Nimki Mukhiya 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi transferred

Nimki Mukhiya 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sweeti goes to her room.
Tune says I don’t think Abhi will be able to stop his transfer. What will we do without him. Nimki says for everyone. He has to come back. For people, for you and for me. He says what now? She says my heart says he will come back.

Nehar comes to Nimki’s house. He says Nimki is really worried. Tettar is ruling everything. Abhi helped Tune too. Mauha says new BDO will give him work too. Nehar says he is under Babbu. Tune says he threatened Nimki. I am with Nimki. The new BDO isn’t even talking to me. He is with tettar. I am with Nimki. Tune says you don’t have another option. Nehar says you need me too. Mauha says I hope he comes back. Abhi keeps nimki protected too. Tune says am I not here for Nimki? Mauha says call Nimki please. He calls Tune. He says Ram is worried for you. He isn’t even eating. Mauha says please come. Nimki says ram bachan. Dont’ do filmy things. Heroin doesn’t lose ever. my phone isn’t working that’s worst. Nimki says papa please eat I am fine. No one can harm me.

Elena comes home. Nimki hugs her.
Tettar says this game worked very well. Ritu says we have to be with this BDO. Diamond says Babbu even sat on his chair. Babbu says I will only celebrate the day I ruin that Nimki forever. Sweeti says nimki is so alone. I have to help her. She needs me. I did all this to unite Nimki and Abhi.
Sweeti is about to call. Babbu says who were you calling? She says what do you want? He says blood. Anyway, you made a good dialogue. You have started saying things like me. Take my revenge from that nimki. Sweeti says you took the revenge already. He says I sat on Abhi’s chair today. And seee what I found there. It is Nimki’s photo with Abhi. He says it doesn’t have you. Nimki was fooling you and abhi loves her. I wont let them be one either. My revenge just started. He tears the photo. Sweeti says Nimki has made you a puppet. You only run after her. You don’t understand her game. You will lose from her. Dont’ lose everything.
Precap-Mogarylal says to Mausi new BDO is sending you notice to leave this house in a week.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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