Shivika love part 4

Shivika love part 4

Hello all… Really loved that u were Happy with the episode..

So let’s continue now..

Shivay wakes up next morning and sees Anika still sleeping..Her innocent face..Lips curved hugging a pillow..No rush to wake up..Just the typical Anika..

He feels that what ever happened yesterday was due to the heavy dose of medications only and no need to worry..

He unconsciously holds anikas hand and sits there adoring her..

Anika wakes up and sees shivay so close to her..She says shivay..Kya irrade Hai aapke (what are your intentions )..And starts laughing..

Shivay again gets lost in her laughter..And she seeing no response in him throws a glass of water on him..

S what the wack

A again starts laughing…Kab se dekh rhi hue Aapko..2 rs nazron se Mujhe tadd rhe Hai..Aapko bas ISS duniya me vapis layi hue..

I’m noticing you..You are looking at ne with cheap 2rs way..I just got u back in normal life

She goes to washroom to have bath..

Shivay gets sure that all that Happ was due to the dose only and Anika didn’t say all that consciously

He gets back in his good spirits and went for the breakfast and all.

After some time when he enters the room he sees Anika talking to someone on phone..

A hanji suniye yadav ji..Mujhe Ghar dekhna that rent pe 1Bhk..Bas ghar acchi si jagah PE hona chahiye saaf suthri colony hangi..Ji ji janti hue Mai ki bht tym lgta Hai inn sab kaamo me..Isliye 2 mahine pehle hi BTA rhi hue Aapko..Aap bas dekh lijie ab

Mr yadav I want the flat on rent 1bhk but the house should be a in neat and clean nice place and yes I know it takes time that’s why I’m telling you in two months advance now please you see now..

Shivay is not utterly shocked and angry seeing this..

He comes inside the room. And grabs Anika from her shoulders ans says

S samajhti Kya ho tum Khud ko..Abhi Sab theek tha ab tum firse Ghar chodne ki baate kr rhi ho..Kya matlab Hai iss Sab ka..And grabs her more tightly..

Anika come on what do you think of yourself now everything is fine and now you again talking about leaving this house what does the mean

Anika shouts in pain..

And shrugs off his hands..And moves towards him shivay moves backward and Anika towards her..

A aap Kya samajhte Hai Khud ko..Puri life apne mere control krne me koshish ki Hai Aapne..Kabhi kuch kabhi kuch..Aapne sochne bethenge na ki Aapne Kya Kya kiya Hai mere sath to pura ek din nikal jaega..fir ap ye sochte Hai ki apke Sath rhu..Kis haqq se keh rhe Hai..Apne Khud hi kaha Tha na ki aapke mann me mere liye care hai.. Sympathy Hai..Respect Hai lekin Pyaar nahi..ap apne baacho ki maa ke roop me Mujhe nahi dekh skte…To kis haqq se rhu Mai aapki biwi bankar..Sari zindigi apke bheekh me bitau..

What do you think of yourself you have controlled whole of my life if I start telling you what all have you done with me it will take 1 full day to tell still will not get over…who are you stop me with what relation you are saying me to live here you only said that You care for me you sympathize for me..But you don’t love me you cant see me as the mother of your kids..why should I live here… You want I should live my whole life under your charity..

She says this and leaves the room..

Shivay pov

What wrong is Anika saying what all have a not done with her I sent her to jail..I tried to take her house from her.. not let her take the contract I kidnapped her brother so that I could marry her I did so wrong with her still she always saved my life

Sach hi to keh rhi Hai Anika..Kya Kya nahi kiya Maine Uske Sath..Jail bheja usko..Ghar chinna chaha..usse contract nahi lene Diya..usko kharedne ki koshish ki..uske Bhai ko kidnap krke usse Shaadi ki..Uske Sath itna bura Kiya..Fir bhi usne mere jaan bachayi Harr baar..

After some time

Shivay is looking for Anika but is unable to find her..He calls her many times but se doesn’t pick..He thinks if she is upset with him

He finds om and tells him about this..he says to call Anika..He calls Anika and she picks the phone..

O hello Bhabhi..Kahan ho aap

Bhabhi where are you

Shivay says to put the phone on speaker.

A hello om..Bilkul Sahi time pe phone kiya Hai..Mujhe job mil Gyi.

Om you called on the right time you know what I got a job

Shivay and om look at each other.

O Bhabhi wow ye bht acchi khabar Hai..Lekin ye job achanak..

Wow bhabhi that’s really a great news but why this job suddenly

A om ye Sab chodo..Tum btao shivay Kahan Hai

Home leave all that stuff first tell me where is shivaay

O Bhabhi yahin kahi Hoga..Kyu Kya hua..

Bhabhi must be here only what happened

A aare om pichle aadhe ghante see 20 baar phone kr chuke Hai Mai interview me thi to isliye phone nahi utha payi..

Hari Om he has called me 20 times in the last half an hour I was in the interview so I could not take the call

O koi baat nahi Bhabhi aap Ghar AA jae fir baat krte hai

No problem bhabhi you first come home then we’ll talk

O shivay kuch Kehna chahta Hai tu..

Shiva you want to say something

Shivay tells him all the happenings..

O shivay tu khud soch Bhabhi me Vaise kuch galat nahi Keh​ rhi Hai..tu. 2 ghante bhi unse Durr nahi reh paya..Puri zindigi reh paega..
Soch le mere Bhai..Tere liye anika Bhabhi important Hai ya Khoon khandan..

Shivaay you just tell me what wrong is bhabhi saying you can’t even live 2 hours without her would you be able to spend your whole life without her ..decide my brother what is more important for you Bhabhi or name surname and family..

Shivay is left thinking..

Precap Anika pov.. Shivay wants to win Anika back

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