The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story (TEI, BHRK, TPK, YVR) Promo

Hi. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I am back with the promo of The Strange and Full of Krazyness story. This promo is for episode 4-8.I hope u all will enjoy the promo. Thanks for all the lovely comments I got in the previous episode.

By any chance if you didn’t read intro and episode 1-3 here:

And yes I will mentioned which scene is for which show so no need to worry if u have no idea about the other shows besides your desired show. Before the promo, I have some more information to share regarding this fan fiction.
And according to survey I have decided that:
1) Rajni will remain as a robot
2) Yuvi’s character will make an entry
3) Shraddha’s character will make an entry
4) Survi will get to know about Karthik being a business man first
5) The most popular jodi is Twinj, followed by Thahaan and then Karvi and finally Shajni in this fan fiction. But all 4 will still be given equal importance.

Here is which actor/actress is in which role.
The eight main characters
Shantanu Singh/ Shaan – Karan V Grover seen in Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant
Kunj Singh- Siddhant Gupta seen in Tashan-e-Ishq
Vaani Singh/ Thapki- Jigyasa Singh seen in Thapki Pyaar Ki
Rajni Robot – Ridhhima Pandit seen in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant
Twinkle Kapoor – Jasmin Bhashim seen in Tashan-e-Ishq
Bihaan Kapoor- Manish Goplani seen in Thapki Pyaar Ki
Karthik Mathur- Ankush Arora seen in Yeh Vaada Raha
Survi Sharma- Sonal Vengulkar seen in Yeh Vaada Raha
And u all know which one will be the pairs.

And besides Yuvi and Shraddha I have decided to add two more characters, and all these characters will play a part in all 4 couples life.
Introduction of the four characters
Yuvraj Ghosh (Zain Imam seen as Yuvi in Tashan-e-Ishq) (Supporting)
He is the nephew of Surili and visits Surili at times, he is very strange and weird. He shares a very special bond with Kunj and easily melts towards a girl. Yuvi is not a flirt but he is a gentleman instead. He respects girls and also is a very good friend of Twinkle and Thapki. He is totally different from his TEI character. But he is not interested in studies much.

Shraddha Sharma (Monica Khanna seen as Shraddha in Thapki Pyaar Ki)(Supporting)
She is the daughter of Tai and the cousin of Survi here. She is a sweet and gentle totally different from her TPK character. She is nerdy and also hard working. She is a good friend of Thapki. She finds Bihaan weird. She have a soft corner of Shaan but she will be totally positive. She have weird choices and habits. She is closer to Survi.

Neil Gupta (Neil Motwani seen as Dev in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant)(Negative)
He will be strict unlike his funny character and positive character in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant. He is a very rich businessman and a spoilt brat. He have funny gestures even if he is strict. He is very arrogant too. The ex- boyfriend of Survi, and Survi hates him to the core. He will fall in love in Rajni initially but when he gets to know she is a robot he would threat Shaan and will want to buy Rajni from him.

Ankita Bhatt (Ankita Sharma seen as Meher in Yeh Vaada Raha)(Positive)
She is the girlfriend of Yuvi. She will be positive here. But later, she will break up with Yuvi for some unknown reasons. She is a good friend of Karthik too. She is very sweet but a little foolish.She is modern and but she have very less friends. She always tries to make friends but people take advantage as she is rich.

These characters will be there till the end but for some episode only, not all episodes. And will play a role in the 4 couples story and good news no love triangle.

Coming to the promo, there is 4 promos and there it is.
Promo 1- Twinkle and Kunj ke Tashan-e-Ishq:
Kunj comes near to Twinkle, but Twinkle ignores Kunj. Be it in office, park or house. In different places, Kunj always tries to speak to Twinkle but Twinkle ignores him. One day, Kunj is about to give up so he and Twinkle is about to walk in opposite direction a guy mistakenly pushes Twinkle, and Twinkle is about to fall, Kunj holds Twinkle, they both look at each other in an akward manner . Just then the same guy comes rushing and that guy is none other than Yuvi. Kunj scolds Yuvi are you blind, twinkle looks angrily and sees Yuvi’s face and runs and hugs him saying hi. Kunj is stunned as he is kinda being rejected as Twinkle and Yuvi are busy in their conversation.

Promo 2- Kya Rajni banega Surili ka Bahu Hamari Rajnikant aur Shaan ki Patni:
Shaan is happy as his innovation is working and he dances with Rajni,saying Rajni we are successful. Shaan spins Rajni, and Rajni smiles as they both dance as Shaman sings Kuch toh huwa hain from Kal Ho Na Ho. Surili sees this and says Rajni will become the daughter-in-law of my family and is super happy see Shaan and Rajni together and leaves from there. Shaan and Rajni are happy until, a guy makes an entry and have eyes on Rajni. The guy is none other than Neil(Dev). Neil says Rajni, you are mine. Rajni comes and slaps Neil. Shaan smiles. Rajni shows Neil her robotic features which shock him even more. Rajni takes Shaan’s hand and they leave, and then Neil says now I will definitely own this robot and smirks.

Promo 3- Bihaan ne diya Thapki ko Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki and Bihaan collides with each other and look at each other angrily and they go by opposite directions. Whenever Thapki and Bihaan come face to face each other they don’t share good vibes. Then suddenly one day, Thapki and Bihaan again collides with each other, and their angry expression changes into a smile. They both really smile looking at each other and Bihaan says why do you always collide with me. Thapki says no idea, and they both laugh. Bihaan pats Thapki as she stammers and then holds Thapki’s shoulder and they walk together with each other. They both help each other and also gives a hi-5 in the end after helping each other and smile.

Promo 4: Yeh Vaada Raha- Par kya hoga Survi aur Karthik ke Prem Kahani main
Karthik and Survi are talking with each other on the phone whole day and night. They both enjoy doing so. Later, they both meet each other. Karthik look at Survi and says in his mind how to tell you that I am in love with you. Survi says in her mind I don’t know what I feel for Karthik is it friendship or something more. Later one day, Karthik in his mind says I will tell Survi my truth Yeh Vaada Raha. Karthik finally arranges a date for Survi. Karthik blindfolds Survi and opens her blindfold. Survi smiles as she loved the date arrangements and she says it’s so beautiful. Survi looks behind gets stunned and shocked. Later, Survi wipes her tears as she is crying and leaves from the place running. The reason is not yet revealed.

What will happen in Twinkle and Kunj’s opposing and intense love? Will Rajni become the Superwoman daughter-in-law of Surili and wife of Shaman? How did Bihaan gave Thapki a loving pat? It’s a promise but will this promise affect Survi-Karthik’s love story? What will happen in this Strange and Full of Krazyness Stories and situations.
Stay tuned to find it out,

Tried my hands in Hindi titles for the promo, do bear with me 😛

I will publish the next episode (episode 4) on Friday, 6th May which will be shorter than initial episodes. And then the following episode (episode 5) will be published on Sunday, 8th May and Episode 5 will be JODI special where there will be seperate scenes only for your favourite Jodi and besides romance, there will be more fun and masti, also suspense actually.

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