Sinhasan Battisi 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj ,brhmdat and the goldsmith go to see for a beggar but found no one there raja bhoj asks goldsmith tat is he sure tat the beggar stay here only the goldsmith says tat he is sure as he always gives them daan and they have to be here while gange and telam are seen holding the beggars at the point of a knife brahmdat says tat may be they have left this village but raja bhoj says tat no they have not left if they have then they have taken away their plates in which they took bhiksha and then says tat they are here somewhere around and they should search while seeing them all search gange and telam ask the bhikshuk(beggar) to leave this place right now or they will be killed and they go while brahmdat calls raja bhoj and says tat the mudra visheshan(coin identification) expert is here and then raja bhoj asks him has he got any information then the expert says tat these coins belong to gangapur brahmdat is shocked to hear tat and says tat gangapur is our friendly neighbor and who can do this all and raja bhoj then says tat now he has understood everything and then raja bhoj goes to see the ramleela
Maharani vallari is saying to her self tat she knows tat raja bhoj loves her a lot and wants to see her happy and she then swears tat she wont leave this place until raja bhoj punishes the culprit whi created differences between them and raja bhoj is seeing the ramleela where he sees maharani vallari at the place of sita who is waiting for her husband and he also sees himself at the ram’s place and then he reminds all the sequences and links tat gange and telam are chote and bade while brahmdat comes and asks raja bhoj to come with him as they have to discuss wat needs to be done further and raja bhoj is lost in thoughts and then he decides wat has to be done next
While gange and telam are seen planning to attack in the palace as telam says to gange tat he has planned it perfectly to bring in all the weapons and the soldiers by having a group of ramleela and then come in their soldiers they then explain them tat they have to attack with these weapons and the arrows are applied with poison so once hit will kill the person and they will first attack the palace and they get hold of raja bhoj and gange and telam are seen excited tat soon there revenge will be completed .
Raja bhoj is getting ready he is wearing his suite of war brahmdat sees it and asks tat y is he wearing this suit and then raja bhoj tells brahmdat tat it is not the raja of gangapur but his son gange and telam who are the organizers of the ramleela chote and bade and they are here itself so we are not going to gangapur to fight as they are all her he will fight with them here only
In ramleela ram enters as it is the time of burning the ravan while ram is explaining the people of Ujjain tat today is ravan dahan and today we finish all the negativity around and all the positivity wins over it.while the soldiers of gange and telam enter the palace the soldiers of raja bhoj try to stop them but they kill them and enter the palace and then enter gange and telam in their original avtar and enter the hall where they were made to touch raja bhojs feet and they hear a sound jai shree ram gange and telam are confused and surprised to hear this sound and then they see raja bhoj coming from behind the singhasan and gange and telam says to raja bhoj tat so he got to know tat truth tat they are behind this and raja bhoj says tat yes he got to know tat and then gange and telam say tat they have brought soldiers with them and then raja bhoj says tat he is a tiger and is not afraid of anyone and no matter how many soldiers are here and the soldiers attack him raja bhoj then defeats them one by one and then he fights with gange and telam and defeats them too but does not kill them he takes them to the place where the ravan dahan of ramleela is going on .

All the people are hitting gange and telam while they are also seen saying sorry to maharani vallari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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