The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI,BHRK,TPK,YVR) Episode 5


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. Which scene is for which show will be mentioned.
Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I am back with Episode 4. In this episode it will be shown how situations bring the 4 couples closer and also a brief on their bond will be shown.
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Here is which scene(s) belongs to which show:
Scene 1: TEI
Scene 2: BHRK
Scene 3: TPK
Scene 4: YVR
Scene 5: TEI
Scene 6: BHRK
Scene 7: TPK
Scene 8: YVR

Scene 1: Park
(TEI part)
The episode begins with Twinkle looking at Yuvi surprised.
Twinkle: You?
Yuvi: You?
As Twinkle was about to go Yuvraj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Yuvi: Are you really Twinkle?
Twinkle: Now I am sure you are really Yuvi.
Kunj sees this and assumes that Yuvi is teasing Twinkle. Kunj comes to Yuvi and slaps him. Twinkle is shocked. Yuvi is stunned.
Kunj: How dare you tease a girl?
Yuvi: Actually
Kunj: Tell me. Don’t you have mothers and sisters in your house?
Yuvi: Look you are misunderstanding me, Mr.
Kunj: Mr. Your father, how would your father feel when he sees his son like this.
Yuvi: But I?
Kunj doesn’t let Yuvi to speak up. Twinkle speaks up.
Twinkle: Mr. Kunj Singh, how dare you slap him?
Kunj: Look Twinkle, you may forgive him but if you don’t speak up he will continue doing so with other girls.
Twinkle: Mr. Kunj he is my friend Yuvi.
Kunj is shocked.
Twinkle: No need to act as if you are a great man. I know how great you are. And Yuvi was not teasing me he was joking, understand?
Kunj: Actually I didn’t
Twinkle: And please use your brains this will help to teach how to react with the situations in the future, understand?
Kunj: But Twinkle, I didn’t mean to
Twinkle: Please leave me alone what’s your problem? And you must be thinking why are not letting you speak, you were not letting Yuvi speak up.
Kunj: Twinkle look
Twinkle: I am leaving from here, and Yuvi I apologize to you I am so sorry on behalf of this guy he doesn’t even have to say sorry. And see you at home.
Twinkle leaves angrily.
Kunj: I am so sorry, I misinterpreted the situation.
Yuvi: It’s okay, these kind of misunderstanding happens. And I am experienced in getting slaps also.
Kunj: What?
Yuvi: Yes, this is what happens when you have girlfriends, you understand that after all Twinkle is your girlfriend.
Kunj: No, Twinkle and my girlfriend? No way.
Yuvi: Oh the way you reacted I thought you are the boyfriend because he is always the one following behind.
Just then someone calls Yuvi,
Yuvi: I have some important work will catch you up later.
Yuvi leaves, and Kunj hits his forehead with his hand.
Kunj: Kunj Singh, what is happening here? Looks like just like Shaan, I am also going to be crazy all thanks to Twinkle Kapoor. So much attitude. But I must apologize to her also.
Kunj gets thinking.

