Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Fan Fiction

Hai frnd iam a huge fan od kyy especially cabir dhawn ( ayaz ahemed) nd tis is all after the accident

Hope u guys njoy

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One fine morning
A hot dashing handsome guy with black shots shown jocking…..
Suddenly a sound shaked him to shout wat happened nd run inside his house

Tat is Mr.Manik Malothra

There he is shown pattering some ones sholder nd says nting nting….

Nd tat boy is none other than cabir…

He is shown teary eyes nd rest his face on maniks chest holding his head nd says its paining alot manik….

Nd manik pacifying him…

Hope u guys njoy

Note:….guys in my ff ..after tat accident cabir has lost his memory…..the thing he remember is nly his drums nd his yaar….manik

Credit to: leher

  1. plsss tell me abut all charecters in detail as i havnt watched it and wish to watch next season…..

    nd nys……writin

    1. i will tell u….manik is the lead guitarist of fab5 n his frnds r his family as his mother nyonika is only into money n never cared about him, nyonika’s n manik’s relation is like give n take…mukti is also the part of fab5 n ex gf of harshad, she is also very close to all her frnds as her parents r always fi8ing, aaliya is younger sister of harshad and she is very close to fab 5 as she has no parents and harshad is always into killing other ppl n after fab5, aaliya left her brother for the sake of fab5 as its the only thing left in her life, she is piano player….cabir has a twin brother ranbir who lives with his dad n cabir lives with his mom, his mom was a very loving n caring mother but after knowing cabir is a gay she changed n so cabir decided to leave his house but he misses her mother even if she has changed, dhruv is a sweet n shy guy(dont know about his family), he is very close to fab5….first manik n aliya were bf/gf for 7 years but manik broke up with her due to mistrust, dhruv fell for nandini but nandini only wanted to be friends so he decided to move on, later he falls in love with aaliya….cabir fell for his teacher raghav being a gay but they broke up…manik later started falling for nandini n nandini also loved him, at first nandini n fab5 were enemies but later became frnds…navya is a best frnd to nandini n she fell for the play boy n womanizer harshad, harshad made her pregnant n later left her, but navya kept the baby..i think this much is enough…:)kyyrocks

    2. Sara did some mistakes so m making it cjeae….dhruv just had a crush on nandini but when was changing himself MaNan came closer and started dating but when they kissed on musicana that time dhruv wanted to propose nandini but he wanted to do more arrangements he was late and till that time manan were together and when manik came to kno bout his buddy’s feelings for nandini he after a lot of pain decided to sacrifice her and he did before musicana final performance saying she don’t match his status ..on that same day harshad leaked cabir’s secret but raghav and cabir already broke up …but nyonika handled the situation coz her reputation was at stake…to take revenge cabir even cabir leaked harshad’s private party’s video and navya got heartbroken seeing that video…. and then navshad did it! But when he came to kno bout her pregnancy he tried to abort that child but navya on right time came to kno her real face…… oh sry m explaining in detail i jus wanted to correct sara
      Dhrulya’s story started when alya was training him to impress nandini they became close and feel in love….
      Then a guy name abhimanyu entered mukti’s lyk who taught her how to smile and live lyf …they both fell in love but then abhimanyu left her as he had cancer third stage mukti knew this but love is love but didn’t wanted her to see his death so he left her but she still smiles for him…..
      Harshad was in relation with nyonika so manik hate them…… before manik and harshad were bff and had a band along with dhruv but when manik came to kno bout nyoshad relation he told this to mukti and she went on depression pills….. this is how….

      U won’t understand fully so watch it on YouTube u will love it for sure

  2. Oh kyy fanfic….. plzzz cntnue dr

  3. do the nex ff bout dhrulya (dhruv and alyaa) plz

  4. Hey! One suggestion! Can u plz write d spellings correctly! Coz patting ws wt u wanted to write n its written pattering..both words has different meanings so plz cn u do that change!
    N yeah its kyy ff…n im alltym ready to read its FFs:) good start…n thoda sa lamba update milega?? So cabir has lost his memory…bt thnx fr ManBir yaar…i miss them a lot… The Cool Dude Cabira!! He is d jaan of kyy!!
    N one question..are ManBir hiding frm fab 3 navni n aryamann???

  5. thanq for ur responce guyz….plz continue..
    as my semester xams are going on…i can nly post my ff when iam free so..plz forgive me…

    i will make it intresting as much as possible

  6. Ohh..so u gotta study hard!! All the best fr ur exams!! Update wen ur free..take ur tym dear:) we’ll wait:)

  7. thanq…plumpyyy…..

  8. i had posted two episodes put it is not published yet….hope u njoy…plz do comments…as soon a u ppls read it

  9. where are the other posts

  10. dono nima i have posted it today mrg …but it is not published yet..

    1. It is published I read it….. u have to find it

  11. Its k leher:) it’ll b posted soon, i hope! Will keep liking n commenting:)

  12. thanq for ur support yaar plumpyy…its published plz read nd cmmnt…..hw is it minnie….hey guys plz suggest a track tat u need nd do comments

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