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guys this is nikkita0194 i m writing my life’s first os here plz read the shot one n i will try to post the second shot soon n a gr8 gr8 thanks to shruti di without her help i was not able to write so …………
(sry this is copy of manya’s style )

The story starts with……….
a lil girl is eating a candy
n some one steal it from her a cute boy come there n ask the bully boy to give away the candy but still he dosent give it to him.
so they both start fighting with there lil n soft hands .
but a girl inturupt in btwn them butthe bad boy was in no mood to listen.
he continued fighting
the girl shout in her lil voice leave him dev .
(guess who is dat girl none other than our sweet lil sona)
n the bully boy is jatin

the girl come in btwn n she had broken the candy in 2 halves n give both of them one one part .
dev: sona i dont want candy its yours so i jus fought 4 it
sona: so plz dev accept it as thank u
dev taking the candy asked sona :
tu meli dosht banegi kya shona..
sona: haa mai teli dosht hi hu

there parents admitted them in same kindergarten by their parents as there families were frnds .
both use to sit beside each other
as the time goes on they became besties.
when those guys entered in teenage they started to gain some feelings 4 each other
they both cared each other a lot one day the sun was shining gr8 n the day was damn hot so sona was not feeling well so she suddenly fell down
dev take her in arms n rush towards the staff room .
he had feed her with glucose n water’s solution.
but because of these care whole class called them love birds.
but they both use to ignore.
but a shocking news come in their way
n that was bejoy’s transfer in Kolkata.
sona was left in shock.

sona didnt tell all this to dev n leave the city .
cuz she felt that it would distruct dev from studies .
dev was worried where was her sona n he had planned something 4 her cuz the day was her birthday.
he asked her neighbouring peoples but they said to him that she left 4 kolkata.
he felt that she is jerk n he had a great pain in his heart n starts hating her.
as the time goes on passing they missed each other a lot.
they had now grown as youngsters sona had grown hotter n butifull
dev grown more n more handsome n hottie gentalman .
they both were grown workaholic n even big business tycoons
dev was the crush of each n every girl in the office but he was a responsible boss but every thought that he is rude.
but sona was noo. rude she was dude
every one liked her n her staff was her life they loved her a lot.
one day she have her meeting in delhi n also she was gonna 2 receive a trophy.
but when the word strike delhi she remember drv n fell up in tears.
she was eager to go delhi

dev’s situation
he had shifted his house
when ever he was feeling stress he use to their n to sona’s place jus to relive the movement he had with her .
after coming to delhi sona first goes to his house but gets to know he had shifted from there.
upset sona stand outside nd thinks all her lovely movement she had with dev
she remembers candy fight her fav cartoons n their late night home works
but a quick fate dev also had come there cuz he was badly missing sona
when he saw a girl standing their he felt a strange connection with her…but just then a car stopped
a young handsome guy stepped out and its jatin .he hugged sona n consoled her . dev was exeperiancing an unknown pain in his heart but dont understand it
sona to felt some1’s presence but before she could turn he already left the place
nxt day sona visit to a temple . n found ishwari their but she disclose her identity.
aj ke liye itna hi ek bar me pura bore nhi karungi k guys n thats all 4 shot 1 will continue my story
luv u
::::::::story 2 b continued

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  1. ShrutiP

    Superb Nikki…
    Continue soon…
    Love you ???

    1. Nikkita0194

      The credit goes 2 u dii thanku very much

  2. Akshita

    Lovely ????
    Plzz post soon❤❤
    lots of love?❤

    1. Nikkita0194

      Thanks akshita

  3. Asmita...

    it is nice dear… its like quick view…

    but when it 4 shots story… why did u mention OS (one shot) in the title…

    sorry for pointing out the mistake….

    1. ShrutiP

      Di she meant for shot 1 (4 shot 1)

    2. Nikkita0194

      Actually i use 4 to write for
      So that means its all for shot 1
      Thanks a lot di 4 reading

  4. awesome. awwww tum meli dost banogi. how sweet. post soon.

    love u??????

    1. Nikkita0194

      Luv u 2 ritika yup i will

  5. Awesome

    1. Nikkita0194

      Thank u Princess

  6. Richa144

    Loved it dear.. post soon

    1. Nikkita0194

      Thank u richa di

  7. Priya12

    Niks, really it was amazing…
    Cute childhood love…awww..
    U could have written some more child hood momentss…I would have luved to read it more..
    And don’t dare to say it as boring…its luvly..
    Candy fight was superbb..
    It was short and sweett…
    I m little bit sad becoz it’s oly a 4 shots…
    I wish this to be a ff…
    I think ..u will soon fulfil my wish…
    Start a new ff…plss..plss..
    I would luv to read it from u..
    Post asap

    1. ShrutiP

      Priya it’s only 2 shots this is the first one…

      1. Priya12

        K…di…I too use “4” no for….”for” but I read wrong …its k..thx 4 informing me..
        But niks, I m so sad…that oly 2 shots..
        Pls try 2 write an ff dr..

