Tujhse Hai Raabta 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aao Saheb traps Malhar in harassment case

Tujhse Hai Raabta 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani getting hurt after falling down from the table. She writhes in pain and cries. Malhar comes and asks if she is feeling much pain. He twists her foot and asks her to bear the pain as he is also bearing her pain. He says the pain which you gave me have become a wound. Kalyani shouts in pain. Malhar asks her to sit quietly and takes out glass piece from her foot, says I don’t want you to get freed from baby responsibility. He says I feel peace to give you pain as my wound will never heal. He brings haldi and applies to her foot. He says I need time to stoop like you and walks away.

Gowde Kaku tells Anupriya that her daughter’s engagement is done nicely because of Kalyani and her. Anupriya asks her to come on time and tells about saree order. Gowde kaku

says we will reach on time. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that she felt good seeing her handling the business, and says I hope our relation was same as before. She tells that their relation is ruined since Kalyani came in their life and tells that Malhar and Kalyani are shouting. She is afraid that Malhar has raised his hand on her. Anupriya gets worried and looks at Kalyani from her side. Kalyani asks if she came to say her sorry. Anupriya turns her face. Kalyani says you have become egoistic and asks her to talk. Anupriya thinks if Malhar raised hand on Kalyani, why she was walking like that. She thinks to enquire indirectly. Kalyani cries and goes.

Godaveri calls Kalyani and tells her that Maayi is waiting for you in the outhouse and called you. Kalyani says she must have realized that she was showing her attitude wrongly. She goes there and asks her to end her maunvrat. Aao Saheb comes there and closes the door. She folds her hands and says sorry to Kalyani. Kalyani asks her not to say sorry. Aao Saheb says I sent a message through Godaveri that Anupriya wanted to meet you. She says I have realized that I made a big mistake by getting you married to him. She says I have saved my respect, but I didn’t know that Malhar will become a devil. She apologizes to her and hugs her, smirks. Kalyani feels pain in her leg. Aao Saheb asks if Malhar is responsible for this.

Kalyani says she slipped down in the kitchen. Aao Saheb says I know what Malhar can do and asks her to come to her if Malhar raises hand on her. Kalyani looks on. She comes home and sees Malhar. Malhar asks where did she go? She says on a walk and is better now. Malhar asks her to keep the boxes to side. She asks why did you bring old house stuff. Malhar says I don’t have time to buy new stuff and asks her to give the papers from jute bag. Kalyani gives him jute bag. He takes out Sampada’s nighty and gets emotional. He thinks Sampada and his romantic moment. A fb is shown, Malhar sees her wearing the nighty. Sampada gets shocked and asks you have duty now.

Malhar holds her closer and says he has duty to go. He says I am thinking not to go. Just then Atharv come there and calls him. Sampada asks him to go and check. Malhar says ok. Sampada asks him not to let Atharv come inside. Fb ends. Malhar thinks I was fool not to see the truth, you have dressed up for Atharv that day. He scolds Kalyani for helping Sampada to elope. Kalyani tries to tell that she is innocent, but he presses her cheeks. He burns Sampada’s nighty.

Kalyani is shocked. Malhar leaves from the room. Kalyani brings water and set off the fire. She calls someone and says I need to talk to you. Women organization come there and stop Malhar from going. They tell that they have received complaint against him that he fights with his wife. Malhar says he is ACP. They ask where is Kalyani. Malhar says I don’t have time for your dramas. The NGO woman holds his collar. Malhar warns her and asks who filed the complaint. The NGO woman says Anupriya. Anupriya says I didn’t file any complaint. Aao Saheb smirks. The NGO woman asks Kalyani to tell about the injury on her foot. Malhar says she slipped while working in the kitchen. Aao Saheb says Anupriya did right to file complaint against him and tells that he has pain on her back also. Malhar asks why didn’t you tell me. Aparna says you tried to trap my son in law. Aao Saheb says Anupriya and Kalyani met last night and asks Godaveri to tell. Godaveri tells that Kalyani went to outhouse to meet Maayi.

Anupriya and Kalyani are at the Police station. Atul asks Anupriya if kalyani is married seeing her sindoor and mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. yet another episode with a lot of physical violence from malhar towards kaliyani … still a lot of dadi torment towards kaliyani and mai. . there is too much misunderstanding between mother and daughter. … quite disappointed. . because what it shows in the film rental are not like in the actual episode. too disappointed

    1. Wat he did he didn’t rise hand also if anyone in place of malhar eventhough it’s misunderstanding if malhar is bad men he would hv intimate with her and leave her and when she fall in well he would hv not save her but he is good men but due to betrayal he is doing like dis if he get time def he will realise his mistake. Wait for further episode he send her to coll he only drop her and all its requires time to rectify his mistake…

      1. DIVYA Hi .. i totally agree with you .. he is angry and difficult to manage his anger on the moment .. but will help in his own way..it is very nuanced..for now it is filled with sorrow..de anger..I can understand..But it remains that kaliyani is young .. it is a young married … married to a man who was wounded. and he hold responsible for his condition in Mai and kaliyani.it’s just that it’s too virulent his behavior with kaliyani..I know that for him to develop feelings for each other and that he understand the truth .. you have to go through hate .. I’m sure when he thinks about all he did to Kaliyani. . We will see malhar being another man. . he will be there to defend his kaliyani. the story is interesting .. look forward to seeing all this happen. we start with the friendship then comes the hate to end with the love … i do not know why kaliyani does not say anything when dadi accuses Mai for filing a complaint..bref waiting to see this tomorrow .. the story can be interesting. . who can say that Pillu is the son of malhar .. if I understood in the episode of this evening sampada was a was surprised to see malhar happened. .and she was in a nightgown .. malhar thought it was for Arthava. . who can say that the two lover was not intimate. . who can say that Pillu is the son of malhar. . just ideas

      2. Violence does not only mean slapping. Domestic violence includes mental torture, intimidation, and keeping someone in constant verbal abuse which Malhaar does plenty of. His own hurt does not justify but does give a big reason behind his behavior and hopefully that will change soon. But it is very much violence what he does to Kalyani.

    2. Dr tats not malhar baby dr if it’s his baby def sampanda hv some concern regarding malhar she would hv think about baby future but for her no worry it’s athrav child only in future he will comes to know but I don’t know how malhar will react..Hope kalyAni will heal tat wound and do u know tujse Mon to sat from dis week onwards keep watching on tv tq u nice to chat with u

  2. It’s interesting episode waiting to c wat kalyAni says to women authority

  3. Waiting for next episode how kalyani is going to handle the situation , how she save malhar from accusation………how atul is going to react on kalyani’s marriage

  4. Although I don’t like what Malhaar is doing, we know that he is behaving out of character due to anger. It is not his belief to treat women like this and the actor does a good job of showing that it doesn’t give him pleasure to Ill treat a kid. Because she is just a kid after all. I am happy that they showed complain against Malhaar but also hope that Kalyani will save him because they know him from before and that he is not really like that.

  5. Wat he did kalyAni only fall from step and tat also if tat glass piece fall on pillu means wat should malhar do eventhough tat baby don’t hv mother love if he get hurted how can malhar regret it so he scolds but in pain also he care somewat..If anyone in malhar place hv done more than dis if athrav is their he would hv do many things… kalyAni is not small she is minor she should understand but she is like kid how can malhar handle 2 kids even he is in pain…//

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