without you i am nothing chapter 11


hello guys!!! meeting you all after a long time…at last i can breath some fresh air….exams over…yippee!!! thanks every one for your lovely comments. i request all silent readers to comment…as they help me in increasing my confident level….so here we go…please do bear my typos and grammar mistakes…

Arjun applied the brake and removed his seat belt. He then turned to radhika. He was in verge to burst out, he was so angry. He then removed her seat belt and pushed her towards him. They were staring at each other. Radhika could see a different emotion in his eyes, which she has never seen before.

Suddenly Arjun started to kiss her with full passion. Radhika was shocked to the core. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She tried to push him, but the more she push him double the strength he pull her towards him and increased his wildness. He was continuously kissed her till he found difficult to breathe

Tears started to flow from her eyes. Seeing this arjun softened a little. He then said “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA.” Radhika was shocked to hear this and stared at him. Arjun then suddenly fainted on her. Radhika was still in shock and his words echoed all around. She then saw arjun who was lying on her shoulder with most innocent face. Without her conscious her hands involuntarily went up to his hair and started to stroke it. She then opened the door of driver’s seat and somehow pushed him to other side.

She then wore seat belt for him and positioned his head properly. She then sat on the driver’s seat and started to drive towards his home. After 20 minutes of driving, she reached at his home. She then came out and opened his side door. She then kept his hand on her shoulder and started to walk towards his home [guys I really can’t explain this situation…I am not getting any words, so please forgive…it’s messy I know sorry]. They were stumbling and walking. If anyone saw them they would think that both had drunk.

She somehow managed to bring him near the door. She then rang the bell. After 2 minutes a middle aged man of fifties with a soft smile on her face opened the door. Seeing arjun in this condition, smile vanished from his face and worries took place. He then helped radhika and they together brought him to his bedroom. They then laid him on the bed. The man went to bring water; meanwhile radhika removed his shoe, socks and coat. She then removed first two buttons of his shirt so that he can sleep peacefully. She did this all unconsciously.

The man who by then came saw rads care towards arjun. He was very much happy. Arjun had told him about radhika yesterday itself. He then came inside the room and gave water to radhika . She drank it.

He then introduced himself to her. “I am rana kaka…I look after him.”

Radhika then asked “then where are his parents?”

Rana kaka “his parents died when he was 16 years. They met with an accident. Actually, it’s not an accident but a murder.”

Radhika was shocked “what!!. But who would want to kill them.”

Rana kaka “business rival, of course!”

Radhika had tears in her eyes which did not fall. She turned towards arjun who was sleeping peacefully. His face was filled with innocence. Rana kaka didn’t fail to notice the care in her eyes for arjun. He smiled at her. Suddenly radhika’s thought drifted to the car incident…her face expression turned into shock …. She then turned to kaka and said “I need to leave right now. Thanks for the water. “And turned to go.

Rana kaka stopped her and said “beta, its already dark. Why don’t you stay here?”

Radhika was shocked to hear this she then stammered and said “it..it’s oook kaka actually my friend will be waiting for me. “

Rana kaka: “ok then at least take the car. I will ask pritam to drop you. It’s not safe to go in cab this late.”

Radhika nodded her head reluctantly. She knows if Sam came to know that she came in taxi, then would scold her ….

Rana kaka : pritam…jaldi aao…

Pritam “jee saab..

Rana kaka “madam ko unke gar thak chod do”

Pritam : jee saab and went to take the car. Radhika bid bye to kaka and left. She then entered the car.

Pritam : madam aap ka gar kaha hai?

Radhika : mujhe madam math bulayao….radhika naam hai hamara..

Pritam : ji mada…radhika

Radhika : f2..queens land, 2nd street.

The car started to move. Outside it was drizzling lightly. But here inside radhika’s heart and mind is full of chaos. The scene came flashing in her mind. She quickly closed her eyes and ears. She then took few deep breaths and opened the eyes.

She saw that they reached the park which before her apartment. She asked pritam to stop here and said she will go by walking from here. First pritam was reluctant, but due to her continuous saying he accepted. She got down the car and waited for the car to go. She then went inside the park and sat on a bench. Only few couples where there who came to spend time.

Radhika came here so that she can make up her mind. She know sam would find out and would pester her until she spit out the truth. It was drizzling and she partially became wet. After 10 minutes she started to walk towards her apartment. She rang the doorbell and heard sam screaming “coming..one minute.”

Radhika was trying to put a sweet smile on her face. Exactly after one minute sam opened the door . seeing rads condition like this she exclaimed “what’s this radhu?” radhika became tensed and thought “ did she found out I am tensed”but next word of her cleared her doubt.

Sam”radhu look at you , u r wet “
Radhika let out a sigh and said “nothing Sammy I asked arjun to drop me near the park. I spend some time there and only came. It was drizzling so I became wet.

Sam “how dare he”

Radhika “what dare he?”

Sam: “to drop you in the middle. I shouldn’t have trust him and left you alone.”

Radhika smiled seeing her anger and pulled her cheeks lightly and said “Sammy are u serious…I mean from the park to the apartment it only require 10 steps. And he didn’t drop me but I insisted him to drop me.”

Sam: “come inside….and change “

Radhika gave a peck on her cheeks and went to her room. She closed the door and leaned on it and gave a sigh. She prayed to god to help her in hiding this memory in mind. She quickly changed and went out. There she saw sam sitting in the table waiting for her to come.

Sam was smiling widely. Radhika too smiled seeing her smiling.

Radhika : Sammy….i know ur teeth is white and is shining beautifully…no need to smile and show me

Sam heard this frowned but shouted and said “radhika my idiot is coming tomorrow. I am so so excited…”saying this she went back to her dream land. Radhika called her many times but didn’t wake up from her dream land. At last she didn’t have any choice apart from throwing water from her face.

Sam really got shocked. She saw radhika with wide eyes. Soon her face expression changed into angry one. Rads know it time to escape to save her life. She said “ready 1..2..3 and set jute and started to run. Sam started to chase her. At last they both came to balcony. Now there was no place for radhika to run. Sam gave her winning smile. She then poured a whole jug of water on radhu’s face.

Radhika screamed so loudly. She was not at all stopping. Sam closed her ears. She then saw their neighbour switching on their balcony light. Sam pulled radhika in and closed the balcony door and closed her mouth with one hand and switched off their light with another hand. They stood there for some time like. When everything was settled she took her hand from her mouth. That’s it radhika started to scold her.

After half an hour of scolding they went to have dinner. Radhika by the time forgot about idiot’s matter. They then went to sleep.

Next day around 10 both got up. Sam saw the time and shouted “omg I am late….he will surely kill me now “saying this she ran to washroom. Radhka who was very sleepy couldn’t understand what she told. She then got up and went to freshen up. By the time she came out , she saw sam leaving the house. She was confused seeing her behaviour. She saw a note on the table :


RADHIKA SMILED at the word your Sammy. She then made breakfast and sat to have it…….





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