swaragini ts: love will find its way part 1

The track starts from laksh and sanskar were fighting and both swaragini were worried for their respective husbands after adarsh and parineeta’s arrest

Swara/ragini: where are you both

Sanskar: today I will not leave him swara he has crossed the limits.

Swara: no sanskar you will not do anything its all adarsh bhai and bhabi’s plan(worried)sanskar are you listening sanskar(shouts)

She looked at the phone and saw that call was disconnected.

Ragini: swara I’m feeling something bad is going to happen(worried)
Swara(worried to but composes):no ragini nothing is going to happen see they will return happily and will be pulling each other’s leg

After sometime a lawyer came inside the maheswari mansion
Lawyer: mrs ragini maheswari and swara maheswari here are some papers given by your husbands

After reading the papers both swaragini sat with a thud and the lawyer smirked evilly seeing their condition but the smirk was unnoticed by everyone because they were also shocked seeing swaragini’s state.

Dp: what happen beta (he took the papers from ragini’s hand)
Ap: what happen ji?
Dp(shocked):laksh has named all his property on laksh’s name and has send divorce papers

Ram: swara what are these papers which sanskar has send?
Swara: baba these are divorce papers sanskar has named his whole property on my name (cries)I can’t believe this(chocked)I w..ant t..o talk to him

Just then she received a call

Sanskar; I love you swaru very much but you you broke my belief and went to unite my family. First time I asked you something but you was unable to give so now sign divorce papers and give it to lawyer.
Swara(cries): I’m sorry sanskar please don’t do this
Sanskar: now you will not give me this also. Swaru you have united the family now your motive is over. Now sign divorce paper and I love you swaru(softly)

Call got disconnected

Swara falls down: sanskar(cries)

Here ragini also receives a call

Laksh: ragu
Ragini(shivering voice): laksh
Ragini: I love you ragu a lot but now I hate you. You have made my life a jigsaw puzzle now I can’t tolerate. Pls sign divorce papers and do not waste my time

Saying this he cuts the call without listening to ragini and ragini got unconscious



  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    waaaaaa….. huh! even i’m shocking but notice the lawyer’s smirk still 😀
    love it.. continue please

  2. soumya

    very interesting dear…very bad that sanlak giving divorce to swaragini…swaragini did that bcs of their families happiness…would love to read…continue soon😃

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