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Abhi and Ria reach the house. He asks Ria to wear coat else it will be a problem if Raman Chacha sees her in gown. Aanchal kisses his coat. Abhi turns and asks why didn’t you wear it. Aanchal asks him to make her wear it. He obliges. He takes her silently inside. Raman sees them and thinks he have to talk to Abhi now. Then thinks to ask Dadisaa to talk to Abhi. Abhi takes her to room and asks her to change the dress. She nods no. She says I love you Abhi and pulls his closer. Dadisaa knocks on their door and asks where did you both go? Abhi lies saying we went to hospital. Dadisaa tells him that Rukmani tried to make Ria understand everything. She says let me talk to Ria. Abhi says Ria slept and I was going to sleep. We won’t come back late at night. Abhi tells good night and closes the

door. Dadisaa sees a glimpse of Ria/ Aanchal wearing a gown with heavy make up and thinks Abhi has started lying after marriage.

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Next day, Abhi and Ria are in the hospital. Ria gets shocked knowing about their night out in the pub. Abhi tells her that she was drunk too. Ria says she never had drink before. Ria refuses to go to Pub. Abhi shows the stamp of the club on her hand. Ria wonders why she is not remembering anything. Abhi tells her that Dr. Gandhi is the best psychiatrist and we will find out. He sees Divya there and asks about her condition. Divya recalls Ria/Aanchal suffocating her and tells that she was the one who attacked me. She is not a human, but a ghost. Ria says I met you for the first time. Divya runs from there cryingly. Ria asks Abhi who was she? Abhi says she is your school friend. Ria says I saw her for the first time. Why everyone is reacting the same way seeing me. She says she can’t try to kill anyone. She asks him. He says something is wrong with you. Ria feels as if the dead body hold her hand. She tells to Abhi and asks him to come with her to confirm.

Raman tells Rukmani that Abhi and Ria were not in their room, so called them. Abhi said they went to hospital. When they came back, I saw them. Dadisaa stops him. Rukmani asks what is the matter? Dadisaa says new bride was wearing strange clothes. Ria takes Abhi to the mortuary and shows the dead body saying he held my hand. Abhi says the whole body is covered with a cloth.

Ria sees Aanchal’s dead body opening her eyes and tells Abhi. She asks what is your problem? Why can’t you let me live? Abhi asks her to see carefully and says it is a dead man. Abhi asks her to come for doctor’s appointment.

Raman tells Rukmani that he was ashamed to go infront of Abhi and Ria seeing the latter’s clothes. He says I don’t think they would have gone to the hospital. Dadisaa tries to take Abhi and Ria’s side saying they are newly married. Rukmani says it is a matter of their family’s prestige. I am worried. She thinks to keep hanuman chalisa as told by Guruji. Dadisaa prays to God for Ria’s safety.

Ria tells Dr. Gandhi that she got her CT scan done and everything was normal. She says two persons can’t be wrong. They were scared seeing me and called me a ghost. Doctor advices her to rest in her case and prescribe her some medicines. Ria goes out. Abhi talks to the doctor and says she was not this before. He says sometimes he feels that she is not Ria, but someone else. Doctor says sometimes it happens with doctors when they fail to save a patient and feel her in herself. The Tantrik woman is seen taking out ghost from a lady.

Abhi gets a call so Ria goes out of the hospital and sees the tantrik performing the tantrik puja. She goes towards her. The lady tantrik tells Ria that a woman occupied her body and asks her to get her out of her body. The hospital watchman asks them to leave. The lady tantrik tells Abhi that Ria needs treatment else it will be too late. Aanchal tells her to see what she do with Ria. Abhi asks Ria to have medicine. Ria refuses, but then takes it. Abhi asks her to sleep. Ria insists to talk to her family. Sheetal brings milk for her. Ria drinks it.

Kammo massages Rukmani’s legs. Dadisaa asks Abhi about Ria’s health. Abhi says she is having weakness and head ache. She will be fine. Dadisaa asks are you saying truth? Revathi says they are tired after partying. Abhi hopes Ria gets normal after waking up.

Ria shouts taking Abhi’s name. Everyone rush to her. Ria tells Abhi that Aanchal’s photo was there in his laptop a while before, and checks again. Rukmani asks Abhi what happened to her.

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