apna name Chang karne hi wali thi. ……
    waise aaj ka IshRa scene toh bahut achcha tha. …..IshRa aaj full romantic mood main the. …….but romi ne disturb kar diya. ..

  24. Abhi dekhana baaki hai to aaj kw ep kaisa tha is ke baare me dekhane ke baad hi kahungi……..but muje lagta hai ki jab Aadi thik ho jayega tab Toshiji ko thoda doubt hoga Ishita par aise nahi ki Ishita ne jaan buj kar yeh kiya but Aadi ke bhadka ne par wi react jarur karegi…….unhone Ishita par bharosq hote hue bhi Romi Sarika treck me Ishita ko blame kiya tha….

  25. sangs

    Poor mikha ur trapped.i believe ishita will tackle adi’s plan she is smart. But mikha only option kill ashok and go to jail.

  26. ruhi

    Actually Ashok kabhi kabhi to accha banta hain. Sense bura to o blo*dy sooraj. Yaar Aadi ko koi acting sikau. Samajh nahi aata has raha haib ya rp raha hain.

  27. Oh Karan what you acting yarr yor expressions…yaaar…….yor killing smile……maar dala hume…….tumhe dekhane me humara dil to dhadakana hi bhul jata hai…..

  28. Hey tum sab ko pata hai Toshiji real life me NRI hai….london rehti hai……Ektq ne youtube par unka ek video dekhakar unhe specialy YHM ke liye yanha bulaya hai….& bich me jab Show me wo london gai thi tab wo real me apni family ko milne london gai thi….

  29. Kp

    Change dis bakwas storyline or end dis serial..We have already seen many serials getting spoiled midway…Atleast teach some acting to tat dumbo kid adi….

  30. Mizun

    Really. ……aur kal. & yhm cutting chai. …main toshiji ne ek story. .sonai thi. …..tumne soni. …..unhe achche se hindi bhi nahin aati lekin. ..woh punjabi kitni Achche se bolti hai lagta hi nahin k woh punnjab se nahin hai

  31. awesome episode.especially ishra part lekin har waqt koi na koi unke beech aa jatha hai. i think so the serial is going really fast because they have stretched this ashok mihika shagun adi case soo much that we have got used to any long dramas and twists.everyone knows that raman consoles ishitha and does not blame for adi but adi will instigate mrs.bhalla against ishitha.hope yeh issue zyada na bad jaye.

  32. Haa tumhe kaise nahi pata Toshiji ke baare me Mizun kya wo onlocation wala pura video nahi dekha tha ? Usme last me unka interview tha to unhone hi kaha ki wo 20years se london rehti hai & sirf Ekta ke bulane par hi yanha aai hai…& jab unka visa clear nahi hua tha aur wo India aane me late ho gai thi to Ekta ne YHM show ko 1-2 mahineate shuru kiyq tha…..

  33. binny

    adi is a child as he has so bad upbringing but i know he will be fine when he came to know about ashok’s truth and even shagun will realize her mistake……..

  34. ashok ek teeer se do nishaana maar raha hai .ek toh mihika se sign le liya uupar se raman se 3 contract maang raha .bikhari saala ashok you are a stone hearted man. tu ,tera bhai aur woh tera namak haraam param tum tinoo ek se badkar ek kameene ho.

  35. Dekha yeh scene kitna jaldi jaldi khatm kiya ek hi ep me wo kamina Ashok man gaya….& next ep Dr keh denge ki Aadi safe hai…….warna yeh log yeh drama bhi khich sakte the but yeh sab fast ho raha hai kyonki ab love month Feb aa raha hai..& IshRq ki anyversry bhi to ab lagta hai ki makers jald hi sab sort out kar denge…..dekha nahi IshRa ke harvscene me unki dooriya dhire dhire kam ho rahi hai aur aaj to itna karib aa gaye the matlab surely unka romance ab jald hi next level par jaayega……

  36. hope ishitha ke saath kuch zyada bura na ho jaye aur bechaari mihika poori tarah se phuss gayi hai aur ab use ya vandu ko kuch na kuch ya koi na koi jugaad karke ashok ko phasaana hai ya phir mihika ko ashok se divorce lena hai ya phir bhaag jana hai kyonki ashok jaise insaan ke saath rehna impossible hai.

