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The Episode starts with doctor telling everyone that Ayaan’s condition that he is in big shock and its risky for his life. Anuja cries and says this is not happening right. Pakhi thinks about Ayaan and Anshuman’s bonding. How much Ayaan loved Anshuman and wanted to be with him always. The FB scene shows Anshuman and Ayaan’s love which Pakhi always witnessed. Anshuman was sad as he also wanted to spend time with Ayaan. He says he got much love from Ayaan, and all this happened because of her, she came in his life and everything changed. Ayaan did not know I love him before you came and I did not know I m missing so much, I want you to keep Ayaan happy. She got annoyed as he was not loving her. He says you are the pillar of our gang.

She jokes and says I m so happy that you are so attached

with Ayaan. He says thanks Pakhi for coming in my and Ayaan’s life, keep him always, as I will be happy in his happiness, always take care of him, even if I m not there. She says I don’t like this last statement. She hugs him and says don’t worry, I will always take care of Ayaan. The current scene: Pakhi says nothing will happen to Ayaan, I know what I have to do now. She goes to Aryaman. Aryaman thinks of the accident and shouts don’t kill me. He gets violent and the nurse tries to control him. She asks him to rest as nothing will happen to him. She says I will call your relatives. He thinks about Anshuman who knew his truth. He thinks of Sandeep’s words that Rathores will not leave him if they know the truth. He thinks to run away.

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He is shocked to see Pakhi at the door and stops. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I did not want to tell you now, but Anshuman is dead. Aryaman is shocked. She says you might be thinking that everything is over and I m still like this in colored clothes and jewellery. She says I have failed after losing Anshuman and don’t want to lose Ayaan. Ayaan has seen Anshuman taken away and he is in a shock. She says doctor said if he knows Anshuman is dead, I will lose my son, he is very small and has a soft heart, he should not get any shock, and for this its necessary that Anshuman is alive in Ayaan’s eyes. She says I want to ask you something.

She cries and says for Ayaan, you become Anshuman. Aryaman is shocked and looks at her. She says I know this is very tough, I don’t have any other option. When Ayaan gets up and looks for his dad, what will I tell him, Ayaan loves Anshuman a lot. He can’t bear this, if I tell him that his dad will never come back. She folds her hand and asks him to save her son, I beg you. She says save him please. Aryaman says I Anshuman…… I can’t lie to him, its bad. She says what if he dies. She says I know what you are thinking, I will tell him after few days, I will explain him, till he gets ready to bear this shock, till then you become Anshuman for Ayaan.

Aryaman agrees and goes to meet Ayaan. Ayaan hugs him and says he saw someone like him going on stretcher and he fainted being afraid. Aryaman hugs him and Pakhi looks on. Aryaman looks at Pakhi. Ayaan cries. Ayaan asks Pakhi to hug Anshuman. He says dad stand up, Maa see dad is fine, why are you standing, hug him. He joins their hands. Pakhi and Aryaman feel very odd.

Aryaman thinks to be Anshuman for Ayaan. Pakhi talks to Anshuman’s dead body and hugs him promising him she will take care of Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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