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our heavenly couple were sleeping in each other’s embrace peacefully, holding each other with love and care tightly. in the morning at about 5:00 p.m. the sun rose over the horizon lighting the clouds in reddish orange colour and making our couples face to shine making them look very beautiful.
as the sun rose to some more height it fell on the couples more disturbing their peaceful sleep. swara hide her face more in sanskar’s chest and sanskar too holded her in his embrace tightly in sleep. he too was getting disturbed and thus he too was trying to hide his face from the sun but unable to do so he slightly opened his eyes being irritated but his irritation all went seeing his lady love, his princess, his swara hugging him tight and hiding her face in his chest. he was mesmerized to see her. he slightly pecked her forehead and tucked her hair strands behind her ear to have a clear view of her face.
he was staring her and she was snuggling into him more. he smiled seeing this and took her dupatta hanging down from the bed and covered their faces. he caressed her face lovingly making her to smile in sleep and soon she woke up to find sanskar staring her.
swara- [smiled] good morning sanskar.
sanskar- good morning princess.
swara then observed the dupatta and then she looked around and then herself and sanskar and realised that they are on terrace and then remembered their last night romance and blushed.
swara- [blushing and shyly] happy birthday sanskar.
sanskar kissed her without her consent passionately making her shocked and then take part in the kiss.
sanskar- [breaking the kiss] thank you for everything. it is one of the best morning and birthday of my life.
swara hugged him- sanskar we should go downstairs.
sanskar- why so soon.
swara- it’s morning and everybody will wake up and search for u.
sanskar- let them search. i want to spend some more time here with you in this beautiful morning.
swara- sanskar
sanskar- sshhhh. [kept his fingers on her lips] today it’s my birthday and only my wishes and moreover i want to give you punishment.
swara- punishment…. for what.
sanskar- for the fact that you ignored me. all the time i craved to talk with you and for the surprise you avoided me. so i want to make up for those times.
swara- [guilty] i am sorry.
sanskar- sorry won’t work.
swara- ok say my punishment. i will surely do what you say.
sanskar- pakka
sanskar- then kiss me now.
swara looked at sanskar and then shyly looked away.
swara- sanskar
sanskar- it’s ok if you can’t. [fake sadness and tried getting up]
swara holded him and leaned over him.
swara- i love you.

saying this swara closed her eyes and leaned closer to him face. sanskar could not believe that swara is going to kiss him and then happily he too holded her and closed his eyes seeing her being so close. swara kissed him gently with pure love. sanskar could feel her love in the kiss. his grip on her went tighter and they kissed passionately. they broke the kiss and breathed heavily and sanskar turned and now swara was below him. he nuzzled his face in her neck and started kissing her making her moan and she too didn’t stop him.
sanskar was kissing her with full passion and then they were again involved in making love with each other in the early morning. after an hour or so they were tired and were resting to relax themselves.
sanskar- swara i want one more gift.
swara- [shyly] sanskar please we have to go down and don’t be so shameless.
sanskar- [first confused and then with naughty smirk] swara i was asking a gift. what did you think. hmmm. did you think of romancing more with you. but sorry princess i was talking something else but if you want me to continue then i am ever ready.
swara- [wide open eyes and blushing] sanskar i said …nothing like that….i…i
sanskar- what i i swara. say naa what you thought.[careesing her cheeks with the back of his hand]
swara breathing heavily- sanskar please….don’t……i….[shuttered]
sanskar- now may i ask what i want [smirked and then huskily]
swara- hmmmm. [not able to speak]
sanskar- our second child, a daughter.
swara looked at sanskar and both had an eyelock which was broken by swara.
swara- sanskar i vo…
sanskar- swara you too want a daughter and don’t lie. i read your diary.
swara did not look in his eyes nor spoke a word.

