Qubool Hai 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital and Shaad’s residence
Ahil addresses her as sanam asking her how is she, while she holds thje line boggled and tensed from the other end. she thinks that she has heard of this name a lot, while ahil desperately asks her to say something, and not hang up. She says that she isnt sanam. He is shocked. He says that if she isnt sanam, then what her name. she says that she is jannat. He asks why does it feel like his sanam’s voice. she stands boggled. She too says that she feels she knows him, and asks his name. Before he can respond, a rod hits his head, and he winces in pain, as the mobile falls off his hand, and he turns around to find the new bride drssed as a nurse, watching him go unconscious with evil determination. She then takes his phone and says that it was a wrong number. sanam is confused, wondering if this was the wrong number, why she felt someone she knows was talking to her. The new bride remembers the police searching for sanam with her pic, and she disguising herself as a nurse, giving the fatal dose to Dilawar too. then she wheels an unconscious ahil out of the hospital lobby, stealthily, and takes his mobile and throws it in the dustbin, and walks off with him.

Misbah meanwhile is trying through a lock, saying that she would have to see how to retrieve the file. hearing footsteps, she places the painting back again, after unscrewing. sanam walks in and finds the shadow of a lady and asks who is there. misbah comes out pretending to have taken a shower, in their bathroom, as her room’s geyser was off. sanam asks how dare she, as this isnt the guest house, but a couple’s room, and this is bad manners to barge in like this. misbah carelessly says that she is in her bathroom not on her bed. Sanam says that she just pretends to be nice, and her reality is unexposed to the family. misbah asks why is she so insecure of her love, and is creating a mountain out of a molehill. she leaves. Sanam thinks that every step of misbah smells of a big conspiracy.

Outside, misbah walks by the pool, thinking that sanam spoiled all her plans and she had to face her ire too. she says that she cant tolerate sanam and her angfer anymore, and before Jannat begins her actions, she would give her so much grief, that she wont be able to get up. Misbah thinks that she couldnt save sanam from marrying shaad. she avenges herself and she says that she would herself make sanam dress as a Widow. She says that once shaad is done away with, shashi’s search shall end too. she thinks that she would have to plan something unusual.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil is asleep in the room, the new bride is tensed in front of gazalla and razaak, saying that she is worried thinking that this lady might be sanam. gazalla asks what if the lady wasnt sanam, and she carelessly killed ahil almost. razaak says that if it was sanam, then she wouldnt have called but would have come straightaway. the new bride says that she wont leave it on doubt, as till she ensures her death, she wont lie in peace. just then, the phone rings, and the new bride tensedly picks it up. She finds that its from a BSF personnel who talks about the task of investigation given to them, about some girl who got lost in the chenab river. she is worried. He says that they found one such girl, from india. he says that he has sent an email to ahil, about the pic of the disappeared girl, for identification. he asks her to check the mail and find out if its the same girl. The new bride is highly tensed. She rushes to check on ahil’s laptop, and finds that its actually sanam, that they have searched for ahil. She along with gazalla and razaak are shocked and angered. she thinks that she knew this all along that sanam is alive. the new bride however is frustrated as to why do ahil and sanam keep reuniting, and become stronger than ever, despite her efforts at parting them away. she says that before ahil can find out about her, she would stop this entire episode, by killing sanam once and for all, and would cross the borders and come to her in pakistan. gazalla and razaak hear this and are shocked.

Later, gazalla and razaak are surprised to see ahil still asleep, and thinks that the new bride is so determined that she has gone across the borders to get rid of her enemies. They are happy to have the entire house to her possession.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Meanwhile, haad calls the same BSF personnel, who says that despite his efforts the girl couldnt be identified, across the borders but they are continuing the investigation. sanam comes and says that she tried hard but couldnt remember anything about her family. He tries to cheer her up, saying hat she shouldnt worry, and should place her entire trust in him. she says that she can feel she can blindly trust him, with the assurance that everything shall be alright soon. they come inside, and sanam is excited to find a whole feast arrangement, and excitedly says that she shall make food, but shaad says that cooks have already been hired. she says that then she shall make his favourite apple pie then. Misbah comes and says that she didnt know it was his favourite dessert. he complies. She asks sanam if she can take shaad away for sometime, as when he goes out, she shall tag along as she has some work too. shaad complies, and says that they shall leave in sometime. sanam stands tensed. shaad leaves to look for preparation of the feast. misbah chides if its okay with her, that she takes away her husband for sometime. sanam clarifies that she isnt insecure, and she worries about her and her complications and taunst her about it. misbah says that even her mother didnt care so much for her. sanam leaves tensedly. Misbah thinks what shaad goes through today, it would surely prove to sanam, who she is, and what her reality is, and what are her intentions.

