The feeling that you give me~Swasan (Introduction)

Hiiiiii ??? I am new here; am I welcome? I had this strong desire to write something on Swasan. And finally I can! This is probably gonna be a short story with no villain, but that doesn’t means that there will be no twists. I just want to get out of this misunderstanding and that sort of people not trusting eo thing. Here are the lead characters:-

Swara Agarwal- A sensitive yet bold girl. Extremely stunning and gorgeous. But not that mahan sacrificing Swara. She loves her family and all but if someone is pressurizing her, she will rather listen to her own self. She’s cute and cheerful at the same time. She believes in true love, but not that it will happen to her.

Sanskar Maheshwari- Ruthless? No. Emotionless? No. Cold hearted? Not at all. Kind? Sort of. Helping? Yeah. Caring? Hmmm. Handsome? Of course. Extrovert? Too much. Family man? Yep. Immature? No. Perfect? Exactly!

I am only introducing them as they are the leads. Further characters will be introduced as the story moves. Do leave your precious comments, as it will remind me to post soon and please tell me your suggestions; if any. Harsh comments are also welcome ,just make sure you are not rude and tell me if u like it. ?

  1. awesom e nic eplot update next part soon continue

  2. nice..continue soon..

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    Sweet dearo

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    Interesting….. Please continue.

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    Awsme waiting fr this different intresting story

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    It was awesome! Continue soon…!??

  7. Wow it’s awesome intro for swasan. I really want swara like ur intro not as mahaan, and sanskar it’s very good introduction I must say. Post the next one soon. Eagarly I m waiting dear

  8. awesome ☺

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    Continue dear
    Different kind of intro u given

  10. Awesome nd interesting

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    interesting introduction specially sanskaar’s

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  13. looking interesting..

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    Welcome to SwaSan family dear..!!
    Nice intro..!! Would love to read more..!! Continue soon..! Thnk u.. ;-*

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    hi welcome, your bio remind me to Sahana di…

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