SWASAN: If this is your love, my Prince… Then, please hate me! [Episode 25]

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Swara comes out of the bathroom drying her wet hair with a towel, full dressed with a new cream sari on a silver top and underskirt; she goes to her bedside table to take the hair drier but her attention is caught by the sound that the towel makes collapsing on her bed… looking back, her lips curves automatically noticing finally lot different sized boxes covering it.
“- so Mr. Maheshwari… it’s not really to the Academy that you’re taking me out…”
She childishly unpacks her wrapped gifts eagerly like a little girl on the Christmas morning wondering what is her Sanskar wanting to see her in. instead of a sari, she’s surprised to discover a fair pink ball’s gown looking like coming directly from some fairytale’s book, its top was formed by a strapless bust too much opened for her taste making her blush at the idea of wearing it in front of him and going out! But thanks to God, a matching wonderful golden pearled shawl was folded under it.
Though she expected finding shoes in the second box, her eyes widen at the stiletto heels of same pearled sandals she discovers opening it, she can’t stiffen a giggle remembering him calling her Cinderella…
“- are you planning your Cindrella run away, Mr Maheshwari?”
Lingerie, Italian purse and French perfume… jewelries with even hairs’ gold pins… Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari has always cared about all the small details.
Standing in front of her new mirror, she finishes her preparations adorning her hairline with sindoor and putting on both her mangalsutra and the “SS” necklace, when she passes her incrusted with diamonds bangals in her shaking hands, she feels as nervous as if they were going out for their first date…
how silly she feels thinking that her prince has already married her and not only once but at least three times…
“- the question is… how many suhagraats will I make you live, princess?…” his husky suggestive voice reasons in her ears and…
Ok, if she was finding herself a bit pale after her light make up, she’s now red crimson … she shakes her head looking down not even able to sustain her own eyes… her shameless husband knows no boundaries!
Taking a deep breath, she checks the time, half an hour, not so bad for a lady… but it’s yet evening… who goes out so early in those kind of outfits!?
At the top of stairs, she’s surprised to find all the family members assembled, the silence her appearance imposes makes her feel awkward. She’s sure that they were talking about her… Suddenly a deep fear wraps her heart… what if they are deciding about…
She hasn’t the time to analyze the situation that her hand is already pressed by her lovingly smiling husband:
“- shall we go?”

Swara tries to walk steady wrapped in Sanskar’s embrace who has blinded her eyes behind a pink silky blindfold:
“- Sanskar!!! Where are we going?”
She was smiling from ear to ear feeling like plunging in that first time he took her out for a real date… He then had proposed her… shivering in the wind twirling around them, she exclaims at his silence:
“- Sanskar what are you doing? If you forgot, I’ve already said yes… You don’t need all that….”
He smiles shaking his head and keeps making her walk looking at her grinning face with excitement, she asks again:
“- Mr Maheshwari… Why are you so quite!? It’s not like if you never did it before… Sanskar!?… Sanskar?”
He smiles wider to her frustrated tone, some steps further he’s startled as she screams painfully holding her stomach:
“- Aah!!”
“- Swara!!! Kya hua!?!?”
He stops and faces her, his hand over the fabric blinding her about taking it off, he panics:
“- Answer me, Swara! What happened? Tell me what are you feeling?… Let..”
Her hands catch his at the moment he’s snatching the tissue from her eyes surprising him, then suddenly she burst out laughing which makes him freeze looking at the lower half of her face showing her mouth still laughing!
She tries to explain between her giggles:
“- GOT YOU !!! … Oh God! How … how … I would like to be able to see your face right now… Mr Maheshwari… it’s so easy to make you do whatever I want!!”
He looks to her silently for a moment which sobers her immediately, then she hears finally more than his heavy breath:
“- if scaring the hell of me about you can make you laugh so much… then do it more often Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari!”

His voice was stern which makes her heart ache instantly, she never wanted to scare for her, when she tries to touch his face, her fingers reaching his jaw tentatively, he grips her wrists stopping her and leans toward her saying:
“- and by the way… you have always been able to make me do whatever you want, princess…”
This time she feels like about crying, he was hurt by her words, she recalls when he rejected her so long time ago, saying that he was fed up of being her obedient puppy always doing as she says and he’s no more that Sanskar because she broke his trust… her trembling lips whisper :
“- San… sanskar… i… I’m so… sor…”
She can’t finish her words as she hears him burst out laughing…
“- GOT YOU!!!”
His playful tone was back making her finally understand that he was joking
“- OH MISTER SADISTIC PRINCE MAHESHWARI!!!! Don’t you feel ashamed to play with my nerves like that!?”
She snatches her wrists from his grip and pushes on his chest putting distance between them so she could walk away, but he catches one of her hands again making her turn so he could hug her tightly by her back.
“- let go of me!…”
She struggles to free herself uselessly, how could she imagine that her small being was even stronger that her torturer!
“- I fought so much to get you back, princess… how can I let go of you now?”
His tender voice calms her down instantly making her hug his arms around her relishing the warmth of his embrace wrapping her.
“- sorry Sanskar…”

