Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Everything stolen from the house

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dura says to Guddan this all happened because of you. dadi is applying medicine on AJ’s wounds. AJ says I will do it myself. Dyurga says do you see how AJ is? Everyone is upset because of you. See there at saru. You showed her good dreams and she has to cook today because of you. Kishor is working since 16 hours. You are responsible for it. These keys don’t bring happiness. You have no qualities to keep a family happy. You don’t know how to be responsible. Guddan says she right but I wont let anyone be upset like this.

AJ’s wounds hurt. He tries to apply medicine. Guddan says let me do this. He says no need to. She says there is a need. Sit here I am coming. She applies medicines. Guddan says sit down. She cleans his wound. Guddan says you

would be fine. He says I will do it myself. Guddan says I will do it. He cleans the medicine she spilled on her hair. GUddan says you are moving a lot that’s why I can’t apply it. He sits. Guddan dresses all his wounds. AJ gets on the bed. She says drink milk with turmeric. He says your brain needs it more. He sleeps. Guddan says finally. She says thank you for saving me uncle.

Scene 2
Perv comes to his wife and says glad you moved from my way. Revati loves me a lot. He gives her injection. He says you know it hurts you right? I am here don’t worry. No more promises and this pathetic life. Die this time. Time to go. He is about to give her injection. Perv says do you wanna say something? You wanna see me revati right? He calls Revati. Saru comes there. She says Perv.. he hides the injection. Saru says lassi for you. He drinks the lassi.
Laxmi says to Saru the lassi was so good. I feel like sleeping. She says whole family will sleep now. Perv faints.

Everyone is asleep in the house. Guddan hears people shouting. She comes downstairs. Someone took all the stuff from the lounge. Guddan says who sold it? AJ says someone stole all things. Guddan says how. Durga says you should tell us how this happened. You did this. See there the locks are there. Someone came from these keys. The thief has the keys. They stepped in and took everything. Someone has duplicate of these keys. Guddan is shocked. Durga says where are the keys? Everyone blames Guddan. Durga says the keys were your responsibility. Where are they?

Precap-Everyone holds Guddan responsible for the lost kets.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

  2. I thought to give detail so here I go:

    Daadi applies Ointment to AJ. Lakshmi tries to serve tea to her busy babyboo who is working. Saru is cooking chapatis in kitchen. Durga shows all this to Guddan.
    Durga- You are responsible for AJ’s plight. In fact you are responsible for everything bad happening here. Kishore has been working continuously in restaurant for past 16 hrs, don’t know when he is coming back. Even Vardaan is into his work. Saru who dreamt of career, is now cooking in kitchen. You are responsible for all this. Fulfillment of wishes of family members doesn’t bring happiness. You don’t have good qualities to be the saas. If it continues, this house will neither be secure nor prosperous. Saas ka responsibility fulfill karna tumse na ho payega.
    Durga goes from there while Guddan feels she isn’t hurt for the first time when someone said she can’t do it.Its because Durga is right. She looks at keys and thinks the keys bring bigger responsibilities so she promises herself that she will now give her best to fulfill responsibilities and become a good saas.

    In the room, AJ is trying to put ointment on his back.(He is sitting in front of the dressing table facing a mirror) Guddan holds the cotton.They have a short eyelock both looking at the mirror.
    Ishq nhi aasan plays….Guddan urges AJ to sit even though AJ denies. Guddan goes to bring hot water and tries to clean wound with hot water. AJ writhes in pain as the water is too hot?. Guddan apologizes and applies cold water on wound. AJ is hurt again as the cold water burned the same on his injury.
    Guddan stops AJ from leaving and tries to mix both the water. She spills some in process? AJ feels startled.
    Guddan cleans wound with water after confirmation by AJ that the temp. is fine now.
    Guddan-What was the need to beat the goons too severely? Even with less beating they could learn their lesson. What was the need to become hero? You go to gym doesn’t mean you start work out session anywhere and anytime.?Maybe the fight was a warm up for you but see now even warm water is causing you pain(hinting to the hot water that she first brought to clean AJ’s wounds)But now I will make you fine.
    She presses on the wound unknowingly as she applies the ointment. AJ writhes and gets up.
    Guddan holds ear and says sorry. The ointment she had on hand is applied on her hair. AJ stops her from cleaning it by herself.
    AJ- I will clean it..anyway you will make it dirtier if you did it yourself.
    AJ cleans her hairs.Guddan taunts AJ that he is big yet behaves like a child?.If not for his hulchul, the dressing would have been done.
    AJ is shocked first but then composes himself and sits straight allowing Guddan to do dressing.
    Guddan applies bandage (I couldn’t stop laughing seeing the way she was wrapping AJ’s shoulders diagonally with bandages.)Ishq nhi aasan plays…..
    Guddan- Now you stay straight. I will bring you haldiwala milk. Then by morning you will be a horse.
    AJ- I am not interested to be a horse. You drink the doodh and become horse …as your slow brain needs a pace.Anyway I have drunk lassi brought by Saru bahu. Now I don’t even know how I will sleep in this bandage(Poor he..he really looked miserable in bandages?) He lies on bed and falls asleep.
    Guddan is shocked to see that he has fallen asleep so fast after taunting her of her bandages that would not let him drowse off.
    She thanks AJ that if not for him, she would not have been alive. She smiles and covers him with a blanket.