  37. Mizun

    IshRa kitna. ..blush karrahe the. …aaisa lagta hai dono real life couple hon but reality main aaisa kuch nahin hai. ….itne achchi acting kaise kar lete hai. …….pata hi nahin chalta k. …..acting karrahe hai. …..

  38. binny

    ishita bhalla is eating bhalla with mr bhalla on bhalla’s bhalla shop with bhalla family too ,has bhalla in mouth calling her sas bhalla to eat bhalla and what a bhalla bhalla soooooorrrrryyyyy balle ballle

  39. Yaar yeh log yeh scene is se bhi achchha & long dikha sakte the…..only for 5 mins this is not fair yaar…….matlab Ishita bahar gai aur ek second me hi wapas aa gai….yeh log yeh bhi to dikha sakte the ki Ishita thoda dance karke bahar chali gai to Raman thoda irritate hota aur jab Ishita apna bold look dikhati tab shock ho jata..aisa hota to jyada maja aata….and atlest 10 mins ka to hona chahiye tha yeh ep ka hum kitne dino se intjar kar rahe the……..ab bas kal ke 2:00 pm ka intjar hai……

  40. Mizun

    Haan ur right. .prayosha. ..maine bhi 10 minutes ka soncha tha IshRa ka scene. …aur uss main se ek scene cut kar de ye …jab raman ishita ko dekh kar fisal jata hai. woh ishita ko ishara karta hai. ….ye mere liye. .woh sc ene bahut achcha tha. ..par nahin bataya. …

  41. Yeah but wo to on location video tha to usme cutting & editing to hona hi tha………tumhe kya lagta hai ab jald hi IshRa ka romance next level par jayega……jaisa maine pehle bui kaha ki yeh log yeh scenes ki bahut fast dikha rahe hai matalab Ashok jaldi man gaya Aadi bhi ek hi din me safe ho gaya…warna yeh log is drame ko byi lamba khichate……..

  42. Jab yeh baat Shagun ko pata chalegi tab agar wo 1 sec ke liye bhi khush hui na to wo maa kehlane ke laayak hi nahi hai……..ek kalank hai maa ke naam par…….

    • binny

      if you so bored take some breakm watch after 2or 3 days you will find it fine to watch i try this so many times and it worked.

  43. Mizun

    Haan prayosha. …
    Adi ki is halat k liye agar woh shabashi…very good beta kahe gi toh. ..maa kehlane k layaq nahin hai. ..
    mujhe lagta hai ki woh Adi ko appreciate zaror kare gi. ..

  44. Mizun

    Binny. ….yhm. .IshRa ke bina ek. …..pal. ..nahin reh sakte. .means. .IshRa’s videos. .IshRa’s songs. …..etc. ..tum kehraheho ki 2-3 din na dekhe yhm hohi nahin sakta. .yhm k repeat telecastbhi nshin chodte ..chahe bhi na kharab bataye ….main toh nahin chodongi dekhna. …

  45. Haa binny hum yeh show story ke liye nahi IshRa ke liye dekhate hai….& mai Anita ki acting ko nahi Shagun ke cheractor ko bura keh rahi ho…

  46. Mai is show se kabhi boar ho hi nahi sakti kyonki is me IshRa hai… and tum 2-3 ep na dekhane ki baat kar rqhi ho yeh to ho hi nahi sakta…infact mai to har ep 2-3 baar dekhati hoo sirf IshRa scenes & umhe meri baqto se yeh kyo laga ki me boar ho rqhi hoo mai to bas yeh chahti hoo ke jo bhi ho … bhi drama dikhaye but IshRa hamesha saqth ho ek dusre ke suport me…..

  47. ruhi

    Yes… anita has become so popular after this show. She has acted in so many adds. She started getting offers from south also. But I gate shagun

  48. Ishita to samaj hi gai hai ki Aadi ke dimag me chal kya raha hai……I hope ke Ishita Aadi ke baare me sab kuch Raman ko bata de…..tabhi to dono milkar Aadi ki problem solve kar payenge…….
    Muje samaj nahi aata yeh sab heroins sab problems khud kyo solve karti apne cute hubby ko problem nahi bata sakti taakki wo bhi problem solve karne me uski help kar sake but no inhe to khud prooblem solve karke mahan bananq hai like Mihika Ishita….problem to solve hoti nahi upar se aur problem creat karti hai….agar Ishita wo story wali baat Raman ko bata deti to aaj shayad unhe hospital nahi jana padta ………..I hope itna sab hone ke baad to Ishita Raman ko sab bata de……

  49. ruhi

    I think in.these sites. There should be some rule to discuss healthy things only about shows. Coz people are using all foul language. See ipkknd2 comments today. They are writing all blo*dy things.

