A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 6)


Hello everyone..
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Recap:- Swara’s accident..
8 years later…

“Maheshwari Mansion”
The same place as it was 8 years before.. The only thing that is changed is Sanskar.. He is juzz too silent.. No masti.. He juzz smiles a little.. The reason “HIS SWARA”.. He wasn’t able to save her.. It was his fault.. The old Sanskar also DIED with his SWARA.. A room is shown.. A boy is seen getting ready.. He wore his wrist watch.. Then his cap and then goggles.. He was in an inspector’s uniform.. His face is revealed.. He is SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.. He came down, greeted his family members and went out of the mansion and sat in his jeep and drove away..

Scene 2:-
A mansion again.. It was different.. It was a beautiful and a big mansion.. “THE MEHROTARA HOUSE” was the plate that was seen outside the mansion at the broad golden gate that was shining due to sunlight..
The hall was big and bright.. A room is there.. **Actually there are many rooms, but we have to focus on one room only??**
The room was dark.. Everything was messy.. We can see a girl sleeping on the floor near to the window.. Tear marks were visible on her face.. It seemed as if she had cried.. Her big doe eyes looked tired as if they cant cry anymore.. The girl felt some light on her face due to sun and opened her eyes.. She saw her surroundings and was standing up taking the support of table when suddenly something fell from the table in her lap.. It was Swara and Sanskar’s childhood pic when they used to study together.. In the pic Swara was holding Sanskar’s hair and Sanskar was saving himself.. **Kinda cute memories of friendship** Tears welled up in her eyes and a smile crept on her face.. **P.S.~ This is the power of friendship; it can make you smile through tears**
She kept the pic on the table back and went.. I hope you understood who she was.. She was SWARA, SWARA…..!!

Swara went down in the hall after getting ready.. A boy was standing there.. His back was facing towards her.. She thought something and went towards him.. She jumped on him from back side and hugged him tightly from his neck.. The boy laughed and said, “Shona, you are tooooo fat and heavy.. Juzz move from me else I will die today only.. Swara smacked him on his head and said, “Shut up, stupid!!”
The boy: Shona, my mom dad gave me a name..
Swara: Ohh.. I never knew it!!
The boy: So call me by that name only.. It is NIKHIL..
(Yash Soni will play the role of Nikhil)

Precap: Rest of the characters intro..

Soory for this chhotu sa chappy!!
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I will reply to all of you soon!!
Love you all!!

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  1. Fenil

    Loved it this chppy also.
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    1. Manasvi

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  2. Fenil

    U gave entry Nikhil the Yash soni hahahah crazy girl.
    He is gujju so some gujju dialogue will be expected.

    1. Manasvi

      Yeah bhai.. I m crazy..?
      I will try togive some gujju dialogue..

  3. Awesome manu…
    Studies are more important…. Post when ur free
    Take care?

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  9. IME

    Awesome manu!!
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    pooja aava ni ke nai!!
    ane as fenil said i too want gujju dialogues
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    post soon
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    1. Manasvi

      Thnk u iIshu..??
      Pooja pan aavshe kadaach!!?
      Ane hu gujjo dialogue aapvaani try karish..
      Love you too..
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  10. Gayathri.visu

    Very nice… Eagerly waiting for next part.

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  11. Vyshu10

    nice…hope swasan meet soon

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    awesome…but short update?

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  15. Aarushi_99

    Loved it!!
    8 years passed!?? But now who is this Nikhil..? Hope he is not a “kabab me haddi” for our SwaSan..? Reveal everything soon ha..!??
    Update soon, take care!!?

    1. Manasvi

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      Will reveal everything soon??

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