The new bride eyes the various disguising accessories. A person comes and says that she doesnt need to go through the pain and botheration and can just order them to kill whoever she wants. She tells the person that she needs a full proof plan to kill her own enemies, as that gives the bigest satisfaction, and that this person is her bait, and asks if he got what she demanded. he gives her a bottle with green coloured liquid in it, saying a touch of it is fatal. He informs her thats the poison from an Afghani cobra. She touches it to the person’s neck, and he is shocked asking why she did that. she says that she was just testing. he falls dead, while she is convinced that its true, and that she cant afford to take risk, when there’s love involved. she evilly thinks that she is on her way to kill sanam. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: sanam hears a knock on the door, and goes to see who is it, oblivious that its the new bride disguised as an old hag, waiting tensedly for her to open the door. Meanwhile, misbah is out with shaad, in the car, where she gets a message that the timer on the bomb placed in the car is 20 minutes, and she should get down, before that. she tells shaad that she just needs to get down here, and shaad stops the car. she gets down and then rushes ahead. hearing a bang, misbah turns around and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thnx rimjhim for the update

    1. Rimjhim

      my pleasure….enjoy reading…!!!!1

  2. Did sanam get her memory back?

    1. I don’t know

    2. I think she will get her memory in the next episode

  3. heart healer karan

    what the f**k it is
    is this a game to go to pakistan from india and vica-versa
    and next i will not be surprised if they show the two devils plotting against sanam across the borders


  5. A track that would grab the audience is that new sanam goes to kill sanam but just as sanam is about to open the door shad opens it and new bride kills him.new bride leaves thinking ahil will be away from sanam forever.sanam is shocked to see shaad dead body lying around.she screams for somebody.in india ahil wakes up(Rahul sharma) and says I will find sanam.new bride tells him that sanam might be dead.ahil gets annoyed and he leaves from there.he thinks to lie to new sanam telling her that he has to go somewhere for his bunisses.he leaves.new bride starts laughing saying the true lovers will never be together.in Pakistan sanam gets a call from the doctor saying she is pregnant.ahil comes to Pakistan and someone tells him to go to shaad death ceromony.he goes and finds sanam both look at each Other and they have a romantic eye look.sanam gets her memory and tells ahil she missed him.ahil asks her the truth and she revealed to him that she had a memory loss.she also tells ahil that new bride is lying a about her pregnancy.this makes ahil sad.sanam tells him she will become a mother and he gets happy.she asks for help in order to take revenge from new bride.sanam tells shaad’s family she will go and take revenge from the person who killed shaad.she tells them don’t say this to misbah.they go to india.however Mishnah learns about shaad’s death and thinks to take revenge from sanam.she goes to india.sanam goes home with ahil leaving new bride shocked.new bride meets misbah and they plan to finish sanam once and for all.ahil and sanam doesn’t tell anything about the baby to new sanam.once Mishnah leatns that new sanam killed shad she chooses to take revenge from new bride.in the process sanam delivers a baby girl.misbah learns about her mother’s death and she plans to teach a lesson to sanam first.she shoots sanam but then later finds out that sanam is pregnant again

  6. ♥★♔sara♔★♥

    wat is wrng wid gulfam is she mad or wat hw can she keep d same stry as b4 she want to low her shows trp

  7. Thank u….Liana….

  8. same madness again

  9. Your welcome angel.if this track starts in qubool hai I can’t wait to watch it

  10. I also like liana’s idea of this track.the only reason it was good was because of the romance,there is no romance that’s why it’s so boring,with this new track liana came up with there will be romance that ahil will do to sanam after finding about the pregnancy news

  11. I also like the idea

  12. I love it u guys should do this track first of all u guys are making leap after leap that’s why nobody likes it,they stopped watching this serial.gul khan please do this track.i beg u

  13. Love the idea.thanks liana

  14. I can’t wait to watch qubool hai if this track starts

  15. My gudness, I don’t want shaad to die. Want sheer back as pair for shaad. New sanam in Pakistan ,tanveer daughter in Pakistan and sanam also. Let’s see how does the twist takes place .

