Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 20

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Thanks for ur tremendous reponse for last FF.. Really feeling good after ur lovely words. Pls give me ur love and support same way. And one important message from our frnd B.K.Maha to u guys.. Her exams have started and will not be able write her FF like, love makes life is beautiful and after marriage life is colourful and this is what she texted me to convey her msg to her readers

“I want to inform this to all but my parents didn’t allow to use the mobile…. So I couldn’t inform to all… Pls try to inform this to all behalf of me…. My exam will be finished on 16th may…
After that I will post it regularly…. Till now don’t forgot me guys… I will miss u all badly… If I will get time surely I will try to post it… Pls inform this to all..Ok bye dr… Take care of u all… And I really miss u all… And I love u all… ??????”
Let’s all wish her good luck for her exams and move to our Episode is 20

At Shivika room:

Shivay was speechless and shocked to see Annika and Chulbul’s closeness. He went out in anger and fumes. Rumya come there and ask why he is standing outside. He controls himself and tell Annika and Chulbul busy in talking.. that boys is always crossing my.. before he could finish Saumya excitedly ask, Chulbul is with Annika di? How can she do like this bade bhaiya? Rudy happy and surprised to see Saumya against Anibul and Shivay said, Exactly.. he is disturbing us.. again before he finish his sentence..

Saumya says, I’ll not leave them today.. how can Chulbul avoid me and talk with Annika di.. I’ll go and confront him.. turn and go with fake anger. Rudra shocked and about to cry and look at Shivay who was also in his state. They both pat each other. Rudra sadly talks, All gone.. it all gone.. my surprise for Saumya’s birthday didn’t workout, she didn’t remember and appreciate me for that.. but she is always behind this Chulbul.. I don’t know y? Shivay too tell, yes we have to do something before flood reaches head. They both peek inside room and see all three chatting.. Chulbul was about to leave but they both don’t leave him. ShivRu get irritated and makes plan.

Rudra say, bhaiya.. this is happening because of Chulbul.. also with bhabi and sumo.. if we go and say something to Chulbul they will scold us and support Chulbul.. then we’ll become villain for our heroines. Shivay say u r right.. then Chulbul will become hero to them.. I’ll not let this happen.. we should do something.. and thinks. They both got idea and calls out Om and rush to his room.

In Om’s room, Om busy in call. They call him out and tell we need to talk. Om ask what? Rudra say, O ur wali.. sorry ur wala is crossing our route.. keep him in ur control.. its first and last warning.. He is always behind Annika bhabi and sumo. ShivOm looks on. Y r u looking at me like this.. its ur mistake tat u r not giving enough attention to ur wala, that is y he is behind them.. why r being irresponsible in relationships. Om hits on his head and Shivay on his shoulder. Rudra ask, bhaiya.. y r u hitting me.. I’m talking for us. Shivay say shut up. He ask Om we are here to talk something important, r u free now? Om replied yes Shivay.. what’s the matter. Shivay say, actually.. I don’t know how and where to start. I’ll come to point directly.. We all know that Chulbul is such a nice guy and loyal one, that is y he won ur trust and friendship and all our family member’s hearts.. Pls don’t think that I’m putting blame on him alone. He look at Rudra and he sings good and continue. U know that Annika and Saumya too have good friendship with him.. and that’s very nice part. Om ask..

Shivay u did not come to matter till now.. tell me clearly. Ummm.. actually I mean to say.. that.. chul.. thats they have become closer. Om say, ok.. whats the big deal? Shivay keep stammering.. Rudra say, stop it bhaiya.. I’ll explain O. Listen O, ur wala and our walis are becoming more closer and closer nowadays.. which means we three r in danger zone.. We r here to get ur help. Only u can handle this situation, pls separate Chulbul from bhabhi and sumo for sometimes. They r not at all bothering us if that Garibon ka harry potter is with them. Pls help us O.

Om starts laughing and can’t control his laugh if he see their face.. again and again he laugh at their face and try very hard to control and stopped after sometimes. He ask, Shivay.. r u scared of Chulbul.. that chota chirota.. Hahaha.. its really funny. Shivay say, SSO is not afraid of anything or anyone. Om ask, Really? Then y r u here? Shivay have no answer. Om ask, ok leave it.. y r u worried for Annika bhabi.. do u care for her.. do u love her? Shivay say, yeah y not because she is my.. (thinks) she is my.. Om ask what? He say because she is my Annika and my responsibility. Om teases him but Shivay ask him to do something & get Chulbul out of his room. Om laughs and say, ok come.. (they walking to Shivika room) by the way I’m proud of Chulbul.. u know y? Because that chota chirota made the great SSO helpless.. Hahaha.. he s CUTE. ShivRu say, CUTE? Awww.. Om look at them and return back to his room but they apologized him and took him there.