    Scene 2
    Perv is attending bedridden Siddhi.
    Perv- I feel pity on you. You should have died. But its good you are away from my path. Do you know, Revti loves me so much. You may feel sad. According to marriage vows, we were supposed to be together at any circumstances.I will help you for the last time by helping you get rid of this world.
    He takes an injection and is about to inject her. Siddhi starts breathing heavily and sweating. Parv thinks to make her see him with her saut before dying. So he plans to message Revti to meet but later changes mind and is about to call her on phone. He is interrupted by Saru coming with a glass of lassi. He hides the injection kit and drinks lassi at one go. Lakshmi meets Saru and says she is feeling light and wants to sleep after drinking lassi. Saru smirks and thinks she will gain while others lose. (It looks like she spiked lassi and the entire theft drama would be monitored by her)

    Everyone is asleep. Even Guddan has slept on floor. At morning Guddan is woken by the sound of AJ and Durga.
    She is shocked to see hall empty after getting down.
    Guddan-Are we shifting home??
    She asks AJ if he sold every thing at one go online.
    AJ scolds her that everything is stolen?
    Durga-You should know.
    Guddan- I don’t know. Had I been awoke, I would have caught the thief and taught him a lesson.
    She asks and confirms everyone of their wellbeing.
    Durga- No, it isn’t stolen by breaking into tye house by force. All windows and doors are fastened and locked. It means someone has duplicate keys. Where are your keys Guddan?
    AJ-Answer Durga. Where are keys?
    Guddan- I have them in my room. I will bring them.
    Durga stops Guddan from going. She produces the bunch of keys from her hand and says no need to go as here are the keys. Durga says that the keys were found in kachra(garbage).
    Screen freezes on guddan’s face.
    Precap: All three bahus hold Guddan responsible. AJ bangs fist on the wall frustrated and broken. Guddan is preparing chulho.

    Hope I didn’t miss any important scenes.

    1. Ooshi

      Good work. Keep it up. A special thanks on the behalf of Bee?.

    2. Thank you very much???

    3. Ooshi

      Akshan if U get registered then U can update it in Ur’s own article may be it give a relief to Atiba but the decision is Ur’s if U want to post it in the comments of serial ?

      1. Actually I am a registered member.
        I was logged out when I first commented on name Akshan. My ID is Anonymousaa.

      2. Ooshi

        So y don’t U log in and continue with that account

    4. Ooshi

      A reply for U on previous page.

    5. That’s great update…as I m not so well in hindi…I can understand d drama very clearly now. And it is make me understand each dialogue…thanks for d detailed update Aksha?

  3. Thanks for the update Atiba.
    To provide update isn’t an easy job. It took me hours to write the above comment.
    It’s not the only show, you write update for. You have more shows to write update for. We can understand the work load. So please you continue giving updates. To miss scenes is obvious. So if you missed any we in comments will try to fill the loopholes.?
    Thanks Once again for all the efforts.

  4. Thanks for the update Akshan…you are amazing…

    1. Ooshi

      Like Sharaddha Sharma

    2. You’re welcome?

  5. Thank you so much..really appreciate your efforts ???

    1. Ooshi

      It’s enough now i think so

    2. You’re welcome dear.

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