Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 2

Recap: The leads were shown going to college and on the way, Sanskaar was mesmerized seeing swara’s beauty….

Once arrived at the college,Swara was talking to ragini and said,”tumhe pata hain Ragini, poori raat maine yeh project banayi hain.I hope the teacher like it.” She was nervous.” Tum fikar mat karo Swara, I’m sure she will like it.” Ragini replied smilingly.

When they were talking to their friends, Sanlak came.Suddenly, Laksh spotted Swara.He too was mesmerized seeing her.(he is a little flirt..he will just want attention of swara nothing else…no love).He came near her and whispered,Hey babe,whats up?” Hearing this,Swara became angry and slapped him tight!”mind ur language mister, do u even know who i am? I am Swara Gadodia!”She answered.Laksh became angry and they both started fighting.Meanwhile Ragini kept looking at Laksh(ohooo!! Love at first sight).when sanskaar was trying to end the fight he mistakenly threw Swara’s project into the mud(OH MY GOD!!!).Swara became more angry and went to confront him when she slipped and he held her.They have an eyelock!!!Sanskaar thinks”yeh to paas se aur bhi khoobsurat hain”. And swara thinks”Yeh paas mein aur bhi handsome hain par isne meri project kyun destroy ki?” Without saying anything she went to her class cryingly.

Ragini kept looking at laksh as she thought he was too much handsome.

At lunch break, Laksh came and saw Ragini.He thought to tease her to take revenge from swara for wat she did.He came near her and said,”Whats up behenji”.(As she was sister of swara, she too confronted and slapped laksh even though he was handsome!)” Tumhaari himmat kaise hui mujhe behenji bolne ki,aaj tuesday hain isiliye yeh peheni hain” Saying this ,she went.” Dono behener kamaal hain!!laksh said holding his two cheeks!!

PRECAP:Sanksaar confronting swara about her clother (as laksh was attracted to her coz of her clothes and he was jealous ohoo!!).Swara looks at him.

Credit goes to: Heera

Thanks u so much for the suggestion and plzzz comment and give more suggestion!!!!

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  1. Give ragini sme importance dea…make sme raglak scenes also.. U give more importance to swara ….plzzzz

    1. Dnt wry its just 2nd episode……from tomorrow onwards i will give ragini importance also….i will start the twist tomorrow itself….thank u soo much that u r giving me ideas and telling ur suggestion..
      I am really happy….i will try my best to fullfill ur wishes…:)

  2. It’s supperbbbbb !
    Its a request plz make a love triangle♡
    Sanskar lasksh and ragini to give some importance to ragini
    But your ff is too good 🙂 😀

    1. Thank u soo much….plzzzzzz always comment and give suggestion!!!! Its my first ff u know and u have given me courage

      1. All the best for your next part ! ☆☆

  3. Superb precap and nice story and ending was awesome loved it

  4. Pls all in English cause am from Nigeria

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