Satrangi Sasural 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Both arushi and vihaan are tensed regarding the financial dilemma and the expenditure involved, and their poles apart societal status. Finally, vihaan comes to a descision, and arushi too complies to it.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny finds all the ladies fighting over the selection of wedding cards. She comes and allocates duties to every field, given their area of expertise. they all happily comply. narmada asks whats her duty, and granny says that she shall supervise everyone. She asks granny what shall she do then. she asks them not to let her participate in all this. they are tensed and asks why is she saying so. But vihaan rushes in excitedly, that he has to say something. Vihaan says that they have decided

that small functions shall be handled by them, and marriage shall be arranged by arushi. All are tensed. granny comments that they both decided together and that this generation is super fast, and they arent needed in the descision making. Vihaan says that had it been like that, they wouldnt have selected the girl for him. The ladies are tensed, as vihaan tries to convince them. the ladies are tensed, saying that they cant have a wedding as arushi’s family puts up, as its beneath their status. Vihaan gets tensed, as he finds all the mothers not getting his point. He wonders how could they talk of status. Narmada asks if he shall fight now for them. Vihaan tries to put across asking them to see arushi’s family, asking why shouldnt they care. priyanka says that He asks why should they sit down, as they have less money. he says that he never thought anyone could be given this kind of treatment by them. they are shocked. he asks how would arushi manage and adjust with them, if they keep talking of money and status. Granny asks that he is already talking like his wife. She says that he shall be told by the girl to throw the mothers out, and he shall comply. He apologises and says that its now what he meant, and apologises for his tone, and again tries to point out what he is trying to insinuate. he asks them not to talk of status and money, and leaves. All are tensed. Granny says that she knew this would happen, as for the first time, vihaan fought with them, due to that girl. All are shocked.

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The next morning, Nilima comes to find vihaan asleep, and apologises saying that they were wrong, in not understanding the feelings, and thinks that he wont have to worry anymore, as she would make everyone understand. She caresses his head and begins to go, when he turns around and stops her. She smiles, and then leaves, while he doses off again peacefully. Outside, all eager mothers await to say sorry to vihaan. Nilima says that he isnt angry and has forgiven everyone, all are relieved. Nilima says that an apology isnt sufficient for what they did, and should do something else. all comply.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
While arushi’s mother is stitching the wedding dress, all the ladies come and excitedly greet arushi’s mother who is very tensed. she asks if its anything special. They show her the wedding card, seeing which she gets emotional. They ask how she liked it, and she says that its very b’ful. they all get up as dadaji comes. Dadaji too shows them the card, and they like it too. Mili says that theirs is very simple as compared to vihaan’s. they tell her that simplicity is elegant. All smile. harpreet wishes to go to the washroom, and mili shows her the way. harpreet asks about the wedding dress. She says that this isnt a dress, but a dream, for the girl and the groom, and asks if arushi and vihaan can wear her made dress. Nilima appreciates. Priyanka says that they shall wear, but on the mehendi ceremony. They are tensed, but smile.

On the roof, mili accidentally blurts out that vihaan used to come to meet arushi. Harpreet asks how many times has he come. Mili is tensed. harpreet rushes down, understanding that this means vihaan knows arushi from before. she rushes down, saying vihaan knows arushi. while her family is tensed, narmada and the ladies are boggled. harpreet tries to put her point through, asking mili to tell everyone what she told her on the roof. But mili takes advantage of her forgetful nature, and handles the situation. They all start smiling, while harpreet is tensed. Her mother hopes that no other problem arises till before marriage.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Prahlad presents a sob story, as to how he has dreams of arushi’s marriage, but isnt able to fulfill the dreams, due to financial crisis, and even though she says that she is okay, she suffocates from within, at their mediocre situation. Vihaan listens to all this intently, and then storms out. Prahlad thinks that it seems he has gone to get money, but then wonders what if he got angry at him. Vihaan says that he is happy that he shared his problems directly with him, like a son. Hgives him ten lakhs while prahlad pretends to be outraged saying that he cant do this, as arushi shall be extremely angry if she gets to know this. vihaan asks if he considers him his son. he complies. vihaan asks him to keep the money, telling him that arushi should at no cost come to know that he has lent him money, and can tell that he had a saved FD. prahlad evilly smiles, when vihaan isnt watching. he says that he wont take the money, but vihaan says that he doesnt need to return the money, and asks him to keep the money. the screen freezes on prahlad’s face.

Precap: Arushi comes and tells them all that she isnt habituated to such expensive clothes, and hence if they felt bad by her reaction, she apologises profusely fr having hurt their sentiments. Granny tensedly says that if this girl has to become the bahu of this house, she would have to forget her upbringing and just remember where she shall be now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Aarushi i feel pity for you those mothers-in-law they are going to make your life hell.not one but seven, women nowadays hardly can manage one monster-in-law girl how are you going to manage seven?! Look they say status doesn’t yet every minute that subject is on the agenda they are so hyprocritical smh


  3. I don’t like the time change from 7:30 to 10pm in the U.S.

  4. Granny leave them alone.Let them be.Marriage is not about status but whom they love.Who makes them happy.Arushi and her husband are alike.They both like simple things of life ,so why do you want her to wear those over expensive things if she does not.Be happy that Arushi is simple,down to earth,modest andhumble.Status could buy things but not genuine love.Get with the times and let them enjoy some free spirited youthful life.Writers ,show us some modern life living of these two young and beautiful couple.Let them be and example of love and not a blinded ,fixed marriage.Gone are those traditional days.LOL

    1. The serial is all about how a sweet , responsible and down to earth girl
      manages to win over the hearts of seven mothers of her spouse. REmember she was dilwali kudi who has answers to every problem.
      THis is no ordinary serial. ITs unique.

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