Hamari Sister Didi 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Karan keeps Amrita’s photo on the centre table and leave the house. The three of them watch him leave, Khushi was happy and asks isn’t it a good thing. Sooraj says no, Karan uncle isn’t and can never be papa. Khushi says he will be Karan uncle, he can’t take papa’s place; they just have to make him a part of their lives. Sooraj says no. Khushi says if he can save her, save him and side mama in all the problem, had papa been here he would have done the same. If he isn’t important, why can’t he have feelings and why do they call him everytime. Sooraj says mama is always his, she says mama is theirs but their mama also needs someone to support her always, and with whom she can share her problems. She has no wish in life, she only works for them. She says when they will grow up and go out, mama will be left alone, who will be there then with her. She says mama needs support, and for this they don’t have to forget papa but accept Karan uncle. She says it is for mama if not Karan uncle. He is quiet, so is Mrs. Kapoor. Sooraj still says no. Khushi says alright, get up and takes the ring from the box. She wears it and says thankyou Karan uncle. Mrs. Kapoor looks at Sooraj.
In Muskaan, the receptionist asks Amrita to look for reception for a few minutes. Amrita thinks it is good Karan didn’t come here, else she had to face him. Karan thinks in his home, if he made aunty and children upset. The bell rings, Mrs. Kapoor was there. He asks her to sit, but Mrs. Kapoor says she just want to say something to him. She says she disliked what and how he said, he is her son’s friend and it was about her daughter in law, so she didn’t say something to him in front of everyone. She says he must forget Amrita, that will be good for him. He asks why, she says she isn’t here to answer his questions. He must understand that Amrita was her son’s wife and will remain so.
Amrita was in office working with files. Babay comes and observes her. Amrita asks what has happened, and why is she watching her like this. Babay sits down, and says she thought Amrita doesn’t hide anything from her, but did Karan say something to her. Amrita asks isn’t he ashamed of telling it to everyone. Babay asks if she wants to run away from happiness, Karan has sided her always and if he wants to be with her for a lifetime. Amrita says she has the love of Avi. Babay asks where is Avi, life is long and someone needs to be there. Amrita says she has children, and no one can give them the space of Avi. What is the guarantee that Karan will give her children his children’s place, she will keep on worrying about her children all the time. She says she can’t do this, she can’t take this risk. She leaves, Babay says so many questions for one relations, but all the answers to her questions is Karan.
Karan says to Mrs. Kapoor that he isn’t taking her away from anyone. Mrs. Kapoor asks Sooraj and Khusho to come in, she smiles and says she can’t make any more drama. She says she wants it too, so that he doesn’t have to come to her home again and again. Sooraj says they have some conditions, Karan says he accepts it all. Sooraj says his mama is firstly his, and then didi’s; Karan counts then more people. Khushi says he will have to spend time with her, but he will have to give time to them as well. Karan laughs that he accepts all the conditions, and says he doesn’t want to be their papa as that place is Avi’s. He wants to be their best friend, and hugs them. The children say I love you to Karan, Mrs. Kapoor says they have to make Amrita say the same, but it isn’t that easy. The children say from today, mission mama ki shaadi is on.
The children ask Babay for help, the staff cheer and agree. Amrita comes and asks what is happening, Khushi laughs that it is nothing. Sooraj says it was didi’s plan, Amrita asks what plan. Khushi says they are getting late, Amrita stops them and asks what are they planning for. Sooraj was about to speak, Khushi stops him. Sooraj says they were planning her birthday, they all say yes. Amrita looks around, she asks is she a queen that they are all planning. She says this is hospital, they must all go to work. She asks Mrs. Kapoor what is she doing here with the children, Mrs. Kapoor says sometimes one must listen to children as well.
Amrita goes inside calling Babay. Babay gathers everyone and tells them to meet her near café.
Karan comes to Avi’s photo, he talks to him and says he can never forget him, he is living the life he had given him. He is here, as he used to say. The family come from behind, Karan says he is not taking his place, he promises to not disappoint you in deserving Amrita’s love.

PRECAP: They were all in Karan’s cabin, Mrs. Kapoor was saying that the letter is done but they need to figure how they should get it to Amrita. Dimple hears this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. awesome epi. Waiting for tonight. Wish real life me bhi karan jase log hote.

  2. Hum B Thode Aise Hi He Karan Sir Jaise…..
    But Unki Mohbbt Or Hmari Same He.
    Yar YE Dimple Ko Pichhe Se Maaro Re Konto B???
    Kaha9 B Tang Dalne K Kama Krri…..

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