Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 7

Sher sees shraddha and is not able to digest her new look.he is spellbound.chanda is jealous.shraddha goes to sher and they both hug each other emotionally.it turns out to be sher’s imagination.shraddha stands still.bhavri comes out screaming sher’s name but is shocked to see shraddha in her new look standing with diya and adi.she thinks how did this madam ji became maharani?all gather there.gajra is overwhelmed and hugs shraddha.sumer touches her feet.sunehri comes and hugs her.shraddha sees sindur in her hair and mngslsutar in her neck.sunehri tells about her marriage with vikas.bhavri asks them to stop this drama and questions shraddha about her arrival.shraddha says that she is here to take her daughter back.sher says that she is also my daughter.u kept her away from me.u lied to me about your miscarriage.u went why?
Shraddha:u know the answers to your questions then why are u asking again.everyone is surprised to hear shraddha answering back.adi smiles.shraddha says that fate wanted diya to meet her father it happened so now I m taking her back.bhavri warns her not to step out as she is my grand child.Chanda asks shraddha how can u change so much?
Shraddha:I have learnt this from u Chanda.chanda is tensed and shuts her mouth.
Sher:wt has happened to u?u seem so different.u r not that shraddha whom I knew.u r som1 else.u cant be my shraddha ji.
Bhavri:u took away our child.now we wont allow you.
Shraddha:who r u to stop me.u think u r God?u can control everything.no u r wrong.ur son mite be ur puppet but not me.
Bhavri is super surprised and thinks that how did this sparrow grow and how is she talking much.sher is also lost in thoughts.shraddha is about to leave with diya when sher asks her not to take her daughter away from him.bhavri orders vikas to take diya from shraddha.shraddha poilitely asks him not to come close to her daughter.bhavri says that a weak person like u cant fight me.bhavri again orders vikas to take diya.shraddha tries to stop him but he passes by her and takes diya’s Hand who calls out shraddha.shraddha hold vikas’s hand,turns him towards herself and gives him a tight slap across his face.everyone is super shocked seeing shraddha slapping some1.vikas keeps his hand on his face and his eyes are wide open in shock.
Shraddha:no one understands the language of love in this house.so it had to done.shraddha takes diya out and adi follows her.sher thinks that this is not my shraddha ji.bhavei fumes and follows her.every1 go mes behind her.shraddha is again stopped by bhavri.bhavri pushes shraddha she falls and gets hurt.adi picks her up.meanwhile bhavri holds diya’s ears.sher asks her to stop it.shraddha tries to cone for the rescue but bhavri signalls her goons who stop sherdha.chanda is enjoying the drama and says whao!
Bhavri keeps forcing diya to tell her mom that she wants to stay with her father and grandmom.diya is wincing in pain and is crying.she keeps calling shraddha.bhavri goes yo get a stick and is about to hit diya when shraddga unable to take it any longer screams “bhavri devi”.bhavri stops.
Shraddha cones forward,hugs diya and hands her to aditya.adi consoles the crying child.
Shraddha:how dare u touch my daughter.who do u think u r?who gave u the right to rule any1s life?why r u after us.i bore everything when I was here.u ruined my life but I wont let u ruin my daughter’s life.she is the same girl whom u wanted to kill.she is the same girl whom u wanted to snatch from me.u were the one who poisoned my food.u were the one who dropped oil on the floor so that I slip and my child dies…tell me if I m lying??
Sher:amma is it true??
Shraddha:wow!u r still ur amma puppet.u wont believe the truth.
Sher:diya is my daughter shraddha ji.if sm1 had tried to hurt her I would have known.
Shraddha:really.what happened to u when I told that amma ji tried to poison me.u did not believe and u believed it so easily that ur child is dead!!sher is quiet now.
Shraddha says that I kept quiet 6 yrs ago as I was a daughter in law and wife.i fulfilled all my duties but u never cared and did not spare any chance to malign my respect.u forced me for this marriage cuz of your ego.when I started loving sher ji you pointed finger on my character.u let rani come into our lives to destry out relation.u asked me to fulfill ur 3 wishes.u made me shoot my husband.u made me sign divorce papers with a threat to kill sher ji.u dragged this cheat Chanda into our lives.its all your ego.thus ego has made u come to roads such that today u asked loan from ur x-daughter in law.its ur punishment for destroying innocent lives.she says that now I m a mother and I wont allow you to cast a bad eye on my daughter.shraddha points finger at bhavri and says that if u ever dare hurt my family agai, I will forget that I had some relations with you.sher ji said right that I m not his shraddha ji.that shraddha died years ago and I hope that u don’t mess with this new shraddha again.everyone is super dooper shocked to see this new AVATAR of shraddha. shraddha leaves with diya and adi.the screen freezes on their shocked faces…