    1. Charu she is just telling her idea how could the new track

  16. this seria is shit total crap writers either you all are drunk or on drugs same d but please start writing some scripts which make sense us a lot a shit you keep on writing all before long toenail sanam could not help her self from tanveer all of a sudden she is a big witchcraft person now come on end this serial tooooooooooooooooooooo much shit

  17. I agree with you Gloria she was this helpless little maid now she is the baddest don in town with her witchcraft self…why are all the writers putting witchcraft in all these damn shows?!

  18. If the serial goes like tis then no one will like 2 see it.ther was a news that ahil is going to leave the show whether its trueeeeeeeee

  19. I think the reason for the shaad killing is that so sanam and ahil be together.this track goes then qubool hai fans will get to see karanvir and surbhai one last time.karanvir is leaving only because he is in india and sanam is in Pakistan

  20. I instead of shad dying make it that new sanam shoots shad.he fall and then he is in hospital.once ahil comes to Pakistan and someone calls him to go to the hospital.he goes.sanam and ahil meet with a romantic look.sanam gets her memory.she makes shad and ahil meet.shaad asks a favor to take revenge.she goes to india to take revenge,the battle is on.once shaad’s hand is better he goes to india and helps ahil and sanam take revenge.in the process he figures out about the pregnancy news he gets happy.whatever liana said about misbah can work only make it that she thinks shad died,then she goes to take revenge.in the process she meets shad and asks for marrige but he replays no saying u hurt sanam.he tells her the person who broke my hand is new sanam.she goes to take revenge.new bride tells her that her mother died only because of sanam.she shows a letter that she wrote but in tanveer’s form of perspective.she takes revenge she breaks sanam and ahil relationship but then shad buts them back together

  21. Truth is that most people only hate qubool hai is only because of the leaps and karanvir leaving.he was the best actor with surbhai.he you guys start fresh,will karanvir stay?

  22. Make it that sanam makes new bride fool and also misbah.new bride finds this out and says I will make her a fool.she thinks sanam is dressed as shaad,then she shoots him.u should do whatever ananya said about the hospital.then what Laila said u should about going back to india and surprising new sanam.shaad should join and help take revenge,in the process sanam delivers a baby girl.misbah takes revenge from sanam.sanam wins over new sanam,bad ahil and shad but new bride in jail.misbah and sanam have a battle,sanam is pregnant again with another baby girl.at the end of the battle,misbah gives birth to a boy and tells him if I die u have to take revenge.just like tanveer she kidnaps sanam and ahil frees her,misbah puts a canon bomb to face snam but then goes in a direction that it faces her,just before her death tanveer sprit comes and says u lost the battle,I knew u weren’t going to do it.your weak.the bomb explodes leaving misbah to die and shad to get injured

  23. I like the idea of combining the two.after misbah dies,her son will take revenge.i am telling u qubool hai cast and crew please don’t make a leap.because of the leap u guys just did,ahil is leaving.and make romance in the show once a new track starts.and make Rahul a handsome bad a caring guy towards sanam and a mean guy to new sanam.would be fun to see romance when sanam is pregnant.u guys should do that.remember on September 26 2014 u guys made hot romance between ahil ans sanam and u guys got so many viewers to watch the show?if u do the same with new ahil and sanam the audience and fans of bq will grow

  24. Sorry I made a mistake in the sentence it’s actually qubool hai

  25. I want to see romance

  26. In other serials,their is romance like yeh rishta and yeh hai mohobatein

  27. What about saathiya

  28. No there is not that many romance with ahem and Gopi because of ahem leaving the house and his girlfriend mansi stepping in when ahem comes back to take care of his mother after the heart attack.also they can’t do romance case Meera hates it when Gopi comes near ahem.qubool hai cast make at least some days with romance.and make days where u make new bride jealous,for example when sanam says her head hurts because of the severe headaches ahil says I will take u to the doctor and new bride comes saying her belly hurts take me to the doctor and ahil will choose sanam.make it were sanam and ahil are playing with her pregnancy making her think she is actually pregnant.but then new bride will try to find the real reason behind sanam going to the doctor

  29. Hi guyz
    m new here

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