sanskar- [held her chin to move her head up and look at him] swara you promised me yesterday to share everything which means every single thing with me. i have read your diary and you no need to hide or keep things in your heart.
swara hugged him- sanskar yes i too want a daughter and live my childhood in her. i want to feel complete through her. i want to fulfill my all wishes through her. i want to feel all those moments which i missed in my childhood and want to love her so much that she could tell everyone that she got the best childhood one could ever have not like me who grew hearing the taunts and pities of people. maa and dida loved me so much but still in one corner of my heart i have always craved for a father’s love and presence in my life. the feeling to demand and go out with my both parents. i united maa and mr. gadodia to get my complete family. it was for maa too but somewhere i was selfish to get my father but in all this i have ignored the fact that he never stood by my mother. i did a mistake and so this time i didn’t forgave him.
swara- [crying] but sanskar i have felt that love and care by you which filled all the voids of my life. the way you love and care for swayyam, i wondered how it felt to be loved by a father and experienced it when you loved swayyam but i want to live those moments more having a daughter. i just……. don’t know whether we will have second child and if so then when and will it be boy or girl but one thing is for sure that is i am very lucky to get you and get your unconditional love. just love me and live with me like this forever. i am sorry i ignored you but sanskar please never ignore me or go away from me. i won’t be able to take it. my happiness is with you, bound by you. i am happy if you are with me because SWARA IS ONLY FOR YOU, ONLY FOR YOU SANSKAR.
she sobbed being emotional at the end saying this. sanskar was overwhelmed by her love and hugged her tightly and rubbed her back and patted her head to calm her.
sanskar- sshhh shhh swara i am with you. [kissed her forehead] i am always there. and never forget THIS SANSKAR IS ALSO ONLY FOR YOU, FOR HIS PRINCESS. and definitely we will have a daughter [to lighten the mood and divert the topic] but swara we will have to work a lot for that and the start was good from my birthday night and don’t worry now as i have permission so i am going to utilise it fully without leaving a single chance.[winked]
swara calmed and blushed at his last sentence.
swara- [playfully hitting on his chest] sanskar you naa. accha chalo let’s go down. you know rashika naa. she will tease us so much and specially me and i don’t want that.
sanskar- accha chalo.
they wore there dress and came out tip toeing making sure no one sees them. they came in their room and brethed being relaxed as no one saw them. sanskar naughtily saw swara who was breathing heavily and looking beautiful in the dress she wore at night. he pulled her towards himself and held her by waist.
swara- sanskar what are you doing. stop it and let’s quickly freshen up. first you go, no first let me go and take bath then you go. till then i will check whether swayyam and ayush woke up or not.

sanskar- why shouldn’t we do one thing.
swara- what
sanskar- [huskily] let’s bath together.
swara- [hiding her blush and fake anger] sanskar
sanskar- [without hearing her took her in bathroom by lifting and on the shower drenching them both.
sanskar romanced with her and they both took bath and came out being ready.
swara went to see swayyam and ayush and saw they were just awake.
swara went to them and told about sanskar’s birthday and they both excitedly came too swayyam and wished him.
swayyam- [kissed his cheeks] papa happy birthday.
sanskar- [kissed his forehead] thank you champ
ayush too came and wished him by kissing him on cheeks and sanskar reciprocated the same way as he did to swayyam.
swayyam- papa why didn’t you told before. i would wish you first and also buy chocolates for you.
sanskar laughed at swayyam’s sayings and pulled his cheeks.
sanskar- i don’t want chocolates. you wished me and that’s enough.
swayyam- papa [making most cute face]
sanskar- haan
swayyam- papa today no school please.
sanskar- but..
swayyam- today your birthday naa. i want to be with you and ice cream and chocolate party also. plz papa
ayush- plz jiju
sanskar- ok.
swayyam- and mumma
sanskar- don’t worry i will convince your mumma.
swara- [from back] for what you have to convince me.
sanskar- [turned back to see swara] voh swara for today let champ and ayush be at home. i mean no school today, just for today.
swara- [smiled] ok

