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The Episode starts with Govind bringing water for Surekha and giving food items to Manorama, saying Chetan has given this. She asks where is he. He says he is on roof. Golu asks Titu to come as conductor is calling them. He lefts Titu on his back and takes him. Titu does not get the window seat and starts his humor lines on the situation. Golu says Panchi said she will take the seat. Govind says she got the seat, I sent her for some work and now the seat is gone. Govind asks him to sit on roof to have fresh air. Surekha says my son will not go to roof, come take my seat.

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Govind says no, let him gone did not have food since much time.

Surekha asks Rekha to give food basket. Rekha says Govind kept it on roof. Govind says yes, Panchi took it, go there, the food is there, it will be fun. Titu gets lazy to climb the bus stairs. Titu says I will go up when Lord calls me. Govind insists and argues. Titu sit on his seat. The bus starts leaving. Panchi calls out Titu as bus started. Rachna says maybe he is inside, we will get him on next stop. Panchi thinks Titu did not come as he does not want to sit with her.

Bhagwati talks to Keshav and tries to bond. Keshav gets angry and shows his frustration at work shop. He says Govind did not take him along and left him to work alone and manage everything, are we not couple, can’t we go for puja. He gets annoyed and leaves. Pinky asks her not to be sad as Keshav told about them as couple, he loves you. Bhagwati smiles.

Rekha feels hungry and is annoyed as the food basket is not with her. Panchi gets sad and Titu joins her. She smiles seeing him and he holds his ears. She shows him the good scenary. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam……………..plays……………..She realizes its just a dream as Chetan’s phone rings and he talks to Manorama. Chetan says he is on roof as there is good network. She scolds him and says you sat with wife. Panchi sees them and misses Titu. Titu sleeps and Govind names all the dishes and sweets that are on roof. Surekha says don’t trouble my son and sings a lullaby.

Bhagwati comes to Keshav and he says he is going to shop. She works in kitchen and does not get the ghee box. She asks him to go, she will get it. He looks at her and comes to help. He gives her the ghee box and she holds his hand. They have an eyelock. Sundar comes and she asks him to drop Sundar to school and drop her to market. Mukund asks him to go and he will go to shop. Keshav says fine. Bhagwati says I m ready and goes with him. Mukund gets glad.

Titu steps on the stairs and Golu and Govind push him up. Rekha looks on. Titu comes on roof and Golu covers him with an umbrella. Panchi gets sad as Titu just sits eating. Golu says he fixed the umbrella and call him if he needs his help. Govind is tired. Surekha thinks he got tired of walking, he got old. Panchi get up and he asks her to sit as she can slip and fall. She sits far and upset.

Rachna says we don’t have our bags there. Titu asks did the bags fall by the roof.

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