Scene 2: Sharma residence
(BHRK part)
Here Shaan is about to go, and Rajni holds Shaan’s hand. Shaan looks at Rajni.
Rajni: Please don’t leave, Shaan.
Shaan: I am sorry I have to leave, Rajni. I will miss you a lot.
Rajni: Please Shaan.
Shaan: Rajni.
Shaan remembers something and hugs Rajni.
Rajni: What happened now?
Shaan: How do you know I am here to come to pick you up?
Rajni: After all, I am a robot.
Shaan smiles.
Shaan: I have a good news for my Rajni robot, you are coming along with me tonight there is a party at home.
Rajni: But how about that businessman?
Shaan: Don’t worry, his flight is postponed, he will come tomorrow instead. You can come to the party. Mom has epecially invited you to come.
Rajni: That means I have to stay here for one more day?
Shaan: Yes, Rajni. You have to stay here for one more day. But you will come to the party and then return back as I will drop you here.
Rajni: Please don’t leave me like this.
Shaan: I won’t Rajni. It’s a matter a few days. Even I am missing you.
Rajni: Humans can miss humans, not robots.
Shaan: But you are my special robot.
Rajni: Thanks for the compliment. Rajni robot is happy.
Shaan smiles.
Shaan: Now let’s go.
Shaan goes, and Rajni stays still.
Shaan: Why aren’t you coming along with me?
Rajni: So strange. When I wanted to come with you, you didn’t let me and now when you want me to go, I am staying here you are being stubborn?
Shaan: Rajni, what are you trying to say?
Rajni: Whatever, you are listening to.
Shaan: I mean by what kind of programme is this?
Rajni: Listening Comprehension.
Shaan: I mean by what you said is so strange?
Rajni: Oh that one? That is reversed psychology.
Shaan: Reserved psychology? But I never updated this programme.
Rajni: Oh that’s a free programme.
Shaan: What?
Rajni: Yes free.
Shaan: Looks like I have to uninstall this programme from Rajni’s system, tonight is the best time.
Rajni: Do whatever you want.
Shaan: I will do that now you will come with me.
Rajni: Okay Shaan, command accepted.
Shaan: Good job.
Shaan takes Rajni with him, and as they were about to go
Rajni: Be careful, this is a terrace.
Shaan: Yes, Rajni I can see that no need to tell me, I have eyes for that.
Rajni: In terrace, people can fall and lose their life.
Shaan: Done, let’s go.

Scene 3: Campsite
(TPK part)
Thapki and Bihaan are walking together.
Thapki: Finally the camp is set.
Bihaan: Now let’s go to where the others are.
Thapki: Let’s go.
Bihaan: Tell me about yourself.
Thapki: Myself? Actually, I have a lot to s
Thapki starts stammering for some time, and Bihaan gives her a loving pat.
Thapki: Say
Thapki smiles looking at Bihaan.
Thapki: Thank you so much Bihaan.
Bihaan: No thank you no sorry in friendship.
Thapki: You seem to be quite flimy.
Bihaan: No, not at all Senorita.
Thapki laughs, and as they were walking, Thapki collides with someone and Bihaan holds her. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other.
Bihaan: Now why are you looking at me like this in flims and call me flimy.
Thapki: You were the one who told me not to say thank you or sorry, if I can’t thank you, what to do, staring at you is the only way.
Bihaan: Oh so that’s the thing.
Thapki: Exactly. You are really very flimy.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I helped you and you? You said that I am flimy instead of thanking me.
Thapki: You said not to say thank you in friendship.
Bihaan: Okay, I am sorry.
Thapki: Bihaan? You also said not to say sorry.
Bihaan: This is so complicated. I shouldn’t have said this at the first place.
Thapki: See, this is the difference between real life and flims. Flims are so complicated.
Bihaan: But not as complicated as you are.
Thapki: Did you say anything?
Bihaan: No, I didn’t.
And as Thapki was about to collide with someone again, Bihaan alerts her.
Bihaan: Now please don’t collide again. Chug Chug Gari.
Thapki gives Bihaan an annoyed look, and Thapki smiles as she looks infront as she sees Shraddha.
Shraddha: You?
Thapki: You?
They hug each other.
Thapki: We are meeting after so many days.
Shraddha: Yes, Thapki.
Bihaan: (in his mind) This Thapki’s friend is pretty. What a girl.
Shraddha whispers to Thapki,
Shraddha: Is he is your boyfriend?
Thapki: No, what are you saying, he is my friend?
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Thapki: Bihaan, this is my friend Shr
Thapki starts stammering,
Shraddha: Hi. I am Shraddha Sh
Bihaan: Kapoor?
Shradddha: What?
Bihaan: I mean Shraddha Kapoor?
Shraddha: No! Shraddha Sharma.
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Thapki whispers to Bihaan.
Thapki: Bihaan what was that?
Bihaan: No, it’s not as you think.
Thapki: I can see that.
Bihaan: Now I like Shraddha Kapoor what’s my fault?
Thapki: Really?
Shraddha: Let’s go.
Thapki, Bihaan and Shraddha leaves.

