Sinhasan Battisi 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is seen in his room thinking about wat bhoganand said that he needs a lady to complete this anushthan and then he remembers the ladies who were crying of pain they have suffered while samrat says tat he is just not getting how will he give justice as it is difficult to put a lady’s life in danger by taking her to bhoganand chitralekha is then seen doing pooja of mahakals idol in palace and suddenly storm appears and wind starts blowing chitralekha has prayed to leep the diya lit until bhoganand is killed which was going to get off due to the storm but she protects it with her hands and then there comes a dasi and tells chitralekha tat samrat has not yet came out of his room and chitralekha thinks tat samrat is worried so he has not came out even for poja and then she goes to visit him and asks samrat tat is he fine as she sees him worried samrat says tat it is nothing like tat he is fine but chitralekha says tat she is his wife and understands him so requests him to tell her and samrat tells tat he has become the student of bhoganand but now he needs a lady so that he can complete his anushthan and to give justice to the atma he cant risk a life of lady .chitralekha then says to samrat tat her god mahakal has shown her way and she will come with him samrat is shocked to hear it and says how could she come but chitralekha says tat she is his wife and she can help him and she cannot see her husband as a failure and so she wants to help him.
Into old fort nallini asks raja bhoj tat wat does he thinks the decision taken by chitralekha is right to this raja bhoj replies we should not look at it as a decision but it is maharani chitralekhas participation to solve this big problem and nallini says yes u r right and then says tat now it is to see how will samrat accept to this and then in the palace samrat says to chitralekha tat it is very risky to take her there but chitralekha says tat its her duty as a wife to support him in every up and down and gives him his promise while vetal is seen under his tree where he is feeling tat samrat is in some difficulty and then decides to go and see him while samrat and chitralekha are leaving to go to bhoganands cave and suddenly samrat stops and says to maharani tat he feels tat the world should stop here right now as he fears for taking his wife to bhoganand and then chitralekha says tat he should not worry now and they should leave when chitralekha takes her first step out she cant move her leg and then samrat asks her to try once more but she cant move samrat gets very angry and says tat someone is trying to stop them and then calls vetal that is he around and if he is he should stop right now doing this and then vetal comes in front of them and then vetal says to samrat tat is he mad to take his wife to bhoganand
Samrat says tat he is not stupid to take her but she insisited so he is taking her while chitralekha also says tat she is coming on her own and then vetal says tat cant u find any other solution on it and samrat says no and then vetal takes samrat to his place near the tree and then samrat says to vetal tat wat will he do will he take out a lady out of this tree and then vetal says tat look at him and he transforms himself into maharani chitralekhas avtar samrat is wondering how did he do this and vetal comes back to his original avtar and then says he can take him as maharani chitralekha to bhoganand samrat says y chitralekhas avtar and vetal says tat seeing chitralekha as she is ur wife he wont doubt and ask many question so he will come in chitralekhas avtar samrat agrees
Samrat and vetal in chitralekhas avtar are walking towards bhoganands cave and vetal stops in between as a thorn gets stuck in his leg and he then asks samrat to help him remove this and then vetal says tat he wonders how does a woman carry so many jewelry and the dress together and samrat say to him now u understand how being a woman is and then vetal says he cant walk now and he asks samrat to go ahead alone and he will come flying but samrat says tat they are very close and as he cant take himon his back he will catch his hand and take him to the cave bhoganand is seen waiting for samrat and then samrat arrives and says to bhoganand tat he was late but he has brought the lady with him and then chitralekha comes in and bhoganand checks her out while samrat is laughing and vetal in his mind asks samrat to keep quiet and then bhoganand says to chitralekha tat she is very beautiful and then says to samrat once he is done with the anushthan he will call him and takes chitralekha to the place of pooja and samrat then decides to go and requests the ladies to come here and he leaves goes near the siddh kund and prays to the atmas the ladies to appear as he need their help later bhoganand makes chitralekha sit and says to her tat she is very beautiful and then he removes her ornaments and turn them into flower ornament and makes chitralekha wear it and then vetal who is ain chitralekha avtar says tat vikramaditya come soon before the anushthan is over of bhoganand.

Bhoganand is doing his pooja and suddenly the fire gets off and bhoganand asks who did this and there appears the atmas of the ladies and they with their power kill bhoganand.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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