Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar is worried what if Ishaani murders the whole family during night, how can he be sure if she is a murderer or not. He peeks into her room, she stood in front of window, he thinks she must be wondering how to murder the whole family together. He locks the door from outside, he does that and heads to stairs then thinks his mom will scold him if she keeps on knocking the door. He wonders what to do, then thinks about sitting of the chair in front and guard her.
In the morning, Shekhar and his father keep hand on same chairs. Shekhar takes another chair, and asks mom for breakfast. His mom gets gobhi ka paratha for him, her husband says he also feels hungry. Ishaani comes with another paratha, both ladies serve to both men. Shekhar’s mom says she was teaching Ishaani to cook Gobhi ka paratha, and she learned in first attempt. Shekhar wonders what she would have mixed in it. Shekhar’s father appreciates Ishaani paratha and says thank you to her. His wife says she has cooked this one herself, he says it is a bit more spicy. The wife is irked and complains that all the husbands in the world find mistakes about their wives. She introduces the man as his husband Raj Narayan Shekhar. Ishaani remembers Shekhar telling her that his dad suicide. Shekhar says he only is in a mood to eat apple today. Ishaani takes knife, Shekhar stands up in worry. Ishaani says she was cutting fruits for him. He says he thought… his mother asks what? But Shekhar takes his seat. Ishaani was about to cut water melon, he says he isn’t hungry anymore and takes his mother along.
Some ladies sit with Amba and says they have decided the name of their grand children as well. Amba says she will do the goad-bharai of Ritika very well. A lady asks will she really do her goad-bharai. Amba asks why is she asking so. She says Ranveer respects Ritika a lot, but people talk that they didn’t invite Ranveer and Ritika. One of them says that they haven’t even married. Lakshmi asks Amba how they know about it, Amba asks them to keep quiet. The ladies say they suspect if this child is Ranveer’s or not. Ritika comes and asks why are they calling her baby illegitimate, the ladies ask why she feels so pained at it if she is true. The ladies ask where are the proofs of her wedding, her mangal-sootar and pictures of wedding. She complains to Amba that she didn’t invite an elder Gujrati for blessings of marriage as well. RV comes questioning what proof do they want.

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Shekhar brings his mother to room and says he is warning her that it isn’t right to keep a murderer at home. He says Ishaani was holding a knife from his hand, and she was asking her to cut the fruit. She will one day cut their necks as well. His mother asks him to believe in him once, Ishaani is innocent. Shekhar says she doesn’t know such girls, she is pretending to be innocent. His mother questions why he fought her case when she knew Ishaani is such a girl. She leaves Shekhar’s room, Ishaani comes to the room and hears thinking Sanaya’s date has cost him a lot. Is this girl really a murderer, is this girl with the goons and is involved in a plan here. He opens the door, Ishaani says neither is she a murderer nor is involved in a plan.
RV asks the lady what proof she has of her marriage with her husband, and what proof she has that her child is legitimate with her husband. The lady says her marriage took place in front of everyone. RV says he doesn’t need to give anyone proof about his and Ritika’s relation. He tells Amba that goad-bharia will certainly take place, instructs Amba to invite the whole city as per their wishes. He holds Ritika with shoulders and says if anyone questions her now, he will reply to them. Outside the house, the ladies say they were saved today. He was angry at the name of marriage, hadn’t they got good money they would never have done this. Amba was happy this talk will definitely effect Ranveer, he will have to marry Ritika.
Ishaani says to Shekhar that she thought he was a good man, she owed him a lot but he is such a liar and selfish. He always saves people for reasons, he thinks she is a murderer and has come here to rob them. To take a girl on date, he can save any criminal. He isn’t a lawyer, he is a criminal. Shekhar gets angry gain saying he is an honest lawyer, she can’t point at his capabilities. She says what he knows about except lying. He told her the lie about his papa, he said he suicide, the man who borne him has been killed by him. He doesn’t know how it feels living without the man who taught you to walk. Is it a joke. He says enough, he didn’t lie. She says enough, it is all lie. He must be cheating on that judge’s daughter as well. He isn’t worth her fee as well, and asks him to return his fee. He says he never returns his fee and it is food he isn’t asking for his rest of fee. He says the man she is calling his father isn’t… his phone rings. The inspector asks him to bring the girl who beated the goons to identify, he promises him to bring Ishaani here.
The postman brings Ritika’s goad-bharia invitation. Shekhar’s mother tells her husband about Ritika and boasts that Ranveer appointed her son as lawyer. Ishaani comes downstairs angrily, the lady comes to her upon her husband’s pointing towards her. Ishaani goes to bring fresh tea, the lady says she is a guest. Ishaani says if she was only a guest they wouldn’t have respected her a lot. She says she wanted to say she must now leave their house. Shekhar comes from above.
In the goad-bharai event, Ritika thinks RV has given the goad-bharai invitation as Mr and Mrs. Vaghela, he will now marry her as well.