Her whisper is barely audible as she feels him digging his chin in her neck inhaling loudly her sweet perfume, his hold tightening around her, she senses his smile against her skin there when he says:
“- wasn’t it your first rule, princess? No sorry… no thank you…”
She smiles too entangling her fingers with his on her waist when he prints a chaste kiss just there, on the thin sensible skin under her ear, she swallows feeling her cheeks heat instantly and searching distraction from her own overwhelming feelings, she’s about asking him to tell her finally what where they doing there, when his lips caresses her ear promising:
“- but… you’ll pay for that later, princess!”
As she tries to take back her breath stolen by both his invading presence and suggestive menace, he retires her blindfold without a word… the imposed vision at her gaze takes it away again!

Perched somewhere in the highness… The whole city was lying at their feet! plunged in a magical mixture of colors like just mother nature could paint… at the far horizon, surface of the sparkling waters meets the sky’s line at the point where the majestious sun was walking down… his humble circular shape losing at every immersed part his bright blinding whiteness to some different shades of red… looking like it was blushing at some secret words the parting day was murmuring to the coming night…
For swara it takes seconds… minutes… or even the eternity… who could say how long time has just stopped around, when the first stars’ shining appear pigmenting the still fair sky, a tear escapes from her eyelashes collapsing on Sanskar’s hand startling him, he releases his hug to come in front of her and wipe her eyes saying:
“- arey…. Why are you crying?”
She looks to him for a while without a word, then suddenly she just plunges in his embrace hugging him tightly and asks:
“- what have I done in my life to deserve you, Mr Maheshwari?”
He smiles and says hugging her back:
“- may be you used to steal Prasad from the temple, future laddoo!!!”
His teasing tone makes her hit on his shoulder breaking the hug and faking anger, when she wants to turn away from him, he grips her hand and turns her abruptly making her collapse on him back, he palms her face and says:
“- the question is… what have I done that made fate so clement bringing you in my life Mrs Maheshwari…”
She smiles again tears forming in her eyes when he bends over her and folds her once more in his embrace, she takes a deep pleasing sigh closing her eyes.
When she opens them again, her eyes have finally a glimpse of the décor around and suddenly he feels her tensed!
She frowns as she realizes slowly the familiar surroundings flashbacks submerging her mind… all of sudden, she pushes on his chest making a step back and breathing heavily!
“- Swara…”

His anxious tone makes her choke more, she rises her hand stopping him while she looks around feeling the circular area spinning around her… the unwelcomed images of that night… that angry drunken Sanskar confronting her with all her errors… his words, his acts, the hatred in his eyes… all what was haunting her for so long time invades her again! She makes one more step back…
“- listen to me, princess…”
At his concerned voice all she could remember is his words promising her punishment and calling her princess too…
He makes a step toward her but she turns her back to him closing her eyes suffocating…
“- Swara… please…”
He runs after her as she starts walking away so hurriedly that she suddenly slips, when she’s about falling to the flood, he catches her arm pulling her toward him. She starts shouting madly:
“- NO! let go of me, Sanskar!!! Don’t touch me… just… let go of me!!!”
She struggles hard to free herself from him but it was just impossible because the more she fights, the more he tightens his grip on her wrists holding her forcefully in his arms… she pushes on his chest screaming:
“- Sanskar!!!…”
“- swara… Stop… Listen to…”
“- NAHI!… I Don’t want to listen… I don’t want to talk… Let go of me… sanskar!!!!”
“- I said stop damn it!!!”

