Which show do you think is going the right way?

Talking about the positive tracks in the shows listed in the poll, we would wish to know whether the tracks are in favor of the viewer’s likes. NAUC recently showed the wedding of Kabir and Nisha, which was also wished by many fans….angry on Viraj for rejecting Nisha. The audience has accepted Nisha-Kabir as a couple as they look super cute together. The track is going well with Viraj and Kabir’s blood relations coming to front and Nisha and Kabir’s friendly honeymoon.

Shastri Sisters always show some evil and then how truth wins over evil and cheap tricks. The serial recently showed a positive track with the sisters exposing Minty and Astha behind Devyaani’s MMS and next will be Devyaani and Neil’s marriage fixing. Kumkum Bhagya got positive after the long kidnapping drama and next is Abhi and Pragya’s love getting mutual, after the guy is thinking about her love proposal and Pragya’s efforts going to win his heart. The rock star Abhi will be shown confessing love to Pragya.

MATSH has the positive entry of Shikhar, who came as an angel for Ishani, though sent by Ranvir. The upcoming tracks will bring mix emotions for Ranvir and Ishani and positive attitude of Shikhar influencing Ishani a lot more.

Jamai Raja was having the never ending Simran and Yash’s torture on the lovers. With Sid supporting Roshni, the scene is delight for the fans of the couple. It has to be seen how long Sid keeps his trust on Roshni and kicks out Yash from their lives. Qubool Hai replaced Aahil and gave Sanam a new hero to bring some freshness in the show, still keeping the female actors same. The new track of Sanam, Shaad and Misbah is hitting the right chord, where people were fed up of Tanveer and Razia. Shaad brings a new angle in the show. Meanwhile, Tere Sheher Mein shows the struggles and fighting spirit of Amaya Mathur, which is quiet positive track full of determination and enthusiasm. One can’t get off the cute bubbly Amaya and her crazy style to do things her way. The show focuses on the fact what determination can make everything possible. Some drama has to be built, else without any ups and downs, viewers may get more bored to watch the same track. What do you think about the ongoing tracks in the shows listed in poll and which one is the most favorable? Let us know in this fun poll.


  1. Sadda

    Saathiya and yeh rishta.i know their not in the poll but so far from all the serials these two were the best from when both took a ten year leap

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  17. AB

    Frankly speaking, not even a single show is going the right way. Seems there is only one writer who just changes the characters and the storyline remains the same. And then, these shows should be for light entertainment but what we see is stupid storyline, e.g. marriage with a mad boy or a girl (void under any law), b*t*hy mother-in-law or sister-in-law, estranged husband, etc, etc. Come on guys, we want some light entertaining shows and not these idiotic tear jerkers. Take for example, Kumkum Bhagya. Can someone believe that Abhi looks like a rock star. No he looks like a rickshaw puller. Doli Armanoon Ki… shit serial. Is Samrat going to make his ex pregnant now. Weird, just weird. Come on Mr. Writer, come with some good light hearted storylines. We want entertainment, and not shitty acts…

    • mia

      Seriously, not EVRY show is the same? have you even watched nisha aur uske cousins? If not then you should because there is definitely no stupid saas bahu drama in there and is very entertaining. But yeah i agree that majority of indian serials are illogical and stupid. i don’t get how shows like saathiya or meri aashiqui tumse hi are popular or even sasural simar ka and so many other shows.

  18. selian

    i agree with AB, i dont think there is any serial drama going well. all the writers must pull out their socks.

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  20. sowmya

    All star plus serials are bhakwas…there should be some reality I. These shows…can’t find them all lead actress i n all the serials are just shown like an ideal bahu who does not even open her motb even when. Her self respect hurts or when there is no mistake of her she is suffering….practically this really impossible…. I do understand these are for entertainment but at the same time we expect some reality to be shown….so irritating some how message should reach the directors…

  21. ats

    nt a single serial going well.vry rubbish nd unacceptable stories.i thnk all writers should keep a most imprtnt thng in mind tht their stories should nt rise any questions abt d story in viewers mind.same track in all serials wid different artists omg.plssss show us some new stories with some logic in it.

  22. ria

    tere sheher main is actually very good without that stupid saas bahu drama. a fresh story with new cute faces..

  23. haripriya

    muje jamai raja pasand hai par nisha aur uske cousins drama bahot faltu ho gaya hai kaha vo unique aur fresh story aur kaha ye faltu marriage drama..ham nisha ka carrier dekhna chahte the naki uski shaddi…fans jo 1st episode se dekh rahe vo log viraj aur nisha ko unite hote dekhna chahte hai..naki kabir nisha ka faltu drama

  24. no name

    Ohh God how can they even write that nauc is going in right track…leave the rigut track,ye serial toh track k bahar hi chala gaya…an independent n sensible girl marries a stranger that too for 3 months n is now planning for honeymoon that too friendly????I mean an tak kabhi friendly honeymoon suna hai??? I. Has just become a hopeless serial with no story…so forget abt the right track…earlier concept of this serial was really nice.. But now it has become an utter crap…
    how can tellyupdates even consider this track interesting?????

  25. mythu

    Nauc is worst and why alll this articles pointing out that kabir and nisha perfect jodi if that jodi is so much popular then why the trps r so low it is not even crossed 2 and this week after female lead gets married it is only 2 what nauc cvs r paying to u to promote their jodi bakwaas and stupid track

  26. sim

    Nauc is going nice but I think it have become thora slow after marrage but im sure the will pick up soon I like kabir he is better then viraj it would be intresting to c how will all react when kabir and viraj past and their relation will open …and coming to meri aashiqi cvs have messed it completely ..cant take the crap anymore everything is illogical the separation the mahan act of ishani for what it was not big deal for him to come out of jail but no she just have to be mahan .. qh is another disaster no words left ..tere saher ma is really nice but something is missing which is making it thanda …

  27. *KASHA*

    Only NAUC.awsome seriel without any saas bahu drama.Nisha and Kabir is the best jodi.Viraj is so arrogand.Love NIBIR.SOoooper seriel.

  28. no namenoname

    Nisha and cousins as worse as a SaaS-bahu serial…the concept is same now only a wamp saas is missing…hopeless n illogical serial without any sense…never saw such a youth serial following such pathetic concept…please tellyupdates atleast think before you select for polls……

  29. nasriya nazim

    now my favourite is only shastri sisters.What a romantic blow between anushka and rajat! I am a great fan of anuraj

  30. Sree

    Only shastri sisters is going on the right track.However,happy to knw that the stupid neil will not marry devyaani. SHASTRI SISTERS is the best serial

  31. nimi

    from this poll according to me the order will be….
    1) jamai raja
    2) NAUC
    3) TSM
    4) KB
    5) MATSH
    6) SS
    I hate QH…

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