PRECAP: Ranveer says to Ritika that his love has died and will never return now. He can only live with her memories, Ishaani enters the house then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Cm on ritika ..Illegitimate hai to illegitimate hi bolenge na sab..

    1. Illegitimate mean that the childs parents weren’t married before the childs birth and guess what ritikas child isnt born yet so that mean that the child isnt illegitmate yet. And if ritika somehow gets married to sharman before the childs birth, the child cant be called illegitimate. Maybe you should know your definition before you try to act smart buddy

  2. today episode is ok.. But shekhar scene is very funny.. But ranveer i hate your behaviour, bcoz why u scold rithika, i didnt accept it..

  3. Rv didn’t scold ritika

  4. sorry hold.

  5. In precap ritika’s negative thinking is shwn litl much

  6. Guys srsly saying i just can’t tolerate that blo*dy Amba , how can c do such things, giving money to ladies and force them to cm home and speak bad about that b*t*h Ritika and hr baby , so Ranveer get angry on their questioning and ll marry to Ritika to sv hr respect……srsly i just can’t digest it anymore, plzzz teach sm lesson that Amba too …
    i think that man is Shikhar’s step father not his real father …
    tomorrow ishani ll go with shikhar to vaghela mnsn , bt Ranveer and ishani both can’t c each other , very sad…….
    now its enough plzzz bring both of them together, if u can’t do this, then at least let Ranveer to know that ishani is alive before he ll think about marry to that crab Ritika….

    1. No offense but its so obvious, that man is shikhur’s step dad! You have to be stupid to not figure it out when shikhurs mom said he is her husband

  7. ranveer un love saagala uyiroda than irku…….

  8. ya ur right aysh…….

  9. shekhar scene is very funny, but in phone what he talk to the police and tell about ishaani. What is that,

  10. source says There Shikar will also present and ishani also reaches there for shikar.Ishani wants to meet shikar for some reason.Ritika sees her and gets sad,ranveer observes this and asks her what happened.
    She tells him that ishani entered their life and
    shows her.But when Ranveer searches for
    ishani,he cannot find her and feels ritika
    mistaken.Ishani and Ranveer both miss each

  11. It was a nice episode. Precap was awesome but I am 200 percent sure that they will not meet each other.. Story writers Pls pls unite the true love ….

  12. aysh..r u sure.nthey cant see each othr..