When he finishes by immobilizing her crashing her against his chest again so his determined gaze penetrates her unfocused shining with tears eyes, she whispers panting with a defeated tone:
“- why Sanskar? Why do you drag us back to that place… To That night… To That moment…?”
Her tears roll over her cheeks which makes him closes his briefly… He was still holding her wrists feeling her tensed even no more struggling. Opening his eyes he says:
“- because you’re still here swara… In this place… in that night… in that moment! I don’t want to fill your dreams with nightmares, princess!”
“- you should have thought about it before, Mr Maheshwari!”
“- I … I… understand you… b…”
He can’t finish as she cuts him off saying:
“- you UNDERSTAND!?… let me throw myself from the edge behind you first… then we’ll talk!”
A shiver runs over his spine, his face expressing the terror strangling his heart. Holding his look, she adds on a mocking tone:
“- nahi na?… You can’t hear it?… Kya hua? Bolo na? Unbearable?…”
Pointing at his heart with her yet gripped hand:
“- it Hurts?… is it what you want Sanskar ?… staying here and hurting each other more and more?…”
“- I want you to say why you’re still afraid, Swara… ”
A lone tear makes its way on his cheek when she starts looking around struggling again, panting more, as darkness was wrapping them with the coming night, lights are set on around them which makes flashbacks flow in her mind… his car coming on her… his wined breath… his reddened eyes… his smirks and smiles… his anger and cries… his hurting words and pleading eyes… she could see their silhouettes in scenes playing around them again and again in front of her mad fearful eyes… his voice startles her:
“- main hoon na, princess… tumhara Sanskar is here…”
She looks back to him tears flowing endlessly from her eyes the says pensively:
“- mere Sanskar was so angry at me… so angry…”
She looks back around remembering him romancing with her, putting back manglasutra and her precious necklace around her neck, passing her bangals in her hands and kissing her… she looks to him again and repeats on a childish tone:
“- so angry…”
He closes his eyes tightly at her words feeling punched in his stomach at the same memories… he slowly frees his hold on her wrists and she immediately makes a step back her eyes still searching in the décor around. He extends his hand to her face but she doesn’t even notice… she walks absent mindedly to the edge… looking down she says:
“- they came up after a long time… endless time…”
He looks to hesitating for a moment then comes closer, without a word, he wanted her to say out all what makes her sleeps so restless :
“- they… they said that mere Sanskar was no more…”
She recalls the images of the closing doors of the ambulance behind the covered bench like if it was a film playing in front of her. His hand holding hers to make her turn back to him surprises her, she retires it continuing like reciting her story to a stranger:
“- they… they put a garland over his photo… horrible flowers decorating his smiling image…”
Making some steps aimlessly, she continues:
“- they were wearing white… asked me… they… asked me to accept … that he was… d… d… dead…”
He whispers:
“- I’m still here, princess…”
But it seems like she didn’t hear him, she adds her eyes widening recalling that wakening up days later:
“- they had a letter… a… a letter… I didn’t bring it here but, but… I read it over and over… he… he said he’ll go and let me…”
Looking finally in his eyes, she shouts accusingly:
“- but I’m here…”
“- you weren’t!!!… you were… you were dead… in that letter you…”
He shows her the letter explaining:
“- it was under your pillow!”
She read it again rapidly, she knew every word, every curve of the written letters, the paper was so used… suddenly she’s startled to see him set fire in its corner!

Slowly, the flames consume it until they reach his fingers shocking her, she tries hardly to make him open his hand but he was just looking to her face, she shouts:
“- don’t act childish Sanskar, you’ll hurt yourself!!”
When she pinches his palm suddenly, he lets the remaining piece of sheet land on the floor startled.
“- what nonsense, Sanskar!? You could have burnt your hand!”
Scolding him angrily, she checks his hand while he smiles his eyes shining with tears to her concerned face, she asks irritated keeping looking from his hand to his eyes repeatedly:
“- what’s so funny, Mr. Maheshwari!!!”
His smile widens when he replies:
“- kuch nahi… I recalled our first post marriage ritual, when you did the same”.
She frowns remembering their marriage and how Shekar took her back with him making her promise to never come back in Maheshwari Mansion again… when he came to see her that night… when he came to take her some days later… when he gave her milk at that first night putting her in bed to take rest… when she made the kitchen rites the day later…
“- not that marriage, princess… “
Like if he was reading in her thoughts, he put a finger under her chin making her look up to him and reminds her:
“- I’m talking about the first time… when you pinched my hand to take the ring from it”
Her mocking tone fills his heart with happiness:
“- kya karo… that bangalen girl was so greedy!”
He has a small laugh wiping the remaining tears on her cheeks with his finger, she says frowning:
“- we weren’t married yet, Sanskar!”
“- who said that? I’ve considered you as my wife since the first moment, Mrs Maheshwari… or how could I put sindoor on your head without hesitation?… how could I swear that to Babe Ma without any regret!?”
She blinks in shock trying to register of his words, flashbacks from those times flow in her memory having suddenly a new meaning… a new vision… somewhere between all that mess, she forgot about all her anger against him for bringing her back on that landing area.
he takes her face in his palms making her look back into his eyes and whispers:
“- I was never away…”
Tears form again in her eyes but he continues on a pleading tone:
“- when you were unconscious for days… I was there…”
She remembers her dream on the bridge and his voice waking her up, begging her to come back… a first tear escapes her lashes when he adds:
“- when you called me out in the funeral function… I was there…”
She closes her eyes at that memory, another tear makes its way on her cheeks disappearing in his hand, he continues:
“- every day and every night… I was just there around… you felt the pain but ignored how it was consuming me at every moment I hold myself from you”
She opens her eyes taking a deep breath controlling her sob, his thumbs wipe her cheeks when his broken with tears voice says again:
“- I had to be death for everyone, Swara if I could hope keeping you safe… for everyone… but you!”
He closes his eyes remembering the last words he said before the “accident”… he repeats loudly:
“- as long as I’ll be alive, you’ll be MY princess… princess!”
She cries griping his forearms to push him away or strengthening herself, she couldn’t know… that last moment was an agonizing memory she tried hard to forget… He asks:
“- what was the last line of the letter, Swara?”
She stays silent trying to understand his words, but he asks again:
“- the last line of the letter, princess?”
“- take… take care…. Take care of my princess…” her whisper was almost inaudible, he smiles tearfully and says:
“- then you were the unique one knowing that I’m still alive!”
She frowns looking down before replying:
“- but you were away… you could live without me knowing how much I’m suffering… what if you were so used to it and never come back?”
“- you could live without me for six months knowing how much I’m suffering too, Swara… may be I needed to know that you’re still not used to it even after so long time!”
They both recall the last night’s conversation, when she confessed to him her need to make him hate her, she lower her gaze again saying:
“- silly me… I wanted you to be away and couldn’t even bear it… I took the decision and finished by blaming you… sor…”
He exclaims stopping her:
“- AREY!!! I’m the one asking forgiveness here, Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… do you even know how much it’s tiring to always feel so mall and guilty face to your perfectness!?”
She blinks stunned then jerks his hands from her face away yelling:
“- hey Mr Maheshwari!!! What kind of compliment is that?… are you praising or scolding me!”
He smiles shaking his head in disbelieve then says:
“- a bit of both… princess! A bit of both…”