swayyam/ayush- yipeeee no school today.
swara- [strict tone] only for today. tomorrow you will have to go to school.
swayyam/ayush- ok.
swara- now both of you quickly go and get ready.
after sometime rashika and uttmay and rishita entered the hall and shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHAI/SANSKAR.
sanskar who was reading newspaper got startled by the sudden shout and looked up at them and then breathed.
sanskar- uff is this a way to wish. who wishes by shouting and that too so suddenly.
rashika- we wish like that. any problem and even if you have i can’t help it. you will have to bear us like this only. and now no bak bak and take this.
sanskar took blessings from rishita and then rashika handed him a big box and told to open it excitedly.
sanskar- what is in this.
rashika- offo bhai open it and see yourself naa. and be quick. i am excited to see your reaction.
sanskar- did you plan some kind of prank or what. after opening is something going to happen.
rashika- [angrily] bhai are you opening or not.
sanskar- yaa yaa opening don’t get angry. god please save me.
rashika- bhaiiii.
sanskar- sorry.
swayyam- papa what if ghost teddy comes out of it or water gun splashes water on you.
ayush- yes jiju.
sanskar- what can i do then. this is the gift and i have to open it.
sanskar opened the box slowly with fear but as soon as he opened the box he was amazed. his face has a beautiful smile reaching his eyes forming happy tears.
the gift was two collage containing all the moments of them. one had swasanyam pics and the other was of all of them. it was so beautiful and more beautiful was the moments that were enclosed in them all together. sanskar caressed the pictures.

rashika was looking expectantly at sanskar and her came and hugged her.
sanskar- it’s so beautiful.
rashika- really you liked it.
sanskar- i loved it kiddo. it is awesome.
rashika- uffff thank god. i spent two whole weeks to make this. i tried to make it perfect and i did it. you liked it and thus i am successfull.
sanskar- from where did you get this idea.
rashika- actually it’s not my idea. it is cutie’s idea.
sanskar looked at swara and swara looked at surprised.
swara- my idea but i didn’t told you to gift sanskar this.
rashika- yaa but you remember you once advised me to gift a collage to my friend on her birthday when i asked you and you also told that how it will be a precious gift as we will gift them the moments of their life enclosed in a frame to remember us always. i didn’t gift that friend because i could not make one in short time but made it for bhai. so indirectly it’s your advice and my gift.
sanskar was smiling.
then all gave their gifts and tanmay informed sanskar of a party arranged in evening with office colleagues and few business man. they all had breakfast. no office for anyone today and in day time all went to ice cream parlour for ice cream party and enjoyed their day.

in evening party started and all the colleagues and business man invited had arrived. sanskar was attending all the guests and swara was taking care of all the arrangements. sanskar saw nikhil talking to swara many times and off course he was again jealous. he then thought something and smirked.
we can see that after some time swara was burning in jealousy. let’s see what happened.
flashback- seeing swara and nikhil talking he was jealous and thought that now it’s too much. he saw someone and smirked. he went to his office staff [the same girl swara was angry and jealous of during her pregnancy when she visited his office to give him the file as well as surprise, hope you remember and from that day swara hates that girl]
he started talking to her casually and some office matters too and made sure that swara saw him with her. he just wanted to make her jealous. as he thought swara saw him. he acted more of being happy with that girl making swara more jealous.
flashback ends.
swara was standing seeing all these in jealously and looked at the girl with hatred. she walked over to them and sanskar saw this and again went on talking to her about casual things while laughing. swara came there and said to the girl.
swara- [spoke as normal as she could] excuse me [sanskar and girl looked at her] if you don’t mind i have some work with my husband [laying stress on my husband] so i am taking him. thank you. [sanskar was smiling inwardly]
without giving her chance to respond or sanskar to say anything swara held his hand and took him to a room and closed the door.
sanskar- [acting] swara why have you brought me here. outside party is going on.
swara- [angrily] what were you talking to that girl.
sanskar- what happened any problem
swara- no but you were talking for so long naa so i got curious.
sanskar- ohh come you ask from her itself.
swara- no i don’t want to talk to her.
sanskar- why?
swara- just like that.
sanskar- that doesn’t make any sense.
swara- sanskar don’t irritate me.
sanskar- woah what did i do that you got irritated.
swara- sanskar urgghhh.
sanskar- [back hugging her] were you jealous
swara- [shocked] no
sanskar- don’t lie
swara- ok i was. don’t know but i don’t like her. i hate her.
sanskar- [shocked] what. why?
swara- i don’t know. from the first encounter with her itself she has that impression on me. i know that day it wasn’t her fault but still i can’t help it that i don’t like her and i don’t like her talking to you. and you you were talking to her for so long.
sanskar- [kissed her nape] i am sorry but no sorry. because i purposely did it. i feel the same when you talk to nikhil. and he always roams around you. huh!
swara- [turning around] what you purposely did it.
sanskar- yaa i don’t like nikhil when he talks with you. i want you to talk with me and not with that nikhil.
swara- accha tell me the reason you don’t like him.
sanskar- bas i don’t like him. and he knows you very well and makes you laugh which i want to do. and i feel he tries to flirt with you so.
swara- hmm so insecured. sanskar he is my childhood friend and nothing much. and one more thing he is married to the love of his life. they married 2 years ago and now his wife is 6 months pregnant. he is staying here only because of his work otherwise he would catch the first flight he get because he is missing his wife a lot. and one more thing remember i always tell that i am helping him with some stuff [sanskar nodded] actually that is it is going to be his first child and he wants to take her proper care. so he took various advises from me for her wife and that online shopping was to buy gifts for her wife which must have reached by now to make his wife happy in his absence. now it’s ok naa. don’t feel insecured.
sanskar- [hugged her] sorry and i am not insecured. i just…..being kind of selfish you can say. i want all your time for myself. i want to be the one to make you smile, laugh and keep you happy forever. and haan i love you a lot.
swara- [breaking the hug] love you too. now let’s go. all must be waiting and don’t talk with that girl.
swara started running but sanskar held her wrist and pulled her to himself and was leaning towards her. swara closed her eyes and sanskar saw this and smiled and kiss on her forehead.
swara opened her eyes surprised.

