Swaragini – A glimpse of our love and life (Episode 12)

Hai everyone. I am glad that everyone liked the new characters in my story. I have planned more fun in the upcoming episodes. Guys i will be calling them as sanky and lucky only but they will be in female attire so don’t be confused. So let’s start.

Scene 1: At mansion(hotel)

Sanlak decided to tell this to swarag and went to their room but was shocke to see the girl with them. That girl is uttara, sanlak’s sister. Swarag introduced sanlak to her and told she will be staying with them in their room. Uttara eyed them doubtfully but didn’t take it serious. Ragini asked whether breakfast is ready or not. Sanlak told with an hour it will be ready and left from there. Sanky said now we escaped but don’t know what will happen in these five days.

Sanky was making break fast for everyone. Lucky is helping him. After preparing breakfast. They arranged it in table. Then lucky went o tell everyone to come for dinner. The table can accommodate 20 peoples so first 20 students sat and finished their breakfast then rest 4 student along with the teacher had dinner. Sanlak was serving everyone. Uttara was sitting there. The teacher asked sanlak also to have breakfast with them. They agreed and sat with them and had breakfast.

Uttara tasted the food and found it familiar. She asked to sanskari whether she learnt it from sr hotel management institute. Sanlak was shocked that she identified it and to prevent her doubt he said no a friend of mine thought me. He studied there. Uttara was not satisfied with the answer but halfheartedly said oh k. After breakfast, everyone planned to go to the lake. Sanlak and swarag also accompanied them. They planned to have lunch in lake view restaurant near by so sanlak also came with them.

Scene 2:At lake

They have planned to go for boat ride. Four people can go in a boat so 24 student sat on 6 boat. Teacher asked swarag and sanlak to also accompany them. They agreed. The waited sometime for a boat to come. First lucky got in. He gave hand to swara to get in. Swara holds its and safely enters. The both sat near each other. Ragini gave her hand thinking swara will help her but gave an impossible seeing swalak busy taking selfie’s.

Sanky entered into boat passing her and went to sit. Ragini cleared her throat indicating him to help her. sanky acted as if he didn’t see. Ragini entered herself but stumbled and was going to fall on water but in time sanky held her. She eyed him. He then helped her to sit. She kept eyeing him. He asked what it’s better if I have left you fall. A problem will be less for me. Ragini glared him and turned other side. Swalak giggled hearing them and started pedaling.

Swalak enjoyed the ride chatting with each other and clicking selfie’s. Ragsan on the other hand was glaring each other. Ragini thought why she was staring at him. what is happening to her. She was brought back to reality by swara’s voice who asked whether she could pedal along with sanky as they are tired. She agreed. Ragini pedaled back and sanky pedaled front. Due to this their boat went to corner of lake and got stuck in mud. Sany said she pedal wrong Ragini said he pedaled wrong. Swalak said them to shut up.

As the area was near shore sanky got down and pushed it. The boat moved away from mud. Then he entered into the boat. He told ragini to pedal front and do as he say. She agreed and said khadoos. Swara saw a lily in lake and asked laksh to get it for him. He couldn’t say no to her so he asked ragsan to go towards the place so that they can pluck the lily for swara. Ragsan didn’t agree. Swalak made a puppy face and finally the agreed.

They rowed towards the lily and lucky plunked it. Swara smiled seeing it and got excited. Lucky started doing something with it and finally gave it to swara. She was so happy seeing it. Lucky had made chain with it. The stems where like the string and the flower was like the center design. Swara hugged lucky and thanked him. Ragsan smiled seeing their sibling. Sanskar noticed another flower nearby and directed the boat towards it.

Everyone asked where is he going. He said there is a nice spot for at some distance and ragsan rowed towards it. Everyone posed for photo while sanky without anyone’s notice plunked the flower. He hided it in his duppata. Soon they returned to boat house and went to restaurant. While eating swalak and ragsan sat together. Noticing that swalak was busy in themselves sanky gave the lily to ragini. She smiled seeing it and thanked him. After dinner they went to horse riding. Swalak sat on a horse and moved forward. Ragsan had no option but to go together. They felt something different but didn’t take it serious. After that ride, they did riffle shooting and it passed five so the returned to hotel.

Scene 3:At hotel

Everyone went to freshen. Sanlak also went ot freshen up and returned soon to prepare dinner. At nine everyone had dinner. They decided tomorrow they will go for picnic in park and went to their room. Swarag left with uttara to their room. Sanlak finished cleaning and made some preparations for tomorrow and went to their room. They changed their attire and went to sleep. Laksh was fast asleep but sanky was thinking why did he felt different today with that witch. Ragini also thinks the same.

Recap:Picnic fun and more fun moments.

I hope you all liked this epi. I know some may think this would have suited best if sanlak was in their attire but what to do whatever it may be they are themselves always.


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