SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 22

Swara started to avoid her gang and spent most of the time with Abhinav. In these she came to knock that Abhinav is an agent of a terrorist group. And boban is just his friend and he knows nothing about Abhinav being a terrorist agent. Swara too acted like she supports terrorist activities, and she will do anything for him. Once she even harmed herself to prove her.

One day he introduced her the one of his friend who is a leader in terrorist group, he liked her and tell Abhinav to bring her into terrorism.

One day Abhinav tell Swara that his mother wants to be see her and asked her to be ready by evening, as they will meet her in a nearby restaurant. She got ready after informing ramnath and went with him.
In the restaurant Abhi introduced her with a lady in her early fifties. Swara recognized her to be Hazeena leader of a terrorist group in India, who is addressed as beeji. She behaved like his mother and Swara too compiled

After that she used to go to their hideouts and carried out some small assignments which were not so harmful to anyone. And in between all these she came to know about some students of the college working for them on their will and some, who denied to work for them, were kidnapped and kept in a secret place.

The most shocking news was that they are going to use them as human bombs in the next republic day in the various parts of the country.

She informed each and every thing to ramnath and asked him to be ready with the force as they will be needed at any point of time.

In Kolkata special Branch office

Ramnath already informed arjun and sanskar to be ready to go on the mission all of the team members gathered at Tirupati. Ramnath was the head of operation. He introduced everyone as they are members of different forces. some were from army some from navy some were from different state police force. They were waiting for further orders.

Sanskar’s POV

I’m here at Tirupati on a mission. We actually don’t know any details . We r here waiting for the higher official’s orders. I feel it so weird as it is the first assignment in which we don’t know what actually we are going to do , we even don’t know each other. But the thing which strike my mind is every officers here are genuine. They really wanted to do something for their country. And from this I could guess the mission is something very big.

Somewhere in my mind I have a cool feeling also. Don’t know what but I’m feeling so happy , may be because I’m the part of such a big mission. But this feeling is something new. As if I’m going to get something for which I am longing.


  1. hafsi

    Hai mariya,
    im also from kerala.thrissur dist.ok.ini episode ne kurich parayukayanenkil…….super dupet…..

  2. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    Awesome part dear. Swara getting to know about everything and the way u describe it is really nice and sanskar is cool means he get the feeling that she is soon going to come to him. This feelings na help us so much.loved itπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous dear..Swara you are soo smart*pulling your cheeks..their heart connection is amazing.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

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