True Love…. Chapter – 5 Party!

Three girls are staring at the hall.
And they were none another than,Amaya Ishana and Natasha

Ishana was wearing a military printed crop top on which it was written “CUTE”  with white colour.
With torn jeans,black heels, her ring finger was been pleasured by a beautiful diamond ring,gifted by her father.With minimum  makeup.having excitement in her eyes.

Amaya is wearing a cold shoulder white top, with craped light blue choker in her neck,with simple black shoes,also wearing a star bracelet in her left hand. With her winked eyeliner.

Natasha was wearing a off
Shoulder creme colour top, with  a jeans with light scratches,  a pendent, and her eyes are looking more beautiful, with beautiful but minimum eye makeup.

Ishana – let’s go!!
They get inside

There were lots of people but the eyes of Ishana were searching for just one person

Natasha – are you finding someone??

Amaya – can we help you to find him/her ??

Ishana – no guys nothing is like that

Just then Ishana sees a boy wearing. Full sleeve black shirt and blue jeans and black shoes  that was Aditya. He was looking Damm handsome.

Aditya – here are you!!I was waiting for you……

Amaya – waiting for Ishana huhhh…..(she said teasingly)

Aditya – who are they ??( Pointing towards Natasha and amaya )are they your sisters?? but I thought you only had a younger brother…..

Ishana – they are not my sisters but my soul sisters my best friends Natasha and Amaya

Aditya – O!! Is that…..nice to meet you both…….

Aditya – Ishana let’s go our friends our calling us they are right there

Ishana – but then these two will get bored

Amaya – Ishana you go with aditya we are here

Natasha – yaa that’s okk…..

Ishana – is it really fine…..

Both together – yes

Scene: amaya n Natasha are sitting Amaya is seeing in her phone.

Natasha – want a cold coffee Amaya

Amaya – yup why not!

Natasha – I’ll go and get……

Natasha was going to get the cold coffee when she sees a guy.
He was looking really good. Which she really didn’t care), He was reading a book.
Natasha went to him

Natasha – hey!!which book are you reading

He – ( rude voice ) why do you want to know…..

Natasha – nothing…. I just asked which book are you reading

He – it’s Harry Potter

Natasha – wow….. I have also read almost all parts of it

He – really!? (He showed interest and shifts as he want Natasha to sit besides her)

Natasha sat besides him
Natasha – hey! What’s your name

He – Ayan

Amaya was waiting for Natasha to come and she gets up to go and do find her

Just then she hits into someone

He- can’t you see and walk!

Amaya – I am sorry! Actually I was finding someone.

He – I am also finding my friend that doesn’t mean I’ll stop seeing people around

Amaya- I said sorry !! And you also collided with me I didn’t say anything
He gave an impossible look

They both leave from there
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  1. Sapphire

    Oh wow! Was waiting for it since a long time!! Loved it.. It reminded me of something.. But ya, it was awesome.. 😍😍 Waiting for next.. 😊😍

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