In shivika room, Chulbul telling her stories as boy and they both listening interestingly. ShivOmRu enters, Chulbul doing her signature style of eating candy by Rajinikanth style. Rudra jealously tell shivay, see bhaiya, this Chulbul is making this kind of tricks and made them close. Shivay too nods jealousy. Om ask, Hogayi/ over? Gauri turns and stopped. Annika and Saumya tell, Om.. Chulbul is so sweet. He is ur best buddy and our best friend and they praising Chulbul. Shivay irritated and ask them to stop and ask Om to tell. Om tell, Chulbul we should leave now.. we have to go out as we have important work. Saumya ask, Om bhaiya.. is it necessary to take him with u? We planned to take him for shopping and lunch. Om say, Yes I need someone to helpsee me there. Saumya say, if u want someone helo.. then take Rudra with u.. he is staying simply.. we’ll take Chulbul with us for shopping pls bhaiya.. pls pls.. Annika also insist. Om has no other way, but ShivRu signs no. But Om helpless by situation lets Chulbul with Annika and Saumya.

Shivay and Rudra glare at him. After they left, ShivRu start fighting with Om and ask, Y didn’t u stop Chulbul? Om ask them, Y can’t u stop bhabi or Saumya? ShivRu speechless. Om say, don’t worry.. he is a nice guy he’ll take care of bhabi and let them enjoy.. and goes. ShivRu sad. Om in his room, feels restless and think why am I thinking so much.. I’m not in control today.. some thought disturb me often.. Y I’m feeling something is gonna change my life? What is this strange feeling?

He is getting ready for party with no excitement. But tensed how to stop Svetlana from announcing their wedding and should try not to let her go back to Mr. Oberoi. Gauri come there and see him upset. She try to make his mood better and start doing her childish acts like doing pooja, doing funny things with Om’s belongings. Om was irritated at first, but soon he too started enjoying her doings. He ask her, how was ur shopping? What did u buy for urself. Gauri was in excitement to make his mood better, so she talked her heart out. She said to Om, Yes Omkara ji, I brought a beautiful salwar with heavy embroidery work.. that too I got my favorite white color.. I lovedhave it because of that multi colour embroidery in it.. it will look very good in me.. (and turns to see him, looking suspicious) thinks and manage. I mean to say that.. it will look good on girls..any girl will look good in that. Om confused and ask, why did u buy women’s wear u duffer.. u r a boy…chirota.. U r so mysterious.. Ur doings r same like girls.. What r u going to do with that? Will you wear it and roam around this house? Gauri was not able to answer and blinks like a puppy.

Om asked this and started laughing. She ask y r u laughing? He said, I just imagined that how will u look if u wear Salwar.. I can’t control.. that’s y.. and make her close like hugging and tell, U r really funny at times, but doing intelligent things too. I can’t understand u.. but I can’t be without you. Gauri happy to hear this from Om, but worries for hiding her identity in front of him. She tell him, even I wish to be with u always Omkara ji, I want u to stay happy always. Om was touched by her words. They both havehold eye lock. Om felt something intense and strange. He left for party with.her.

Guests arriving at party. Shivay holds Annika and help her to ease her hands. But Annika does not let him and say she’ll manage. They both start arguing. Pinky come and enquire them. Shivay tells what Annika said. Pinky go to Annika and tell, u can take his help know.. No one can live without some support. Listen to him and do as he says. He is telling this for ur betterment. Annika nods. Pinky says, moreover..

I don’t want my bahu to have any pain.. U should be very careful hereafter.. ok. Shivika was stunned to hear this from pinky. Annika cry in happiness and can’t control her tears. Pinky wipe her tears and say, U r not only saved Shivay’s life my life too.. if anything happened to my Shivay then I would have.. she too breaks down. Shivay hold her and hug her. She tell, also I’m sorry Annika.. i have treated u very ill, humiliated u but u never let me down in any situation. I’m so happy and lucky to get a daughter like u. Annika cries and hug pinky. Dadi, Buama,Rudra and Janvi gets happy for them. ( Very less saas bahu drama in our story).

Om come to party and Svetlana come and irritating him ( i don’t want to write on that boring track.. so I ignore that) about their wedding announcement. She also threatens him by her idea of changing game by going back to Tej. Om was shocked and irritated by her talks. Shivay consoles him. Kaali Takur enters OM. Tej announce all his guest that his partner has arrived and wave his hand to Kali’s side. Spot is focused on Kali and smile looking at Shivay and Omkara. ShivOm were shocked to see him back. They all think about their fight and how Kali wounded deadly. Shivay ask Om, he is still alive? How is this possible? They both look at him in shock.

Precap: Gauri panics after seeing Kali takur in front of her eyes. ShivOm shocked to see Kali signing same land deal with Tej and say its impossible. Kali come towards ShivOm.

Pls give me ur valuable comments below my drs.. that is the reward I get for my work.. so pls don’t hesitate to talk ur views with me. Pls open up and comment.
Also I’m happy tat many silent readers r commenting in this and my Weekend Shot.. Thanks for ur effort my drs.. try to comment regularly.. Take care and love u all my drs 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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