Taking a deep breath, he puts his hands in his pockets bending his head on one side his eyes detailing her drowned with confusion face, he explains:
“- Praising… because you’re the most unbelievable creature existing in this world…”
“- when I first met you, I made your life turn hell on earth and for the sake of just saying the truth, you offered the precious unasked forgiveness!…”
“- when I contributed in destroying your name and image, you preserved mine forbidding me from telling the truth…”
“- you gave me the undeserved chance to repent by sharing your life with me…”
“- you made the devil become a prince charming by your angelic heart”
“- and for this… princess, I’ll never be able to thank the providence enough…”
Walking toward her, he adds retiring his hands from his pocket to erase her tears once more, he continues:
“- scolding… because you’re also unbelievable in that manner of always apologize for all the badness of this world… being sorry for my faults… blaming yourself for my own errors… protecting me from hurt by hurting yourself… this is bad, very bad!”
She tries to plead as she sees tears forming in eyes too:
“- but you just do the same, Sanskar!”
He makes a step back from her saying:
“- Ha I do! And I’ll always do…because you’re mere Swara hai… mere princess hai… you don’t have this right on yourself… this right is sirf mere hai!…”
Before she can understand the senseless of what he was saying, she sees him put a knee on the ground in front of her claiming:
“- I know that it’s so filmy… I know that you already said yes… I know that even promising to never shout and be angry, I’ll do… even promising to never make you cry, your eyes are already so filled with tears… even promising to never make errors again, you know how is your Sanskar and his weakness… i can’t promise to give you a perfect life… to be a perfect husband or even assure you a perfect love… but all I can promise is that… for all the rights I’ve unwillingly taken on you of being mine… you unknowingly snatched all rights over me… because, I’ve always been… I am… and I’ll always be yours… Princess Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…”
As she keeps quite looking to him, only her tears speaking for her in their way over her cheeks, he asks frowning:
“- say something, Swara!”
She makes a step toward him palming his face to wipe his tears too and says:
“- what can I say to that, my prince?”
She makes him stand up looking in his eyes and caressing his cheeks lovingly, she says:
“- when has my devil prince turned so romantic?”
“- since he met your hypnotizing eyes under that desk when he thought being about dyi…”
She stops him, her hand covering his mouth and scolds:
“- can’t you ever stop saying nonsense?”

Taking her hand off, he palms her cheek and says:
“- you can always try to shut me up!”
Without letting her the time to reply, he captures her lips in a languorous kiss pouring all his love, his need and his longing in the delicious touch of her lips, savoring the taste of melting in each other slowly and sensually… distracting her from the invading deafening sound surrounding them until she feels something flowing over her.
When she opens her eyes, her heated cheeks turn scarlet redder crossing his sight, she tries to catch her breath seeing him looking up… when she does the same, thankful that he was holding her so strongly because she was unable of standing by her own, her lips curls in a wider smile discovering that they were showered by thousands of roses’ petals “again”… she whispers tears of joy forming in her childish looking eyes:
“- Sanskar…”
He just hugs her tightly inhaling deeply her hairs and blows in her ear:
“- let go of the bad memories, princess… as long as we’re together… we’ll create better than them…”


So… have you noted the change?…

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