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Guys thank u so much for ur lovely comments and keep supporting me….
So lets just start the next part without any delay….
Previous part: Part 5
One week leap
Finally it was the day for the singing competition and Swara was all set to give her performance…..She was standing at the back stage with her gang when all left her with Kabir telling that they will go and grab their seats….Kabir was standing with Swara when she suddenly started panicking…..
Swara:(hits her forehead)Oh shoot….God Swara …
Kabir:(worried)Shonu …whats the matter?????
Swara:Kabbu I forgot my locket in my bag in my scooty …..(worried)I won’t be able to perform without that…..I’ll go and get that…
Kabir:(cups her face)Ssshhh….U don’t worry …I’ll go and get it….U just wait here… The competition will begin in sometime…..Relax….
Swara:(smiles)Ur my best buddy…..(hugs him)Thank u……
Kabir:I know…..

Saying this Kabir goes to get Swara’s locket while she keeps standing there waititng for him…. The competition was still to start and she was the last contestent….As she was humming the song she felt a harsh pull and before she could react her mouth was closed and seeing the person she was shocked and tries to free herself but that person takes her to an empty place where no one could see them …..And then he pushes Swara with a force such that she falls on the ground and her elbow starts bleeding….
Swara:(cries with pain)Ouch…. Nitin….(one of Swara’s senior)What the hell do u think u are doing?????And how dare u ?????(she gets up and tries to raise her hand on him)
Nitin:(twists her hand and she yells in pain)Oh come on Swara ….U very well know why I have brought u here…..And u will be here till my sweetheart wins the competition….
Swara:(angrily tries to free herself)If ur so called girlfriend, Mukthi is so talented then tell her compete with me on stage and not by playing such dirty games….
Nitin:(pulls her hair)She is not involved i this….And mind u Swara before u enter this college it was always Mukthi who has won the competition but after ur arrival she has lost her confidence and I can’t see her pain…. So u’ll be with me till the competition is over….
Swara:(winces in pain)If u love her so much then u should know that f she win like also it will be her loss only because direct or indirect this is cheating…..
Nitin:I don’t care….
Swara:(monolouge)Uff Swara its waste to talk to him…Pagal premi….[mad lover]…. (suddenly she starts shouting)Help…help….someone plz save me…..

Nitin gets startled by her shouts and closes her mouth immediately and then ties her hands and legs and keeps a cloth in her mouth an then locks her in a classroom and goes from there…Here Swara gets scared because she is scared of darkness and tears start to floe from her eyes… She tries to ask for help but all in vain…
Here Kabir comes back and finds Swara missing and starts looking for her…He informs Ayaaz,Avni and Shrusthi about it and all together start finding Swara….Kabir gets tensed and while looking around dashes with someone…..
Kabir:(lost)I’m sorry….
The person:Hey Kabir…whats the matter????Is every thing alright????

Kabir looks up to find Sanskar…
Kabir:(hesitant)Oh…Actualli Sir we are looking for Swara….
Sanskar:(shocked)What do u mean by searching?????
Kabir tells him everything and he gets shocked….
Sanskar:Okay don’t worry…I’ll help in finding her…
Kabir doubtfully nods and then both move in different directons to look for Swara….
Sanskar was getting restless with each passing second and was cursing himself for not keeping an update of her….
Here Swara was weeping an shrieking in fear…Just then she hears some foot steps and tries to scream…
Suddenly the door opens and Swara closes her eyes due to the sudden dim light hitting her face…
Okay so I’m stopping here…Now don’t kill me for such a short update but thought to create some suspense…. Now tell me ur views and if I get good response then next pat will be soon and if not then next update in next week….
Bye..love all….tc

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