  50. ruhi

    Aise kuttonke wajah se jo sahi me comment karna xhahte hain nahi karenge. Kya zamana hain. Achhayi ka koi jagah nahi. Jo bhi.Aise log haib unka kuch aisa hoye ki Zindagi bar bhugte.

  51. Mizun

    Ruhi. ..maine abhi ipkknd2. .ke comments padi. .Tauba Tauba. ..kaise cheap comments karrahe hai. …god….
    I’m happy k iss site pe aaisa kuch nahin hota. ..

  52. ruhi

    Nahii mizun. Ye ek hi site hain. Tellyupdate. Shayad o kutta yeh serial nahi dekhta. Bahgwan Karen iss site me bhi aise kutte na ajaye.

  53. Reddy

    U know all the problems have started when this Suraj came , he asked Ashok to kick that Shagun out by filling his ears . If Suraj wouldn’t have come then Shagun & Ashok would have been happily married . Atleast Ishra ko disturbance nahi hoti .
    But Once again I would like to describe the makers as ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** tooooooooooooooo less for them !!

  54. O just shut your mouth …… fake commenter …..Maa Baaap ne janm dete waqt koi naam nahi diya tha kya???? Kyo bhai dusro ke naam se comment karte ho……..
    And maine pehle bhi kaha tha jo mera real name hai iss loye mera naam blue colour me aata hai……so you just shut up……..& mere naam se comment mat karna pata chal jayega…….kyonki mere naam se comment karoge to tumhra naam black me aayega & mera blue me aata hai…..

  55. Arpit

    Hi Prayosha ! Fir se yeh fake commenters poor girl !
    I read the written updates after a long time. This serial is getting worse than what it was .

  56. Chalo ab kich bho karke apna naam blue me bhi le aaye…….but sab ko pata hai ki me sirf YHM ke baare me comment karti hoo……personal life par nahi…….to pls mere naam se yeh bakwas mat likho………
    And guys mere naam se ki hui bakwas comments par belive matkaro…..

  57. bhagi

    ohhhhh god adi how can u be like this ishra ki privacy ke liye vo dono ko country se bahar jana padega……….am getting boar of this story day by day bt only ishra abd rhu am watching it plz rhu help ur ishimaa shagun koi bhi aapni matlab ke liye aapni hai bache ka jindagi musibat me nahi daalthe

  58. Mizun

    Actress Divyanka Tripathi celebrated Ssharad Malhotraa’s birthday. In this picture, the two are cutting the cake with their signature smiles.

    ALSO READ: Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Malhotra love story

    Divyanka is one woman who loves Ssharad Malhotraa unconditionally. She planned a surprise get together for him taking out time from her busy schedules. The cake was especially made keeping his mustache in mind. She sent another cake for him on the sets of Maharana Pratap which was again made especially with collage of his photos. May the love remain forever between the couple and the birthday boy keeps getting surprises every year by his lady love!

  59. Mizun

    Balaji Telefilms Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starring Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi is all set to witness it’s next set of drama with Aditya (Gautam Ahuja) coming out of danger.

    We already updated our readers about Aditya consuming Mrs. Toshi Bhalla’s pills as a part of his mission to throw Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) out of the Bhalla House as promised to his mommy dearest. Back at the hospital the entire family that is the Bhalla’s and Iyer’s will be worried sick for Aditya’s well being. Finally the doctor will come up with the news that Aditya is out of danger as the pills have been flushed out of his system which will be a relief for all.

    Amidst all this Ishita will be blaming herself for giving the wrong medicine to Aditya but Raman will console her saying that it was just a mistake and it can happen with anyone. Aditya on the other hand will blame Ishita for giving him the wrong medicine intentionally.

