What do you think about Anshuman’s death in Tumhari Pakhi?

One of the perfect husbands of Indian TV, Anshuman Rathore of Life ok’s show Tumhari Pakhi, has been shown dead and his soul mate wife Pakhi mourning over his dead body and going through a hard time as their son Ayaan does in a depression phase seeing his dad dead. Iqbal Khan, the dashing hunk who is doing a double role in the show as Anshuman and Aryaman, is justifying his roles superbly, with so clear distinction between them, that you feel like watching two different characters. He is immensely genuine actor, who does his role so well, that with Anshuman’s death, many hearts of his fan were broken. But the good thing is he is still in the show, doing Aryaman’s role and we will get to see him every day. Its true Anshuman’s character will be missed a lot, having know he was a ideal human being, along with being the best father, best husband, best son, best friend and best brother.

Shraddha Arya, who is better known as Pakhi, emoted so well and natural, that she has filled life in the act. Her tears made the viewers cry, her emotions got connected with them. The death identification scene of Anshuman was really shot the best. Anshuman, Aryaman and Ayaan meet with an accident, done by Sandeep and his goons. They are taken to the hospital where Ayaan suffers minor injuries but Anshuman and Aryaman become critical. The suspense was very kept, as we did not know who died. The doctors told Pakhi that the one of them died, was because all his vital organs stopped functioning and he bleeded a lot, so they could not save him, and can’t differentiate between as they look the same.

Girish goes to identify the dead one and gets confused as Aryaman is also clean shaven like Anshuman. Lastly he asks Pakhi to identity her husband by the language of touch, which is always evident between them. Pakhi goes to both of them with a heavy heart and holds the hand of the first one in the ICU. She understands its Aryaman and starts crying miserably. She then goes to the morgue to meet Anshuman and hugs him crying and holding his hand. The scene was so upsetting for the viewers, we don’t know how will they react to his sudden death. What do you think about his death track? Give your vote.

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  3. Very bad i ‘ll miss anshuman

  4. Manoj Singhania

    Anshuman and Pakhi both are the life of the show. Without any one of them the show is not worth watching as every one is connected with their heart with the show.with such high emotions it is becoming very hard to watch the show. Our sixth sense says that Anshuman is not dead

  5. Dina Azadegan

    It was so upsetting and heartbreaking I cried so much. And I don’t know if I will carry on to watch the show as Iqbal was one my favourites I loved him and his character Anshuman. Please somehow bring him back to the show! I beg you :'( :'( I’m devestated and heart broken 🙁 🙁

  6. Pls make aryaman as ansuman otherwise show will flop very soon,already some of my friends left watching including me..

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