    2. Nikkita0194

      Di i will try my best but butter lagane ki koi zarurat nhi hi maine firse pada aur ab mujhe pata chala maine kya panchat romantic bakwas likh di aisa likha jaise mere piche 3 ya 4 kutte pade hai

      1. Priya12

        Mein koi butter nahi laga..
        It was really nice

    3. Nikkita0194

      Kya ap ff chahte ho
      Kya yar di aur ku bore hona chahte ho

      1. Priya12

        Noo, its not boring’s interesting

  8. Riti1107

    That part tu meli dosht banegi was too cute????
    Loved it
    Post soon

    1. Nikkita0194

      Sachi kuch v lagao lagao aur butter lagao

  9. V.V.harshita

    So….good plzs don’t say it was Boring…and Ya plzs Post soon ??????

    1. Nikkita0194

      Di nhi ab dil pe pathar mat rakho aur bol do ki boht kharab likha hi chalo v yeh boht kharab hi

  10. Aamu

    It was superb niks…
    Sweet tha… But der judai.. ??..
    N jatin bachpan me to vura bachcha tha..ab kya hai…??
    Jldi jldi mere devakshi ko mila do pls..
    N u know…mera no…..favourite se b favourite….song hai SUN MERE HAMSAFAR…n jab mene ye read kiya(title..) I quickly ipened it..
    Sachchi amazing tha…
    N u know 3..2..1..choooo..wala aayushi ki yaaad aagayi..she isnot posting her ff…??…
    She would b busy with her dad..bu m missing her ff n dialogues yaar..
    Anyway..bohotb bakbak kar liya..
    Love yaaaaa?
    N haaa pls next jldi jldi post kardo..?☺

    1. Nikkita0194

      Thank u ammena rulayegi kya yar aur ayu ko mai miss kar rahi hu n ya tu mujhse lakh guna better likhti hai
      Luv u a lot
      Sry tere fav. Gane gi band baja di pura faluda kr diya
      Chal maine v kafi bol liya

      1. Aamu

        Ur welcm….
        N mera fav gana bigada nahi…ye sachchi bohot achcha tha…
        N jldi jldi next post karo..
        Love u more

    2. Nikkita0194

      haa ammena thanks 4 ur love

  11. Muthash

    Wow… it was superb…. waiting for the next one…..

    1. Nikkita0194

      Thank u 4 reading

  12. Dramalover

    Aww cutee story , update soon dear 🙂

    1. Nikkita0194

      Thank u so much sweetie ?

  13. Aarti32

    Lovely dear..

    1. Nikkita0194

      thank u arti di 🙂

      1. Aarti32

        Double A h Nikki ?

    2. Nikkita0194

      sry di can u repeat

      1. Aarti32

        It’s double A..

  14. HarshilmyloveRIYA

    Too good not at all boring
    Can you start an ff on this its so lovely
    Cute tootaly language
    If you write an ff I will give you these:

    1. Nikkita0194

      oh i want all these yup i will try to write an ff jus 4 u
      may god bless u n your love

  15. Soha

    nikki its awesome

    1. Nikkita0194

      thank u so so much soha

  16. Darshana was awesome..not at all boring…post really soon?…and sorry for the late comment!
    loads of love????

    1. Nikkita0194

      Thank u darshu yup i will post soon

  17. Fenil

    Its Awesome Dear !!
    I loved your work , u have great writing skills
    hope to see u with another one
    send link in pm if u post other one .

    1. Nikkita0194

      ok bhaiya i will pm u thank u for reading

  18. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Oho niks…kya baat hai….sorry itna late comment karne ke liye… But abhi Kuch dino se bahut busy thi isliye…TU open hi nahi kar payi…..awesome job….post next soon….love you loads?

    1. Nikkita0194

      thank u sam di mujhe laga ki apne pada nhi kuki apko yeh sab romantic bakwas nhi pasand tks 4 reading love u alot

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Arre aisa Kuch nahi hai…..Mujhe romantic bakwaas bahut pasand hai……tabhi toh I’m a big fan of KRPKAB..??….n pata hai I’m writing a romantic FF too….but abhi thodi busy hu isliye post nahi kar rahi….shot 5 tak likh liya hai…..dekhti hu if I can post today…

    2. Nikkita0194

      Sach me wow i really want ff from ur side thank u di n mujhe sach me nhi laga tha apko yeh romance shomans v pasand hoga love u

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