    The boy will not leave a single stone unturned in achieving his goal. He will taunt Ishita, hurt her and do everything in his power to prove that Ishita is wrong. However the million dollar question is how long can a person, that too a young child try his cheap tricks to prove a person who is not wrong that she is wrong.

    Sources reveal that Aditya will try to manipulate Toshi Bhalla aka his dadi against Ishita. After acknowledging Ishita’s goodness and recently recollecting the incident where Ishita saved Ruhi’s life after the little angel was given expired cough syrup and sharing the same with her best friend Pammi, will Toshi Ji fall for Aditya’s words?

    In the earlier episodes we have seen Toshi Ji was seen going against her own son-Raman during the ‘Mrs. Iyer accident track’. The daredevil woman was seen going against an entire group of women aka the ‘Nari Mukti’ to support her daughter-in-law.

    So will she now pay heed to Aditya’s words? Or will she make Aditya understand Ishita’s goodness?

  60. kkk

    Pryosha dear tumhara name real hain isliye
    Tumhara name blue aaraha hain aisa bilkul
    bhi nahin hain
    even mere comments blue ho sakte hain
    dekhna hain??
    Mera nxt comment dekhna…

  61. Mizun

    Are yaar. ..IshRa ke scenes jitne bar dekhlo. ….lagta hai ki pehli bar dekh rahenge hai. …….utna hi maza aata hai. ….

  62. Bura nahi laga muje…. Binny but wo fake commentor bakwas likh rahe the and tum ne kaha yeh to show se bhi jyada interesting hai carry on …….tumhe aisa nahi bolna chahiye the………

    • binny

      FAKE …..

  63. kkk

    Hi! Pryosha
    ye bhout simple hain
    tum jab comment karogi tab dekhna
    Comment box mein website ka block bhi
    hain uss block mein agar tumne koi website fill ki to tumhara name blue ho jaayega… aur agar kuch nahin fill kiya to black… try once!
    @prayosha n muzin

  64. Oh Binny wo cheap wala mqine tumhe nahi wo fake Prayosha ko kaha tha…..maine likha to tha … cheap fake commentor phir tuumhe kaise laga ki me tumhe keh raho hoo……

  65. ruhi

    I am a south indian. It’s sankranti. Yes. It is special this time coz… First sankranti for my 3 months old son.

  66. binny. ….I’m a Muslim. ….but mujhe. …sankranti. …..logri. …..achche lagte hai. …tum log bahut enjoy karte ho na. …

  67. ruhi

    Abhi tak nahi rakh hain. 5 th month me rakha jaata hain. Naam to still searching. If u have any plz suggest it. It’s a baby boy.

  68. Hey Mizun hume bhi batao kaha se pata chala….yeh Pongal ke baare me……..& yeh Makasqnkranti pecial hai…..humare ghar me shaadi ki taiyariya chal rahi hai…..meri didi ki shaadi hai ….abhi usiki shopping karne gai thi…..

  69. Arav {peaceful }
    manan {thought }
    Akil {sweet smell }
    Arun {sun}
    Anish {Lord krishna }
    Anirudh {Lord vishnu}
    Arnav {Brilliant }
    Aryan {noble}
    Barun {Lord of sea}
    Jaish {pure }
    Rajat {silver courage }
    Raghav { Lord Rama }
    Renesh {Lord of love }
    Ritvik {son of Anjaneya}
    …….ruhi. …. I hope you like it. ……

    • ruhi

      Ohh… Super… All good names..
      Thanks so much for the effort… I l save it and l discuss with my hubby.

  70. Oh Mizun maine dekhi link ….wo upar maine jo comments ki thi tab me shopping karne gai thi iss liye link par mera dhyan nahi gaya tha…….
    And Thank You so much to all of you for your Good Wishes…..& pata hai shadi kab hai mere di ki ek uinq day par hai 26th Jan……

  71. Mera bhi yahi haal hai. …….kuch khali khali. .lag raha hai. ..nahin roz yhm dekhte the aaj nahin aaya toh aajib lagraha hai. ……

  72. Hey Mizun maine pics dekhe FB par Ishita Ruhi & Aadi ke…Pongal celebration ke ……last year inn logo ne Lohdi manai thi punjabi style me…& iss bar Pongal manayege South Indian style me…..aur South Indian rituals me to bechare Raman ko har baar subah 4 baje uthakar sab ke saamne nehlate hai……iss baar bhi aisa kuch ho to maja aayega…….

