Asvi: suryoday hone se jisne roka hai (kalinga war) episode 4

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The episode starts with Kaurwaki and her father training the army. On the other hand Ashok n Devi also training army in Magadha. Devi asks Ashoka why he’s dragging her into this bloodshed. Ashoka says u should know hw to fend yourself. Devi says I know very well how to save myself n goes. Ashoka says y r u making me weak Devi?? Devi turns n says I’m not making u weak ashoka, it’s u who r deciding ur lyf. This bloodshed will make u weak and downtrodden n u’ll repent Ashok. Prevention is better than cure that’s y I’m asking u not to do something u’ll repent for it in future. Ashoka continues to practice sword fyt. He thinks of Chanakya’s dream of united India and Devi’s words….

At NYT..
Devi goes to d kids room to find everything messed up. The kids aren’t there. She goes to Asoka’s room n sees Mahendra and Sanghamitra both there. Mahendra has a sword in his hand n he is moving it awkwardly. Sangha is sitting on ashoka lap laughing ? upon seeing Mahindra’s game. Ashoka is lost in thoughts.. Devi stares at Mahendra for a second. He was moving his sword lyk he could destroy kalinga in a second, not with d speed and stamina he was using, bt on seeing his sword moves only whole of d empire could die!! Devi got afraid that the small boy wil hurt himself, n so she pulls the sword n throws it away.. CLASH‼‼‼‼ loud sound of Boom‼ wakes ashoka from his thoughts. What’s it ‼ what’s it‼ he shouts n runs out. Devi laughs. Ashok looks at her. R u mad? Devi says not I but uu… U r totally mad.. Ashok pulls her closer to him.. Repeat ur words? Devi says u r big big big big big fool coward n.. Ashoka pulls her more close. They’re totally Staring each other n smiling, lost in each other.. The kids grin ? seein them.

Mahendra picks up the sword n bangs it again. CLASH‼ loud sound of Boom ‼‼ broke their eye lock and they find the kids laughing loudly. Devi sys you’re laughing louder than ghosts ??. The kids get afraid. GHOSTS‼ Ashoka sys yes, ghosts, there’s a ghost in this room only. D kids run away. Devi glares at ashoka. Who’s the ghost in here?? Ashoka says I’ll show u. He brings her in front of the mirror n says look there.. Go in d depth of this mirror, look at the scary image created there. Devi doesn’t look at her image, she glares at ashoka image n says yes, it is very scary ?, I’m scared ? I’m afraid ? ? ?.. Hahahah. Ashok stares her. I’m talking abt u, not me. Devi says is it so, bt I didn’t feel lyk…. She laughs. Ashok looks at her n smiles. Half of the night ? had passed in fun ?.

Devi woke up to find ashoka missing. He iss not by her bedside. She turned to find a note on the table ?. It said-
You’re my love, you are my life, you’re my inspiration and guidance.. I’m heart n u r my never stopping heart beat. I’ve taken this decision without listening to you and your opinion.. I didn’t pay heed to ur opinion. Bt for me, acharya’s words are above all, kalinga is our enemy n b4 being a husband I’m a king ?. I’m sorry if I hurt u but I’m going.. Bye.. I didn’t wake u up cos u were sleeping, I didn’t think of disturbing u, I m going, ill b back at sunset ?.. Love you..

Devi is in tears. She rushes out n sees from d window Ashoka n his troops leaving. Ashoka looks behind at d window n waves hiss hand at her.. “take care Ashok”
Devi went back to her room n lighted d Diya for Ashok’s safety.
In kalinga..
The troops get out. The queens n princesses r looking from the palace balcony, praying for their safety. Ashok reaches there with his army. “you didn’t surrender on my messages, get ready for ur downfall…!” A ferocious war breaks. Both armies are Hell bent on killing each other, bt to Kalinga’s dismay, Magadha’s army kills more soldiers then expected, leaving everyone in worry..

No Precap
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  1. ARK

    Very nice!
    Where is Dharma?

    1. Vanshika

      Dharma n Bindusara already died in the first season ??

    2. ARK

      Why did u kill Dharma?
      So sad!!!

  2. Aparaajita Rathore

    hey vanshika,superb update.Waiting for ashwaki fight…

  3. Astra’s amazing

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