Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-4)

asalaam alikom all dosto

i hope you are ready for this epi.

but first small note: i heared from a friend and some girls doubt if i am writer of this ff as its already posted on wattpad. i assure you girls i am the same writer, so peace….

so lets start

Epi. 4: Collapes

Previously: swara out in a date with guy name Aman

Swara keep blush more and more and silent but in her mind her crazy self imagined only laksh say these words, Aman reached for her hand and hold but all she is laksh tattoed arm, but jerks her mind to stop.

Swara pull her hand softly: thanks Aman, ur quit elegant urself, and… (swara gut irrupted by voice saying (well well well well! Whom we have here), swara closed her eyes praying every pray she know so that she is mistaken, and that’s not him.

Aman: Excuse me. What u want?

Swara turn her face and saw hell and say in low voice: no way I’m that bad luck

Sanskar Maheshwary showed and say in same low voice; other hand sweety, ur bohat lucky.

Aman: u r Sanskar Maheshwary!!

Swara: haan, and y would u exactly sir irrupt our date?

Sanskar: date? I thought u don’t know the mean of the word

Aman: hai Sanskar keep ur talk with me

Sanskar: hai boy to u I’m Mr. Sanskar, and when elders speak boys shut.

Swara: then Mr. Sanskar u should shut, coz I see only me and Aman are the elders here, beside what u do here anyway?

Sanskar give yellow smile: simple, it’s my restaurant, and I like to get sure that all my clients are satisfied.

Swara: then I’m sorry we disappoint u coz we won’t stay, challo Aman.

Aman: but y swara, we should stay no matter what!

Swara: but I wanna leave.

Sanskar: means ur afraid?

Swara sumged face on him and Aman speak: lets stay swara, don’t get bother by these…

Sanskar: look at him in serious: these…… I ll have fun with u later, I’m sure.

He turn to leave but stood beside swara giving his back to Aman and bend down parallel to her ear and say in whisper: tell ur angel to take more attention, I won’t be here always, and pay attention to ur surrounding swara, pay it carefully and admire the beauty of my place.

Swara looked at him and he looked back smiling with his corner lips in mysterious lookings then straighten up and left. Swara looked at Aman who heard none of these and give him smile, waiter came to take their asks, swara don’t feel to eat after Sanskar entry so she asks only mango juice, same for Aman. Sanskar words keep hit swara mind, admire my place and pay attention and angel, what the heck is he telling, she start look around like watching only and kept her talking with Aman, looking at people in restaurant, and she saw it and hit her mind like lightning bolt.

Then notice that Aman phone ring for sms and he saw it, then look at her

Aman; swara, I’m sorry for what happen, I didn’t know it belong to Sanskar and I know u both hate each other,

Swara: no problem its past now.

Aman again pull swara hands in his: thanks for dating me today

Swara felt awkward this time but acted perfectly and smile: thanks Aman but even though its brief, I liked it.

Waiter came with juice and they started to drink looking at each other, swara phone ring and screen flash with ragini call: excuse me Aman I must get this, “hello ragini, hmm, hm, hmm, ok I ll be there with mints, sure no problem, bye.” Sorry Aman can u drop me at ragini flat now/ something came up.

Aman: all alright.

Swara: haan haan, lets go.

Aman with irrating face pay the check, go to car and stop her in the address she gave him

Swara: sorry Aman, …

Aman with smile: no problem, call me when u reach home.
Swara: ok. Bye.
Aman: bye.

Then he left, but swara don’t move and stopped a taxi and follow, the true is ragini don’t live her at all

Swara POV


I kept talking to Aman at restaurant while Sanskar words keep hitting rock my mind ( angel, pay attention to surroundings, admire my place) what on earth was he talking about?, i kept chitchatting and looking around till i saw something. On corner table i found three boys with no strange faces, from where??? Where??? Aari haan they are Aman friends? But what r they doing here? is it coincidence to b here in this day and time? Maybe but fishy? Actually I m a bit good actor so I maintain to b with Aman and admire about him but watch those boys with my corner, then one of them catches his phone and after seconds Aman got sms, ok that’s fishy, then his action and holding my hand full fishy, so I managed to send ragini to give me call and leave


I stopped taxi and followed Aman’s car, doesn’t know hw that ll change my life. I followed him back to restaurant area where he meet up with his friends and give them high fives

Aman: so boys! Who is the man ah? Sure A-man.

Boy 1: y yaar?? U didn’t take her kiss!! So still unfinished

Aman: its that stupid Sanskar and her sticky ragini, they irrupted us, either this I would have been using my tongue magic now, hahah, but I hold hand and she flirted me, these two scores so pay quarter of pit, challo, challo.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing, how this happened? Hw he can be so low, all clg know he is good raised and mannered, how can he? Hw I was so fool?, aaari y I shade tears now, bas bas stop it, don’t cry swara (weeping her tears) don’t cry.

Boy3: maybe ur loosing ur charm Aman, ur trying her date since month and she agree now only.

Aman: just trying to hold herself yaar, but I saw it in her eyes.

Boy 2: what u see?

Aman: urge to looooooove, this girl waits the right guy with right word to pike her up and that ll b me.

Boy2: careful, swara is not easy, also her family…

Aman: peace bro, all ll be k, and soon I ll party her in my Roundy bed

At this point I couldn’t hear anymore and I was about to leave those devils to think well in my revenge when I heard so familiar voice.

………..: u filthy little bustard.

sooo how was our sanskar aahhh…

and that aman bohat cheap hu naa….

tell me your opinions ok

precap: my Saviour

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