Scene 4: Mathur Residence
(YVR part)
Here Karthik is thinking about Survi.
Karthik: (in his mind) I didn’t know that falling in love is so complicated. Once you fall in love you can’t get over it.
Karthik: I am really missing you Survi.
Survi: You were calling me and I am here.
Karthik looks and sees Survi.
Karthik: Survi? You and here?
Survi: Yes, me and here.
Karthik looks around.
Karthik: But how you came here? By this window?
Survi: Oho no way Karthik, so simple just by the door.
Karthik: But how did mom allow you in?
Survi: I just said that I am here to help her as a nurse and I am medical intern student.
Karthik: Oh okay.
Survi: You know Karthik you are looking very handsome today.
Karthik: Really?
Survi nods,
Survi: Yes, really.
Karthik: Survi, I want to tell you something.
Survi: What?
Karthik: Actually Survi, I love you will you marry me?
Karthik bends on his knees and proposes Survi.
Survi: Yes, I will marry you.
Karthik and Survi hugs each other as Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Karthik gets out of his imagination, and he smiles.
Karthik: Looks like you are really crazy in love, Karthik.
Just then Lata calls out Karthik,
Lata: Karthik!!!!!
Karthik: Coming mom!
Lata: No need to come your some female friend is here.
Karthik: Will my dream turn into reality? Is it Survi?
Karthik opens the door.
Karthik: Welcome Survi.
And he is surprised as it turns out be his friend Ankita (Meher’s character is named Ankita here and she is Karthik’s friend and a positive character) who is equally surprised.
Karthik: Are you Ankita?
Ankita: No I am Survi.
Karthik looks on.
Ankita: Still lost in Survi’s thoughts?
Karthik: No, yes.
Ankita smiles.
Ankita: You truely love her,
Karthik nods yes.
Ankita: Did you confess your love to her?
Karthik nods no.
Ankita: Just go and confess your love.
Karthik is about to go,
Ankita: Does she know about your truth?
Karthik remembers.
Ankita: Don’t you think she have all the right to know the truth?
Karthik: Yes
Ankita: You shouldn’t have hidden this from her.
Karthik: I am trying my best to tell but.
Ankita: If you trust your love enough go and tell her.
Karthik: I trust her love, but I fear more in losing Survi.
Ankita: Look Karthik, trust is the most important factor and I understand this very well.
Karthik: Okay, okay no need to start your emotional talks. I will try my best to tell her.
Karthik leaves.

Scene 5: ON THE ROAD
(TEI part)
Here Twinkle is walking on the roads and some goons tease her.
Goon: Hi beautiful.
Twinkle gives them an annoyed look.
Goon 2: Do you need lift? I am here.
Twinkle ignores him.
Goon 3: We are here for you beautiful.
Twinkle gets annoyed and the goes to the goons.
Twinkle: Don’t you have any other work?
Goon 1: No, just look at beautiful girls like you makes our day.
Twinkle is about to raise her hand to slap them, the goon holds her hand.
Goon 1: Don’t use your delicate hand to slap anyone?
Kunj sees this from the car,
Kunj: Oh dear, Twinkle is in trouble.
Kunj was about to go,
Kunj: (in his mind) Maybe her friend.
Kunj drives away.
Twinkle was about to go, the goons start eve-teasing Twinkle.
Twinkle: Someone please help! Help!
Goon 2: No one will help you out.
Just then a guy pats on Goon 3, and goon 3 gets scared. It’s none other than Kunj.
Goon 3: Actually.
Kunj: You are Twinkle’s friend right?
Twinkle: What?
Goon 3: Yes.
Twinkle: He is lying.
Kunj: How can he lie? He was holding your hands and so he is your friend.
Twinkle: But this time this is not my friend. That was my friend.
Kunj is about to go,
Twinkle: Kunj, please help me out.
Kunj: Let it be, you enjoy with your friends.
Kunj leaves, and the goons smile.
Goon 1: Now no one can help you out.
Twinkle: No!
Just then someone pats the goon 2, and goon 2 smiles. It’s again Kunj, and Kunj punches him this time. They are shocked.
Goon: But she is?
Kunj: You think I am a fool.
Kunj starts fighting, and Twinkle sees it stunned.
Twinkle: Hindi version of Jackie Chan?
And Kunj continues fighting, and then Kunj holds one of the goon.
Kunj: Twinkle come and slap.
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: I said slap.
Twinkle goes and slaps Kunj. Kunj is stunned.
Kunj: Not me, idiot.
Twinkle: I am so sorry.
Twinkle is about to slap the goons, the goons run away.
Twinkle: I am so sorry.
Kunj: Now let’s go.
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: I will give you lift.
Twinkle leaves with Kunj.