  73. Haan. …South Indian rituals main bechara raman fasjata hai. ….lekin. ..uss ko south Indian style mai dekh ne mai maza bahut aata hai. ….

  74. Haa Raman jab irritate hota hai tab maja aata hai…but ab wo in rituals se irritate nahi hoga…kyonki us ne anpi Paagal Madrasan ko dil se apna liya hai to uske rituals ko bhi apna lega…..

  75. jald se jald yeh apshagun who is soo called shagun should go back to ashok.kaise bhi ashok khud shagun ko le jaane aaye toh buss ishra kya poore yhm fans pe ek baadi si smile hogi.phir baki saare drama aur twists toh chalte hi rehte hai .

  76. Par Mizun Raman utna bhi irritet nahi hoga jitna pehle hota tha…….aur wo Ishita se irritae hoga tabhi to Romantic hoga jaise kal hua tha……..& Diwali par bhi Ishita ke rituals se irritate tha par jab Ishita uski body par oil laga rahi thi tab kitna Romantic ho raha tha…..

  77. p

    Rithushree sbs and sbb me kuch nahi bataya yhm ke baare me ….Par kumkum bhagya ke baare me bataya tha….Ki abhi and bulbul saath m dance karege…..

  78. hope adi ka succh jald se jald baahar aaye par uss se bhi zyada shagun ku assliyat uske real intentions aur kaise woh adi ko instigate kar rahi hai ishitha ke against because we dont want to see ishitha under the guilt that she gave wrong medicines to adi and also face mrs.bhalla ‘s anger .

  79. Yes. .In sab k beech. …..IshRa scene. …honge. ..cute cute nok jok hogi. …
    Haan jab woh clean shave main hota hai toh. …aur bhi handsame lagta hai. ….

  80. Rithushree. ..ishita ko pata hai ki Adi ne uss ko ghar se nikal ne k liye. .ye sab kiya hai. .aur galat medicine khayi hai. ………par ye shagun pongal festival k time par na aajai. .nahin toh sab ka mood kharab karde gi. ..

  81. p

    Raman and ishita ek dusre ko comliment and complete karte hai …..Ishita ke bina raman nahi and raman ke bina ishita nahi….

  82. p

    Haaaa……Shagun ab feb mai hi aaye toh acha hai….Jab tak ishra ka romance and nok jok dehkate rahe…..Maza aayega…..

  83. OK Good Night Friends…..aaj ka din to bhot lamba tha…kal 2 baje sou subah 5:30 baje uthi pgir tuttion shopping…..i am very tired…I .go to sleel early tonight…..ok again Good Night…….See you Tomorrow….

  84. Nahin Feb main nahin aana chahiye. …Feb main toh IshRa ki anniversary hai na. …woh aaye gi toh. ……phir koi nai koi natak karegi. ..

  85. p

    Just imagine :ishra ki aniversary par shagun ka raaz khul jayega and adi bhi ishraru ke saath rahne lagega….Ek happy family.

  86. Par main kal college main hogi. …na. .main nahin dekh paon gi. ……
    I hope k. .kal sbs & sbb main yhm ka bataye. ….isse…idea toh hoga ki. ..pongal special episode kab aaye ga. ..

  87. p

    Just imagine :ishra ki aniversary par shagun ka raaz khul jayega and adi bhi ishraru ke saath rahne lagega….Ek happy family.and fir ishra HM par bhi chale jayege….

  88. agar ishra ke aniversary pe shagun ka bhanda phoot jaayega na tab toh aur bhi bada dhamaka hoga. ishra ko sab kucch patha chalega aur phir adi ka patha nahi lekin shagun kotoh dhakke dhakke maar maar ke ghar se bahar nikaal denge.aur waise bhi shagun ka mayka hai na toh bhalla house mein kyu hai .waise bhi woh raman se pyar nahi karti toh usse kyu paana chahthi hai.jaise ussne ashok ko phasaya waise kisi aur phasa sakthi hai .horrible lady.