sanskar- don’t be surprised i will take it but after party.
sanskar smiled and started moving out saying come swara. swara too smiled and followed him out.
it was cake cutting sound and sanskar holding swayyam in his arms cut the cake and fed him and turned other side to feed swara but she was not there. they heard someone singing and spot light fall on that person and it was swara who was holding mike and coming towards sanskar while singing.
swara was standing in front of sanskar and both were smiling looking at each other.
swara- happy birthday sanskar
sanskar smiled and fed her cake and everybody clapped for them.
rashika- wow so nice cutie.
then sanskar fed cake to everyone and all enjoyed a lot and finally the party came to an end.

night swasan room- swayyam entered the room running with his hands on his back.
swayyam- papa….papa
sanskar- yes champ
swayyam- i have gift for you.
sanskar- accha what gift has my champ for me.
swayyam took out his hands from back and handed over him a card and a chocolate.
sanskar was surprised. he happily opened the card and saw a drawing of three person- a man, a women holding a child in between them. and below it was written- HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA
the card was simple and entirely made by swayyam. neither the drawing nor the letters so clearly written and perfect but for a father that was a precious gift.
sanskar-[tears brimming his eyes] champ you made this.
swayyam- [smiling] yes papa.
sanskar- and from…where did…you…learn this. [said with chocked voice due to happiness]
swayyam- [turned towards the door and said] mumma helped me. she made it on another paper and i made it many times to learn and them made this. [excitedly] how is it.
sanskar looked at swara emotionally.
sanskar- [kissed his forehead and hugged him] it is the very beautiful champ. a priceless precious gift. thank you so much. it was the best gift i got today.
swayyam- [now sitting on his lap] really
sanskar- yes. really. thank you once again.
swayyam kissed his cheek- welcome papa.
swara who was seeing them smilingly standing leaning at the door frame came in room.
swara- now chalo sleep. tomorrow you have school naa.
swayyam- mumma today sing lori naa please.
swara- ok come.
swara made swayyam lie and sanskar was sitting on one side while swara on the other caressing swayyam’s hair and started singing yhe lori.
sanskar was all the time looking at swara and swayyam. swayyam slept.
swara then looked at sanskar who was already staring her.
swara- sanskar you also sleep
sanskar without telling anything came over her side and sat beside her. he cupped her face and kissed her with full passion. swara too reciprocated and kissed him.
he pulled out and looked at her and again kissed her.
this time he parted and joined his forehead with hers.
sanskar- thank you swara. thank you for everything. swayyam’s first ever card for me and that too because of you.
swara- it’s nothing like that sanskar. he came to me and asked what he can gift you. he wanted to give you something and mentioned it should be the best gift for you and so i made him to make the first ever card by his hand. nothing could have been more precious than that for you and i knew that. are you happy.
sanskar- very happy. best birthday ever. thank you.
swara- chalo now sleep.
sanskar- yaa
he kissed her fore head and slept on his side facing swayyam and swara with a smile and swara too slept.
done with this part.
would end this ff in next four episodes i guess and next few episodes are treat for you all.

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