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Scene 1
sunehri comes to shantanu on terrace, he says you make me wait so much, she says sorry to shantanu on terrace, he says you have to prove if you really sorry, she ask how, he points to his cheek(hinting to kiss him), she says oowh no, paro comes there and says sunehri, she looks at them together. paro ask whats all this, shantanu says actually.. paro says i am talking to sunehri, sunehri says bhabhi we love each other, shantanu nods, paro suspiciously looks at sunehri, sunehri says bahabi actually, i am sorry, paro ask her to go inside, sunehri leaves.
paro looks at shantanu, shantanu says i was going to talk to you, good you saw us together, truth is i love sunehri and wants to marry her, will you talk to elders of this house? paro recalls how ladies said that they saw him in birpur

and all shantanu’s suspicious activities, paro says no, shantanu is stunned and ask why? paro says how much we know about you, i mean you came here somedays back, we don’t know about your parents, your house, its all happening so fastly and its not correct, she turns to leave, shantanu makes evil face, she turns to him, he changes his expression, paro says don’t meet sunehri like this now, i will not tell anyone but if anybody finds about then i will not be good.

Scene 2
sunehri is crying, paro comes to her, sunehri says nobody cares about me, paro says nothing like that, i want you get all happiness but shantanu.. pro says believe me i did that for you happiness, sunehri says leave me alone, paro dejectedly leaves fom there.
at night, rudra comes to paro, both say that they want to talk important. rudra ask say what, paro says no you tell 1st, rudra says the bullet you gave me, we got to know about it, paro ask what? he says the bullet was fired from bsd’s gun, paro ask how this can happen, rudra says you were alone that night in room, paro says then shantanu came, rudra says and he got hurt by bullet, paro says only one bullet was fired and it hurt shantanu, rudra says we should talk to shantanu, they both leaves.
sunehri come to sumer, sumer ask why your eyes are swollen, were you crying? she says no, she says don’t hurt shtabdi, the one you love, you shouldn’t hurt them, sumer says love? she leaves. shtabdi comes there, sumer says i am leading the score board, shtabdi says this day is over but many days to come. shtabdi says the game has started now, sumer says you are looking most beautiful lizard of world, she throws pillow at him, he teases her saying lizard. she says don’t forget you married a lioness.
rudra and paro comes to shantanu, rudra says we were coming to you, shantanu ask what happened? rudra says i wanna ask some questions, shantanu thinks did she tell about me and sunehri to rudra, he says actually.. rudra says 1st listen to my question, i wanna ask about bullet, shantnau is more afaird and ask what bullet? rudra says the bullet from which you got hurt. paro got in room, i found that the bullet was fired from bsd gun, shantanu says i fired that bullet, paro says but you got huet from that, shantanu says i fired at attacker, paro says but i listened sound of one fire only, shantanu says you were blind folded, my gun has silencer, he says to rudra that you can check too, rudra says no need, i was just asking,rudra leaves, shantanu says thanks to paro that you didn’t tell anything to rudra, you were right, i understand, she leaves. shantanu thinks that i am walking on glass pieces, i have to wait for right time otherwise, everything will be finished.

shtabdi comes in room, sumer is sleeping, shtabdi says now we will see the score board, she puts fake lizard on head of sumer, he wakes up and finds lizard on his head, he shouts, shtabdi takes lizard in her hand and makes sumer afraid, he gets to know that its fake, shtabdi says now my score is more, look this lizard make you run, don’t try to be loin, i will eat you up, she leaves.

Scene 3
paro gives parsad to rudra, rudra says you were about to say something in night? paro says actually.. rudra gets call, he says we will talk in night, he leaves.
sunehri is with shantanu, she says why are you not talking to me? he says everything is finished, our relation is finished, sunehri ask why? shantanus says paro doesn’t like me so no one will like me so we should finish our relation, i cant see you hurt, i will leave, we have no way, i love you a lot, sunehri says we will find some way, he says no and leaves, par comes and ask what happened? sunehri says because of you everything is finished, our relation is broken, now you must be happy, go from here i don’t wanna see your face.

Scene 4
at night, paro comes to rudra, rudra is half sleep, paro says i want to talk to you, don’t get angry, shantanu said that he likes sunehri and sunehri likes him too but shantanu.. i know i don’t judje people rightly but there is something about shantanu, she says i told you to not get angry but you are not saying anything, she sees that rudra is fast asleep.
paro comes to shantanu’s room, she finds picture under his pillow, she is about to take it but shantanu comes and snatches it from her, he says that what are you doing, you cant can come here like that, he then says sorry i shouldn’t talk to you like this, she ask whose pic is this, why are you hiding it? shantanu says i am not hiding, its my big brother’s pic but i will not show, like you decided that i am not capable to be part of your family same i will not show my personal life, paro leaves, shantanu thinks she shouldn’t come here next time. sunehri comes there with bag, she shows him money and jewelry in bag, she says i robbed maasa’s jewelry, you were right, they will not accept our relation but that doesn’t mean our relaltion will end, we will run and will get married then they wull accept us, shantanu says but.. shantanu says yes we will run from here, she hugs him, shantanu thinks that now my plan will go ahead, thanks sunehri.
in morning, paro comes to sunehri’s room and says i made tea for youy, are you still angry with me, please get up from bed, she sees that there are pillows on bed but sunehri is missing, paro is shocked.

PRECAP- danveer says to paro that what, sunehri ran away with shantanu, Maithili says maybe they got married, rudra is stunned too.
shantanu stops the car, sunehri ask why did you stop, he says because my work is done, she ask what? he says sorry but i have to do the work for what i came here

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ahahhah qo funny sunher u are idiotttttt ahahhahaha

  2. Wow!don’t know y these girls sacrifice everything for a person they have met days before.Any way the serial is going very well.Nice review Atiba

  3. Hi paro and rudra…

  4. I heard abt a 5 yr leap in RR n paro’s character to die…… i hope its not true….. i cant imagine rudra widout her…… i also heard dat sanaya vl cum in a new avtar…… dey r goin really eel den y ds leap thng? Ds serial is different frm d rest den y creative team is goin on d same path of leap n al…..

  5. No Rangrasiya is a unique show which is based on a story wich. Has neva been done be4….why r dey gunna kill off Sanya irani?

    1. wont be unique if it takes a leap!!!!

  6. why all these hindi serials are keen to take leap – this spoils the show totally – its fine as it is we all know in real life death happens its not necessary to kill off a lead character -is this copy of pyar ka dard where lead actress comes back in new avatar. please leave it as it is. not the way to gain TRP’s . but when have the programme makers or writers ever listened to viewers point of view!!!!! i will not be watching if it takes a leap thats for sure – like EBI

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