  89. Hi Guys……….But tum sab keh rahe ho wo thik hai ….but anyversry ke din nahi anyversry ke peehle uss Shagun ka Bhanda phutana chahiye….nahi to wo Shagun Anyversru party bigad degi…….aur uss se pehle bhqnda phute tabhi to Aadi Ishita ko sqmaj payega & IshRa ki anyversry par happy hoga…..

  90. Hi Mizun …maine wo link wala to kal raat hi padh liya tha…..tum sab ne kaha ki Anyversry ke din Shagun ka bhanda phutana chahiye…but aisa hua to wo anyversry ka sab ka mood spoil kar degi iss liye mere khayal se anyversry se pehle uska raaj khulna chahiye…..

  91. No anniversary k din nahin. …….mere kehne ka matlab tha. …anniversary se pehle uss ki sachchayi sab k samne aajai gi toh achcha hoga. …..Feb k..1-2 ya Feb se pehle aaisa ho chahiye. …..

  92. HAa wo to hai Mizun…but yeh log exact date parthodi dikhayenge…dekhan nahi shaadi 6th ko thi & hume 13th Feb ko dikhai thi matlab humare liye to dono hi anyversry…..& newyear bhi kitna late dikhaya…….

  93. Hey Mizun muje aaj IshRa ki ek achhi story mili abhi maine puri nahi padhi but starting interesting hai…uss me IshRa ki collage life dikhai hai….dono classsmate hai…ek dusre ko like karte hai par kehte nahi…..busy na ho to padhana uss story ka naam hai……IshRa ff – Rooh ……be my soul……

  94. Hey Guys SBB me aq raha hai Ishita Raman ke phere….pata nahi kya hoga…….Mizun I know u arei collage….so I will tell you about that…..

  95. p

    Raman ne ishita ko godh me utha kar phir phere liye hai……And raman ne mannat bhi mangi hai ki ishita uski wife 7 janmo tak rahe…….Raman aaj chennai express ka SRK ban gaya hai……jaise SRK ne deepika ko godh me uthya tha…..waise hi raman ne ishita ko utha kar phere liye hai……..Raman bahut handsome lag raha tha….

  96. Mizun SBB me dikhaya ki Pongal ka celebrations hho raha hai sqb tamilian dress me hai…Raman ne mannat mqngi hai ki Ishita har janm me usji wife ho….iss liye Raman Ishita ko apni baaho me uthakar saat phere lenga……too Good yaar too Good……

  97. p

    Raman toh raman hai……Really divyanka ne sahi kaha interview me ki raman jaisa pati real life me nahi mil sakta hai……Raman….You are amazing.. .

  98. Ishita ne interview me kaha real life me aisa hubby nahi milega…jise bhi aiisq hubby chahiye humare set par aao aur Raman se mili wo abhi buo singal hai….

  99. Wowwwwww♡♡♡♡♡
    Sooo sweet. …raman. …..hamara. ..telly wood. …….romantic SRK. … it. …….dono. …bahut bahut cute. ..lagrahe the. …..divyanka ne sahi kaha. ..ek hi hai. ..achcha hubby. ….hamara handsame. …heart beat bada ne wala. ..raman (karan Patel )……iss jaise koi nahin. ….
    Kab aaye ga. … episode. ..intezar hi nahin hota yaar. …

  100. Thanks prayosha. .p……batane k liye
    maine bhi 3-4 bar dekh liya hai. …..
    jab tak ye special phere wala episode nahin aajata. ..iss video se kam chalana hoga. ……………unexpected. …..scene wow love it. …..

  101. Mizun maine abhi wo story complete ki & 14 th part to nund blowing tha…ussi part me IshRa ke parents ko unke relation ke baare me pata chalta hai…

  102. aditya

    lol. second marraige case YHM par bhi. 3-4 shows main yeh dekkhe pak gaya.YHM turns into a normal opera like other shows.

  103. 123

    Just outstanding Raman. If I were the Director, I wld have planned same thing. U r doing grt as a lover nd as a husband man. we men r proud of u. good going.

  104. 123

    kaash yeh divyanka aur karan real life mein bhi husband/wife hotey to kitna accha hota na. mujh lagta hai ki karan aur divyanka ko ek dooje se pyaar ho gaya hai isiliye woh dono hamesha ek dooje se door rehna chahte hain. kabhi saat dikhte hi nahi.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.