Tere Bin 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vidya reaches home with serious face. Naani asks how come she came home so early. Vijaya says she read Akshay’s letter. Naani asks what was written in it. Vijaya says matter is very serious. Naani asks what is it. Vijaya says and says Akshay wants to take her on a date tomorrow. Naani gets very happy and scolds her that she frightened her mother. She further says she will take her to a beauty parlor tomorrow and then gift her a beautiful sari for her date.

Naani sees Akshay sittting on a sofa with laptop and asks if he did not sleep yet. He says Vijaya is sleeping, so he came down to forward some mails. Naani says she wants to ask if some other woman is in his life. He asks what…She says he lied during Delhi trip, if it is true, Vijaya will shattter. Akshay says why is she asking this. Naani says he is trying to hide answer with counter question and hopes her thinking is wrong and says she will not question him again and hopes he will not betray Vijaya.

In the morning, Vijaya and Akshay wake up. Neeti enters and hugs Vijaya and says even she will come to beauty parlor. Akshay asks from when Neeti got a habit of going to beauty parolor. Neeti says wherever mamma goes, she will go. Vijaya says naani told she will take her to beauty parlor and shopping, she must have informed Neeti. Neeti says she will even accompany her for a date.

Akshay reaches nursing home. Nandini comes. Akshay says there is no surgery today. She says she came to meet him and Vijaya. Akshay says Vijaya has not come today. Nandini asks if Vijaya is fine. He says yes, she got some house work. They go to Akshay’s cabin and Nandini says she saw a dream where they married with pheras and he dorned mangalsutra on her neck. Akshay says he has some important meeting today and says he will leave now.

Neeti tells Naani that she will also accompany mummy papa. Naani says they are going on a date and may even dance, it will look weird if they accompany mummy papa. Neeti says she is right. Vijaya comes down getting ready and twists Neeti’s ear. Neeti asks Naani if she will come on a date with her. Naani says some other day.

Akshay takes Vijaya to a restaurant and orders wine. She says she does not drink. He says it is special date and he wants to enjoy each moment. She says it is like a beautiful dream to her. Akshay thinks why he is not telling about Nandini instead of wasting time.

Neeti gets hiccups and says Naani that mummy papa must be remembering her. Nandini calls and asks Neeti to give phone to Vijaya. Neeti says mummy papa have gone on a date. Nandini is shocked. Neeti asks if she will go on a date with her. Nandini says yes, some other day, thinks Akshay lied that he has a meeting and went on a date with his wife.

Akshay asks Vijaya what if Nilesh had met with an accident and returned in her life, will she have divorced him. Vijaya gets angry.

Precap: Lado’s husband creates havoc at Akshay’s house. Akshay asks Lado to get out. Vijaya asks why is he scolding Lado when her husband is at mistake by having an affair. Ratan shows Askhay his and Nandini’s pic and blackmails to extract money.

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