Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (86)


Kunj was examining the chloroform bottle very keenly. he found nothing there. He went ahead and found a bangle. He recognised it to be twinkle’s bangle. He very carefully placed it in hus pocket.
he was observing everything from past one hour.. soon all others reached there..
Uv- what r u doing here kunj??
Kunj- Finding some clues.. so that i can reach my twinkle soon.. dont know i which condition is she?? (he get teary eyed )
uv- (nooded understanding) Did u find anything??

Abhi’s call interrupted their talk..
Abhi- Did u get anyu clue??
uv- no.. not yet..
kunj- But i got 2.. (shouts)
uv- oh.. ok.. kunj got some clues..
Abhi= fine i will be there soon..
Uv- fine.. byee
Call disconnected.

Not finding anything much, all returned back home.
Kunj carefully handed over the clues to abhi..
Soon twinkle’s posters were printed n were stuck everywhere in the city.
Everybody was tensed and praying for twinkle’s safety..

But our kunj is lost somewhere.
all he could think is about his syappa queen.. his twinkle..
He held himself responsible for twinkle missing..

@Old factory.. (near by beach only)
Twinkle was seen unconscious sitting on a chair all tied up with ropes n mouth covered with tape..
Moring sunrays started showing in from the small hole in factory..
Twinkle slightly opened her eyes to see the surrounding but felt pain in her head n closed them again..
Suddenly a voice came…

Voice- Good morning miss Twinkle Taneja..
Twinkle opened her eyes listening the sound.. n saw a man standing just in front of her little nending to reach at her height..
twinkle became afraid seeing the man soo close to her.. She started struggling in the grip of roped but couldn’t do anything..

The man Removed the tape from her mouth with a jerk n it caused her pain..
twinkle- Ahh!!
Man- Ha ha.. is it paining baby??
He started touching her cheeks n lips wit his thumb..
She felt disgusted n shouted ..
twinkle- Leave me..!!
Man- not so soon baby.. I m searching u from past 2 years n now when u rin my clutched.. u want me to leave u??
No Never baby.. Abhi to u need to fulfil my lust baby.. Ur family did cheating 2 years back n get u married before i could reach u.. but no worried i gave them punishment for their deeds..
Twinkle- (became horrified after listening to her parents news.) Who.. who r u?? where r my parents?? n how do u know them?
Man- tsk tsk tsk.. u dont know me?? (held her hairs angrily) Thats ur punishment for not knowing me.. (laughed evilly) h ha ha ha…
Twinkle- (crying due to pain) pl.. plz leave me? what did i do to u?/ why r u doing this to me.. n where r my parents?? how do u know them..??
Man- (angrily) ur parenyts?? ha.. (shouting) ur parents.. I KILLED THEM.. did u listen I KILLE THEM.. ? u know why (she was sobbing) because they didnt let me meet u n get u married without letting me know n they were leaving the country that day only but my dad saw them n made them captive..
Twinkle- But!! wh.. why??
Man- (shouting) because i wanted u.. but they refused to give u to me thats why i killed them…
Twinkle was now crying badly listening about her parents death..
Man- poor twinkle… u wanna know how i killed ur parents?/ (twinkle nooded in no crying) dont worry baby.. let me show u..
he opened his phone n showed her the video of her parentss murder..
man- ha ha ha.. see see how they r crying n begging for their life.. but no.. they couldnt be forgiven.. so i killed them .. (he was laughing like phyco)
(suddenly he became angry) But ur brother.. he left from ther.. from my clutches.. (banged his hand on the nearby table).. how could he?? how could he run form my clutches..
But now u will bear the punishment of ur brother’s sins.. (touching her lustily)
twinkle- No plz .. plz stay away from me..!! (feeelig disgusted)
Twinkle- KKoi h.. help me.. help me plz..(crying badly)

Kunj was wondering near beach all night.. he was passing from street to street to get a single clue of his twinkle but he didnt found anything..
He even dont know where he is??
In morining.. he became really tired but didnt stop walking.. he reached a deserted place when no one was to be seen just some old building were there..
Suddenly he heard the shouting of a girl..
Girl- KOi h.. plz plz help me.. (sounds of crying were increasing)
His heart clentched listening to those helpless sounds..
he wakled towards the direction n entered the old factory.. But whayt he saw made him shattered..
He was his twinkle in a very bad condition crying begging for help.. he closed his eyes not able to see her this condition..
the man left her after slapping her few times n locked the door but our kunj has already entered the room without his notice n was hiding in some corner..

After he left, he walked towards twinkle n saw her crying badly n rushed towards her..
Listening to the sounds of footsteps she saw towards direction n releived seeing his love his kunj comming..

How is the episod efriends?/ i hope u like it?
i think u would have guessed who the man is who kiddnaped twinkle..
Comment n tell me if u know the kiddnaper..
see u soon..S

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…. Awesome episode ??

  2. Nishfd

    Yeh twinkle ka mjnu hai kon iski toh mai…
    Leave him I know u will give him deserve punishment
    Epi ws superb …
    Feeling really bad for twinj. ..
    Post asap

  3. Presha

    Hey its…awespme
    Just loved it…
    The kinapper is mr.luthara
    Hope so…
    Post soon
    Love u_??

  4. SidMin23

    Nice do post soon wonder who is this Romeo of twinke. And finally kunj come on time to save his love.

  5. SidMin

    Awesome … episode…. Loved it…. atleast Kunj is with Twinkle…
    Love you post soon … I can’t wait … ❤

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowwww… monaa it was beautiful! I just loved it so much! felt really bad for Twinkle! post soon
    see you!?

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  7. Monaa it was superb
    Loved it
    Felt sad for twinkle
    Post soon

  8. Awesome epi….. Emotional….. I was crying while reading it….. Emotions r described very well
    ….plzzzzzzzzzzz post nxt epi today only plzzzzzzzz…. I want nxt full epi with twinj emotional scenes plzzzzzzz post nxt today only…..luv u….

  9. Twinj. ?????they stand together always ???…….Amazinggg ……Post soon ??

  10. Baby

    ohhhhhh god amazing jst sooooo emotional……..♥
    loved it…it was tooo cute too painful…….
    loved it……..♥
    love u lods………..♥
    guess its mr.luthra………?
    well post nxt asap dii cant w8…..♥

  11. Ramya

    Awesome monaa Amazing
    Ab plssxss jaldi se post karo I ca r wait
    N fat sttuupid how can he kill someone make him suffer
    N ‘ I hope kunj saves her
    Love u keep smiling

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