Scene 6: Singh Residence
(BHRK part)
It’s party in the Singh family, and Shaan comes along with Rajni and Surili opens the door.
Surili: Finally, you brought Rajni here.
Rajni: I had to come here, after all this is my place.
Shaan is stunned.
Surili: Shaan why are you stunned, Rajni is right this is also her place, right Rajni?
Rajni: Yes.
As Surili was about to go,
Rajni: Happy Birthday Maa
All are stunned.
Surili: Rajni today is not my birthday?
Shaan: She meant by her mom’s birthday, she misses her mom.
Surili: Oh Rajni.
Amrish: Anyways, Rajni feel comfortable, and if you need anything please do tell me.
Rajni: I am already comfortable now, just need some charge.
Amrish: What?
Shaan: Energy.
Amrish: Once this party starts you will get your energy.
And then everyone comes and Amrish asks Surili.
Amrish: Kunj is not here, Thapki is not here why are you throwing a party?
Surili: That’s the reason.
Amrish: Meaning?
Surili: That you won’t understand.
And later, everyone is enjoying in the party,
Shaan: Rajni, today isn’t anyone’s birthday, what made you thought so?
Rajni: Party, Maa won’t throw a party for a reason. Birthday, birthday seems to be the most valid answer in this situation.
Shaan: Sometimes robots are also very complicated.
Rajni: We are robots, you humans are even more complicated uff.
Rajni leaves,
Shaan: She just taunted me?
Just then Amrish comes to Rajni,
Amrish: Looks like you are stressed out. There is one solution to this, and that is dance.
Rajni: Dance?
Rajni gets thinking, Amrish shows where a girl is dancing on the song My name is Sheila. Rajni observes the girl.
A lady comes to Surili.
Lady: Surili, today there is no charm in your party, its boring.
Surili gets worried, and just then she is stunned.
Rajni dances on the dance floor, she dances on classical first salsa, waltz, ballet and finally rock and roll. And she dances on the song Where’s the party tonight? From Kal Ho Na Ho.
Shaan: I like this song.
He also dances along with Rajni and later others also dance.
Surili: What is going on?
Lady: Now your party is rocking.
Surili looks at Rajni and Shaan and smiles.

Scene 7: Campsite
(TPK part)
There is bonfire going on, in the camp, while Thapki is sitting with the girls, Bihaan is sitting with the boys . The leader in girls gang is Aliya and the leader in guys gang is Rajveer.
Aliya: Don’t you think we should play a game?
Rajveer: Absolutely
Everyone is enjoying the camp,
Shraddha: Let’s play Antakshari.
Thapki: But this game is so boring and outdated.
Rajveer: Only girls like you all are confused.
Aliya: Hello, girls are the best.
Rajveer: Can you do arm wrestling?
Aliya: Absolutely.
Rajveer: Aliya, and some other guy can do arm wrestling.
Aliya: No, not me choose someone else.
Shraddha: Thapki and Bihaan.
Aliya: That’s a good idea.
Thapki and Bihaan are stunned.
Thapki: No, no I can’t.
Bihaan: Chuk Chuk Gadi, you seem to gave up so boys win.
All the boys cheer for Bihaan.
Thapki: No, Bihaan I will defeat you just wait and watch.
All the girls cheer for Thapki.
Thapki and Bihaan do arm wrestling. Everyone starts cheering. They both are having an intense competition, and they both look at each other, Bihaan was about to win, Thapki starts whistling, Bihaan gets distracted and Thapki wins.
Thapki: I won!
All the girls gang cheer
Bihaan: This is cheating. You distracted me.
Rajveer: Yes, Bihaan is right.
Aliya: Now that you lost you all are blaming us.
Shraddha: Exactly.
Rajveer: Okay fine you all won.
Bihaan: But?
Rajveer gestures Bihaan not to say anything.
Bihaan: (in his mind) This Chug Chug Gari is such a big cheater.
Thapki gestures Bihaan sorry by holding her ears and Bihaan doesn’t reacts.
Shraddha: Now it’s time for dinner.
Thapki: I am very hungry anyways let’s go.
They all leave.
Later, after dinner Thapki comes to Bihaan
Thapki: Bihaan, I am so sorry.
Bihaan: Really, you are great. Now I get it how you came third in the exams.
Thapki: Meaning?
Bihaan: No need to know about that.
Thapki: Anyways, I am sorry.
Bihaan: It’s okay. Remeber in friendship no.
And they both start laughing,
Rajveer: Bihaan and Thapki come on now it’s dancing time.
Everyone in the camp dances on Kar Gayi Chul from Kapoor and Sons. Thapki and Bihaan enjoy and dance together.

