Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Piyush apologizing to Deepu. Kunal says I will teach a lesson to that Sushant. Deepu asks Piyush not to apologize repeatedly. Sarika says hero don’t look good while apologizing. She says Mr. Nirala man. You have saved her again, and says you both made a film as drama. Deepu asks him not to keep anything in his heart and says I haven’t told anything to your father. Sarika says we shall forget everything and make a new start. Deepu says friends…and forward her hand. Piyush shakes hand with her. Sarika keeps her hand on them. Piyush says best friends. Deepu takes back her hand while piyush is holding Sarika’s hand still.

At home, Kunal asks Bua ji why did you give room to Sushant. Bua says I didn’t know that he is a goon. Pankaj looks on. Bua says he was looking sanskari. Tushar says I understood seeing her specs. Madhuri scolds Piyush for going there to play the video. Piyush says I have saved her respect. Kunal says your respect is saved, else you would have beaten up. Namrata scolds Kunal. Kunal says it is good that sasuma saved Deepu. Bua blames Piyush for the happenings. Tushar tells that Bua used to take care of him. Pankaj asks everyone to talk slowly and says lets start from the beginning. He says a goon entered our home. Tushar says Bua held his hand and made him come inside. Bua pretends not to hear.

Tushar asks why did you give room on rent to him. Meghna says Madhuri asked Bua to check his background, but Bua refused. Bua acts not to hear anything and asks Meghna to bring tea for Pankaj. Kunal asks Bua to tell what was the need to keep tenant. Bua says I wanted some money to come in the house. Pankaj says you have sold your deen, dharma, and imaan…Bua says I just gave room. Tushar says she saw his muscles and praises him, saying he is handsome etc. Meghna says he was 25 something. Pankaj scolds Bua and says age is 55 and heart is childish. Bua says Piyush said that he knows him. Piyush says I met him just once.

Namrata tells that Piyush didn’t do any mistake, and says he saved Deepu’s respect. Pankaj asks what miracle did he do? They tell him everything. Pankaj is shocked and says that why I tell that woman is good being at home. Kunal says it is old thinking. Pankaj says I am adamant on my thoughts and says he would have beaten him with chappals. Namrata says hats off to Mummy. Pankaj sees mark on her hand and asks what happened? Meghna says she fought with him and called Kunal. Pankaj says you have started fighting with man also. Bua says next time you search for the tenant. Pankaj says we don’t need tenant. Pankaj asks Namrata and Kunal to stay for tonight. He asks Piyush to shift to Tushar’s room.

Kunal tells Piyush that a son is stupid in his father’s eyes, but you became a hero in girls’ eyes. Piyush recalls about Sarika and smiles. Deepu thinks about Piyush and smiles. Darshan looks at her. Ragini comes and asks Deepu if she had all pakodas. Mishra ji brings toast sandwich. Ragini gives her Prasad and says she kept infront of God for her brave daughter. Deepu says if Piyush ji wouldn’t have been there, then…Ragini says we shouldn’t have left Bareilly. Mishra ji says yes. Deepu says she wants a man with a heart.

Pankaj asks Madhuri to give him yellow shirt from his suitcase. Madhuri says it is not here. Pankaj recalls and tells that he forgot on the chair. She gives him new shirt and says she brought it. She takes out a saree and asks it is for whom? Pankaj says he has brought it for her, and asks her to think it as a prize for her bravery. Madhuri thanks him. She smiles as Pankaj plays the radio. Pankaj changes the song and then switches off radio.

Piyush sees saree and asks Madhuri if she bought for herself. Meghna says Papa brought it for her. Piyush laughs and smiles. Madhuri says he brought banarasi saree when you was born. Piyush says then he taunted you. Madhuri says he has responsibility of all of us. Piyush asks why she bears insult. Madhuri says she respects him. Piyush says he can give life for the person he loves. Madhuri asks who is she? Sarika comes. Tushar comes to Piyush and informs him that Sarika came. Piyush runs to meet Sarika and collides with Pankaj. Sarika comes inside. Kunal asks her to come. Madhuri asks her to have food. Sarika says I have some work with Piyush. Pankaj says at this time, girls shall do all the work in day time. Kunal asks piyush to drop her. Piyush says okay and leaves with Sarika.

Piyush imagines romancing Sarika while a song plays. Sarika asks him to come. He sees Deepu there. Sarika says I tried to make you both patch up. Piyush says you would have called me. Sarika asks him to sit in car. Deepu says I thought you will not come. Sarika asks Deepu to drive the car. He smiles looking at Sarika. Dhhai kilo prem plays….

Piyush and Sarika are dancing in the pub. Sarika says you danced well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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