  13. I hate u rithika…ekta serials male lead superb xtremely crying like yhm matsh …but kkb purab …where s parul ????…

  14. Today’s episode Ishani overreacted ,, lol,, she always misunderstand anything first before analysing it,, sick of her decisions..!!
    If RV haven’t married Ritika why the hell should they wanna play a drama to the world showing that they are a couple,, if it is only to give honour to her and her child they can live apart in different rooms may be in one house,, its disgusting what Anna trying to do,, if she really love her son and wish a good girl in his life apart from Ishani, is that she should get a charge termed girl who is not even a virgin carrying somebody’s child? And she doesn’t wanna play all these cheap dramas to get her son married to who is already a mother,,
    Ritika’s evilness is just starting to expose,,

    1. What the heck!? First of all, what the hell are you saying? I seriously couldn’t understand half of it. And from what I sort of understand, Ranvirs mom thought sharman was telling the truth, that the child is Ranvirs! And also is a girl who is not a virgin horrrible? If a girl made a mistake then is she not ‘allowed to get married’ Ritika lost everything, didnt you see that? Your an idiot for even writting that, what about girls who lose there virginity to rape? Its one night of fun for the guy and for the girl its a life of fear, and torment! Its people like you who shouldn’t be allowed to talk. I honestly dont care about your opinion on weather none virgins should get married! Even suggesting that ranvirs mom should care is wrong! If you loss your virginity before marriage would you consider yourself not allowed to get married, you are disgusting, why do you people care so much about a girls virginity, way not about her character, ritika only slept with sharman ( her ex-fiancee) I hope you dead with shame

      1. I didn’t say that Ritika don’t deserve anything in the world and not about any other girls who are molested in their life,, but I said if Ranveer’s mother really care about her son,, and wished a such a pure girl,,( coz she every time ill treated Ishani saying false accusations of Chirag) why she should she now choose this option for her son,,she could have found a better girl,, coz ranveer has not even started his life with any woman,,

        And for ur information it’s not sharman’s baby,, u will find out its chirag’s and her evilness wil be brought out,, lol,,
        I’m not a racist here to talk about girls but its my view on stupid amba’s decision in choosing a girl to her son,,

  15. Episode was oky…
    Scenes of ishani n shekhar were funny
    n i thnk ritika ko ladies ny bilkul thek kaha h…

  16. I jus wan rv to c ish… N ish n rv shd bcome emotional… They ll b together

  17. My god RV pls c Ishani pls pls

  18. My god RV pls c ishani & d’nt marry Ritika . She is a murder of chirag .

  19. rv nd ishaani vl nt meet eachother tht s sure.ths s going lik badae achae lagta plssssssss show us some new nd diffrnt stories i thnk ths s badae achae’s part 2 in d name of matsh.wr s goridi nd shenaila??????????????ritika forgot sharman nd without any guilt she s ready to marry rv omg.everywr somethng missing in ths matsh.plsssss ekta mam change d story track otherwise u vl misss so many matsh fans.

    1. Gouri di is busy in her new shw

    2. Why should ritika be guilty, shaman is the one that left her with nothing

  20. Hi arora u know tamil. Wowwww its good to read ur comment. But am feeling sad for RV and ishani.

  21. W8!g 4 todz epsd

  22. Come baCk iShvEerrRr

  23. ekta kapoors serials….! degusting…she just think that we are fools …can’t understand anything… almost all serials .(scenes) are same…its by rule that no one will die ,specially hero n heroin of story…whatever the condition is will never fade …..and many times people pass by .and they can’t notice ….its said that there is no medicine to mans nature ..but here nature changes in minutes ..amazing …and most of the times story is hero n his family don’t like heroin n they ruin her but then she by her good character n beauty wins over them n then other problems starts ….here females are superheroines..! male are just to go office n to do some entertainment of females(romance)..! males are shown like idiots …actually I think ekta ma’am doesn’t know that in India females are always surpassed by males …kuch bhi dikhate hai yar ……agar koi bura hai toh itna bura ki bas aur agar koi accha hai to bohpt hi accha …..let it go.
    ….I just can’t tolerate these stories …..degusting..!

  24. so called : “DRAMA!!!”

  25. Existing for tonight epi … im sure they wiil not meet ……also im expecting more supperb condition for the meeting after 6 months …….this condition is not well for meeting after 6 months …… expecting more for CVs

  26. ya saranya, i know tamil… Ningalum tamil ah

  27. So many ppl from TN …me suchi arora now saranya also….whr s today epic

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