Scene 8: Restaurant
(YVR part)
Here Survi reaches at the restaurant, and then she goes to find Karthik.
Survi: I wonder where this Karthik is?
Survi walks around and she finds a decorated place.
Survi: Wow so beautiful.
Survi sees her name and gets happy as she walks around.
Survi: Karthik, I know you are around where are you? Come in front of me.
Survi is walking and later she finds a piece of paper on the table. She starts reading it.
Letter: Survi, Karthik here. I didn’t have the guts to tell you the truth, but I am writing this letter to tell you that, I am not a common person, I mean I am but I am also a businessman.
Survi is stunned, and she doesn’t finish reading. Just then Karthik comes,
Karthik: Survi actually, I wanted to tell you but
Survi: Such a big cheat.
And she slaps Karthik. Karthik keeps his hand on his face. It turns out to be his imagination.
Karthik: Thank god this is my imagination.
And just then someone covers his eyes with her hand.
Karthik: Who is it?
Survi: It’s me. I am here.
Karthik: Looks like my imagination will turn into reality soon.
Survi: Did you say anything?
Karthik: No.
Survi: Karthik, this is so beautiful really nice.
Karthik: (in her mind) I should confess love to Survi soon.
Karthik bends down on his knees,
Survi: Why are you sitting here?
Karthik gets up.
Survi: There is chair we can sit there.
Survi was about to go, and Karthik holds her hand, and Survi looks at Karthik.
Karthik: I lo I lo…. love
Survi: Why are you holding my hand?
Karthik: Survi, I am a businessman.
Survi is surprised. Karthik realizes what he just said.
Survi: What are you saying?
Karthik: The truth.
Survi is stunned.
Karthik: I am a businessman, I wanted to tell you but I know you hate businessmen that’s why I was scared.
Survi comes and slaps Karthik for real this time.
Survi: Couldn’t you tell me so earlier?
Karthik: I am sorry.
Survi: I won’t have mind. And in friendship truth is important.
Karthik: But it’s more than friendship.
Survi: Meaning?
Karthik: I love you a lot.
Survi is stunned.
The episode ends.

Precap: Kunj and Twinkle get stuck at some isolated place, and they act as married couple to take shelter. Surili says that she have found a girl for her son. Shaan says good and Surili says its Rajni. Shaan is stunned. Thapki and Bihaan enjoy in the rain with some kids and they smile looking at each other. Karthik proposes Survi for marriage and Survi is taken aback.

Hey, all next two weeks, I will publish on Sundays only as I have some project work pending also. But from end of May till Mid June I will write more as I got holidays.
And in the end of May, I have decided to add one more pair from another different show, well they will also be given equal focus and importance, and also none will be given less importance, so no need to worry about that.
Here is the poll:
Which is the 5th show you want to see as part of Strange and Full of Krazyness Story?
A) Ishq Ka Rang Safed from Colors
B) Kaala Teeka from Zee Tv
C) Swaragini from Colors

And by the end of May I will choose the 5th show based on the poll results and one shot response and also I will inform you all which show I chose at the end of May. And also I will have to see how the characters of those can compliment with the story. Please do vote.

The next episode will be published on Sunday, 15th May. Sorry if there are any mistakes.Till then stay tuned and please do comment. I am waiting for all the lovely comments. It makes my day and also encourages me to write this fan fiction 
Well, I write another fan fiction named One More Chance- Once Again. Here is the link(You Can find other episodes links too):

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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