Next epi:adi sees sher going to hospital and tells shraddha that sher’s body organs are being damaged due to excessive intake of alcohols nd no one takes care of him.shraddha is tensed and decides to go back to that house and help him.bhavri asks her to get out as she has no right to stay here.shraddha says that she is still the wife of sher as u threw me out before 3 mnths.chanda and bhavri are shocked.shraddha tells adi taht bhavri will herself welcome her in the house.bankers cone and tell bhavri to empty the house.all are shocked….

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Credit to: Angel

  1. Superb..angelll….good going…

  2. Supeb! Hoped the actual Show had this storyline.
    U write zis so very well and make Shraddha a powerful woman. I like it! Plz continue. Good luck.

    1. Thnk u so much Ritz…

  3. Wahhh wahhh… superrrrrrr… i dont have words dr….. what a slap…… i just loved it….

    1. Thnx hayathi

    2. Thnk u so much hayathi

  4. I love this episode it was really appreciable
    I think u should be writer
    Makers of piya rangrezz plz replace ur writer with Angel she is really good .☆

    1. Thnk u rani…i loved ur comment

  5. Loved it .. u r superb angel

    1. Thnx a lot

  6. oh my f******* daise the is so cool i hape this actually happens and i really like shraddha new avatar

  7. its osm mannn

  8. OMG…………….. I am new here but believe me i love your FF…………… and i hope you will always update them quickly…….. i hav read all your ff throughout and loved them….. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thnx a lot samiya

  9. I luv the story line is super cool ,I will like to see sheraddha as powerful woman so that she punished bahvri.

    1. Thnx vivian

  10. i am waiting for strong shradha…and u made her strong…but wt abt sher ..sher is hospitalise or his health is not good…it is his all organs r damaged ths is big shock …next sher shradha come together again….super writer u r…

    1. Wait for twist

  11. Amazing. Just enjoyed reading it so much. I wish tht Ths could turn in the upcoming episode of piya rangrezz. U r really doing a great job.just loved it

    1. Thnk u dear

  12. Wow angel you are awesome….. I just can’t digest the beauty of your imagination…. Hats off to you….. I prefer your story than that of the real one….

    1. Thnx a lot hari

  13. i just love this …plz update soon

  14. yuckie bhavri devi ….i love this twisty

  15. Fab.epi.too good angel…i just loved it..u r better than ekta…by d way i dont know if its written by her or not..

  16. very very nice. i just loved it

    1. Thnk u prathyu

  17. Hey Angel. .I dnt understand ur updates..bec show is gng on another story n u r on another..plz solve my problem

    1. I have continued the story from where bhavri threatens to kill shraddha…its actually a fan fiction story…i have made it on my own…hope that ur problem is solved?

  18. You are super writter i love it.. i love this show sooooo much

  19. I love it

  20. Angel I really love it, waiting to see shraddha fight for her right.

    1. Thnx lilly

  21. nithasha Mookteram

    wow that was a great ff.u r doing a great job..I love it . The new sharrda awesome

  22. angel tumari story se real story replace kr do…real story se to bahot jyada achi h kash aise twist real story m bhi hote…good job angel…i like ur story…next pls…

    1. Thnx…i will try my best

  23. Hi angel means its not really happening same in this serial what the serial story is different from this please reply

    1. Yes its true….its my self made story

  24. Excited to see the next epi. Really gr8 angel… much better than the real telecast of their ths show

  25. Gr8 twist….
    Awsm shraddha….
    Add more twist soon…..
    Loved ur article….❤️
    Write more plz….

  26. very nice. loved Shradha ji’s new AVATAR. You should be a writer.
    very good episode and the slap was awesome.

    1. Thnk u diya

  27. This is the shraddha which i wanted to see!!!well done..

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