live to love – part 6

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Sorry guyzz I am late
But now we will start without wasting time

Now Sona has put bridal mehendi
I was very very difficult for Sona to do anything
Although Elena was there for doing work
Finally Sona has taken off her mehendi
Finally she is free

So at evening everyone gathers for dance practice
While dancing dev whispers in sona’s ears that meet him after dinner ?
Sona smiles listening to this
But nobody notices this

After alot if masti,leg pulling,fun,dance etc…
They go for dinner
Sona sat on a chair and notices that dev took her opposite seat
Sona smiles
Suddenly Sona feels dev rubbing his leg on Sona’s leg
Sona blushes

After dinner
Sona goes to meet dev
Dev suddenly comes from the back
Now sona’s head is on dev’s wide chest
And dev starts kissing and biting sona’s front neck
His hands on sona’s stomach
Sona enjoying a lot
Moans with pain
Suddenly dev takes his hands in sona’s br*asts …..and then on her neck…..and then on her lips
And suddenly Sona feels dev’s lips on her
He was kissing so so strongly
But still Sona reciprocated
That was a kiss full of passion,love and hotness
They kissed until they were breathless

Dev clutched Sona’s arm so tightly that she felt it numb
Both’s heartbeat were racing
As if there was a race going on
There was an eyelock going on

Suddenly dev broke it and started wiggling sona’s br*asts
Sona was enjoying it
Then dev took her neck
Slowly he covered Sona’s whole body with kisses and love bites

Blushing furiously
Sona tries to free herself from dev’s strong grip
But in that dev’s nail put a scratch on sona’s wrist
Sona said ouch
Dev got terrified and took Sona in his arms
After some time they reached dev’s room
Dev led her to his bed

(ishwari and dev’s room were far away)

Note:high voltage romance
Read on your risk

Dev took out sona’s eating
And bit her earlobe
Then dev started kissing her cheeks,her eyes,her forehead
Sona could not take it
She ran towards the window
Dev games there and out his arms in hers
This was the freeze point

Dev then untied the knot I sona’s salwar
And kissed there
Which made shiver to pass through her spine
And once again dev started kissing sona’s front neck from the back
Then dev took Sona in his arms
And went towards the bed
And lied sona there
And went on her
He starts kissing and giving love bites to Sona on her neck
Then pulled sona’s salwar

Then Sona got over dev
She kissed him
And untucked his shirt
Dev took off her leggings
And Sona took off his pants
Then dev took off her underwear
Covered themselves with the blanket
And consummated their relationship

I hope it was not zyada
Please apne comments se mujhe batana

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  1. Wowwwww it was too good but plzz post the next episode soon dear

  2. Aarti32


  3. Nice.

  4. Awesome Shruti…. ? And romantic too

  5. Shruti710

    Thank you so much guyzz
    Fir a second to mujhe laga tha Ki aap logon ko bilkul pasand nahi aayega

  6. Priya12

    So romantic and hot

  7. rom rom romantic

  8. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee❤️❤️And romantic?
    Post soon
    Love ❤️❤️

  9. Shruti710

    Thank you ? everyone fir these amazing comments

  10. Niki645

    Super romantic!!!
    post soon!!

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